Elisa Long

Assistant Professor in Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management

Phone: (310) 825-4458



Elisa Long is an Assistant Professor in Decisions, Operations & Technology Management. Prior to joining UCLA Anderson in 2013, she was a faculty member at the Yale School of Management. Professor Long's research interests include healthcare operations management, policy modeling, simulation and cost-effectiveness analysis of medical technologies. Her research integrates epidemiological modeling, economic analysis and decision making under uncertainty, with the goal of assessing the value of health interventions and assisting policymakers with allocating limited resources most effectively. Her current research projects relate to intensive care unit bed utilization and the optimal allocation of HIV-prevention resources. In prior work, she has investigated HIV-epidemic control measures in Russia, India, South Africa, Ghana and the United States.

At UCLA Anderson, Professor Long teaches Data and Decisions (MGMT 402) for the Full-time MBA and Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) programs.

Research interests: Health Care Operations, Decision-analytic Modeling, Simulation, Dynamic Systems, Public Health Applications, Resource Allocation, Queuing in Hospital Settings


Ph.D. Management Science and Engineering, 2008, Stanford University
M.S. Management Science and Engineering, 2005, Stanford University
B.S. Operations Research, 2003, Cornell University
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