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Working Papers

"Optimal Pricing Strategy for an Information Intermediary" (with Charles Corbett), 2004.

"Distribution Systems Design Using Genetic Algorithms" (with Rajiv Saxena), 1991.

"Service Call Scheduling: Heuristics and Application" (with Greg Dobson), 1990.

"Capacity and Equipment Choice in a Multiproduct Manufacturing Cell" (with Sunder Kekre), 1990.

"Closed Loop Integration of MRP, Scheduling & Shop Floor Control" (with I. M. Shivdasani), 1989.

"Production Planning with Uncertain Yields and Demands" (with Shi-Chu Lin), 1986.

"Kanban Systems," 1986.

"Alternatives for Batch Manufacturing Control" (with Indur M. Shivdasani), 1986.

"Integrating MRP with Kanban/Pull Systems," 1986.

Research Papers

Competitive Operations and Strategy
"Contracting for Collaborative Services" (with G. Roels, S. Carr), Management Science, 56(5): 849-863 (2010).

"Operations Management in the Information Economy: Information Products, Processes, and Chains" (with U.M. Apte), Journal of Operations Management, 25(2), 438-453 (2007).

"Competition in Multi-echelon Assembly Supply Chains" (with Scott Carr), Management Science, 51(1): 45-59.

"Competitive Location, Production, and Market Selection" (with Hosun Rhim, Teck Ho), European Journal of Operational Research, 149(1), 211-228 (2003).

"The Marketing/Manufacturing Interface: Strategic Issues" (with Milind M. Lele), Managing Business Interfaces: Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing Perspectives, Chakravarty A. and J. Eliashberg (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers (2004).

"Competition and Structure in Serial Supply Chains" (with Charles Corbett), Management Science, 47(7), 966-978 (2001).

"Quality Management in Services: Analysis and Applications" (with Uday Aptem, Richard Pitbladdo), in The Practice of Quality Management, Karmarkar, U.S., and P. Lederer, Kluwer (1997).

"Quality, Class and Competition" (with Richard Pitbladdo), Management Science, 43(1), 27-39 (1997).

"Integrative Research in Marketing and Operations," invited editorial, Journal of Marketing Research, 33(2), 125-133 (1996).

"Service Markets and Competition" (with Richard Pitbladdo), Journal of Operations Management, 12(3-4), 397-411 (1995).

"Product Line Selection, Production Decisions and Allocation of Common Fixed Costs" (with Richard Pitbladdo), International Journal of Production Economics, 34, 17-33 (1994).

"Internal Pricing and Cost Allocation in a Model of Multi-product Competition with Finite Capacity Increments" (with Richard Pitbladdo), Management Science, 39, 1039-1053 (1993).

"Research in Manufacturing Strategy: A Cross-Functional Perspective," in Perspectives in Operations Management: Essays in Honor of Elwood S. Buffa, R. Sarin (ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers (1993).

"Competitive Location on a Network" (with G. Dobson), Operations Research, 35, 565-574 (1987).

"Economic and Social Evaluation of Capital Investment Decisions--Application" (with Dan Candea and Arnoldo Hax), in Studies in Operations Management, A. Hax (ed.), North-Holland, Elsevier (1978).

Manufacturing Systems
"Buffer Sizing in Multi-Product Multi-Reactor Batch Processes: Impact of Allocation and Campaign Sizing Policies. (with I.V. Nieuwenhuyse, N. Vandaele, K. Rajaram), To appear in European Journal of Operational Research. 2006.

"Design Support for Concurrent Engineering: A Case Example" (with Jayant Karmarkar), in Management of Design: Engineering and Management Perspectives, Dasu, S. and C. Eastman (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers (1994).

"New Directions in Models of Production and Distribution," Proceedings of the NGOR/DSOR Conference, Amsterdam (1993).

"Choosing Manufacturing Production Control and Cost Accounting Systems" (with P. J. Lederer and J. L. Zimmerman), Ch.12 in Measures for Manufacturing Excellence, R. S. Kaplan (ed.), 353-396, Harvard Business School Press (1990).

"The Operational Basis for Manufacturing Costs" (with Jeffrey L. Rummel), Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management, 3, 153-176 (1990).

"Capacity Analysis of a Manufacturing Cell" (with Sham Kekre and Sunder Kekre), Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 33, 784-789 (1987).

"Manufacturing Configuration and Mix Flexibility" (with Sunder Kekre), Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 6, 315-324 (1987).

Production Planning and Release
"Aggregate Production Planning for Process Industries under Oligopolistic Competition" (with K. Rajaram), European Journal of Operational Research, 223(3): 680-689, December 2012.

"Campaign Planning And Scheduling For Multi-Product Batch Operations With Applications To The Food Processing Industry." (with K. Rajaram), Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 6(3): 253-269. 2004.

"Product Cycling with Uncertain Yields: Analysis and Application to the Process Industry" (with K. Rajaram), Operations Research, 50(4), 680-691 (2002).

"Grade Selection and Blending to Optimize Quality and Cost" (with Kumar Rajaram), Operations Research, 49(2), 1-10 (2001).

"Material Allocation in MRP with Tardiness Penalties" (with Ramakrishnan S. Nambimadom), Journal of Global Optimization, 9(3-4), 411-436 (1996).

"Stochastic Dynamic Product Cycling Problem" (with Jinsung Yoo), European Journal of Operational Research, 73, 360-373 (1994).

"Manufacturing Lead Times, Order Release and Capacity Loading," Chapter 6 in Handbook in Operations Research and Management Science: Logistics of Production and Inventory, Graves S., et al. (eds.), North-Holland (1993).

"Push, Pull and Hybrid Control Schemes," Tijdschrift voor Economie en Management , 26, 345-363 (1991).

"Capacity and Release Planning with WIP and Leadtimes," Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management, 2,105-123 (1989).

"A Dynamic Kanban System Case Study" (with Harry Groenevelt), Production and Inventory Management Journal, Second Quarter, 46-51 (1988).

"The Deterministic Product Cycling Problem" (with L. Schrage), Operations Research, 33, 326-345 (1985).

"The Equalization of Runout Times," Operations Research, 29, 4 (1981).

Batching and Lot-sizing
"Multi-item Batching Heuristics for Minimization of Queueing Delays" (with S. Kekre and S. Kekre), European Journal of Operational Research, 58, 99-111 (1992).

"Batching Policy in Kanban Systems" (with Sham Kekre), Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 8, 317-328 (1989).

"The Dynamic Lot-Sizing Problem with Setup and Reservation Costs" (with S. Kekre and S. Kekre), Operations Research, 35, 389-398 (1987).

"Lot Sizing and Sequencing Delays," Management Science, 33, 419-423 (1987).

"Lot Sizes, Manufacturing Lead Times and Throughput," Management Science, 33, 409-418 (1987).

"Lot-Sizing and Leadtime Performance in a Manufacturing Cell" (with S. Kekre, S. Kekre, and S. Freeman), Interfaces, 15, 1-9 (1985). Reprinted in Production Planning, Scheduling and Inventory Control, F. R. Jacobs and V. A. Mabert (eds.), Industrial Engineering and Management Press (1986). Reprinted in Excellence in Management Science Practice, Arjang A. Assad, Edward A.Wasil, Gary L. Lilien (eds).

"Lotsizing in Multi-machine Job Shops" (with S. Kekre and S. Kekre), IIE Transactions, 17, 290-298 (1985).

"Exact Solutions to the Lot-Sizing Problem in Multistage Assembly Systems" (with P. Afentakis and B. Gavish), Management Science, 30, 222-239 (1984).

Production Scheduling
"Large Scale Shop Scheduling: Formulations & Decomposition" (with Gregory Dobson), Optimization Models and Concepts in Production Management, Villa A. and P.Brandimarte (eds.), Gordon and Breach, Basel (1995).

"A Closed Loop Automatic Scheduling System (CLASS)" (with Gregory Dobson and Jeff Rummel), Production Planning and Control, 3(2), 130-140 (1992).

"Simultaneous Resource Scheduling to Minimize Weighted Flow Times" (with Gregory Dobson), Operations Research, 37, 592-600 (1989).

"Batching to Minimize Flow Time on Parallel Heterogenous Machines" (with G. Dobson and J. Rummel), Management Science, 35, 607-613 (1989).

"Batching to Minimize Flow Times on One Machine" (with G. Dobson and J. Rummel), Management Science, 33, 784-789 (1987).

"A Hierarchical Scheduling System for the CIM Environment," Proceedings of the IXth International Conference on Production Research, Cincinnati (1987). Reprinted in Recent Developments in Production Research, Anil Mital (ed.), Elsevier Science (1987).

Inventory Theory
"The Multi-location Multi-period Inventory Problem: Bounds and Approximations," Management Science, 33, 104-112 (1987).

"Stochastic Allocation Rules" (with S. Agnihothri and P. Kubat), Operations Research, 30(3), 545-555 (1982).

"Policy Structure in Multi-state Production-Inventory Problems: An Application of Convex Analysis," Multilevel Production/Inventory Systems: Theory and Practice, L. Schwarz (ed.), North-Holland, Amsterdam (1981).

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"The One-Period N-Location Distribution Problem" (with Nitin Patel), Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 24(4), 559-575 (1977).

Distribution and Logistics
"A Robust Forecasting Technique for Inventory and Lead-time Management," Journal of Operations Management, 12(1): 45-54 (1995).

"Design and operation of an order-consolidation warehouse: Models and application" (with A. E. Gray and A. Seidmann), European Journal of Operational Research, 58, 14-36 (1992).

"A Hierarchical Approach to Multi-location Inventory Problems," in Disaggregation Problems in Manufacturing and Service Organizations, L. Ritzman, et al. (eds.), H. E. Stenfert-Kroese b.v., Leiden (1978).

Investment and Decision Behavior
"Optimal Multiperiod Investment-Consumption Policies" (with R. Abrams), Econometrica, 48(2), 333-353 (1980).

"Infinite Horizon Investment Consumption Policies" (with R. Abrams), Management Science, 25(10), 1005-1013 (1979).

"Subjectively Weighted Utility and the Allais Paradox," Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 24, 67-72 (1979).

"Subjectively Weighted Utility: A Descriptive Extension of the Expected Utility Model," Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 21, 61-72 (1978).

Product Support
"Performance Evaluation of Service Territories" (with Saligrama R. Agnihothri), Operations Research, 40(2), 355-366 (1992).

"Engineering Costs and Customer Costs in Designing Product Support" (with Gajanan Hegde), Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 40, 415-423 (1993).

"Modular Replacement in Product Support" (with P. Kubat), European Journal of Operations Research, 29, 74-82 (1987).

"The Value of Loaners in Product Support" (with P. Kubat), IIE Transactions, 15(1), 5-11 (1983).

"Future Costs of Service Contracts," AIIE Transactions, 10(4), 380-387 (1978).

Information Economy
"Information Services in the U.S. Economy: Value, Jobs and Management Implications" (with U.M. Apte, H.K. Nath), California Management Review, (50)3: 12-30 (2008).

"Service Design, Competition and Market Segmentation in Business Information Services" (with Bashyam Anant), Working Paper, to appear in Current Research on Management in the Information Economy, Apte, U. and U. Karmarkar (eds.), Kluwer (2004).

"Usage Volume and Value Segmentation in Business Information Services" (with Bashyam Anant), to appear in Managing Business Interfaces: Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing Perspectives, Chakravarty A. and J. Eliashberg (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003).

"Financial Service Networks: Access, Cost Structure and Competition," Creating Value in Financial Services, E. Melnick, P. Nayyar, M. Pinedo, and S. Seshadri (eds.), Kluwer (2000).

"Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Empirical Implications for Industrial Information Systems" (with John Johansen, Dhananjay Nanda and Abraham Seidmann), Journal of Management Information Systems, 12(2), 59-82 (1995).

"Business Experience with Computer Integrated Manufacturing: A Survey of Current Strategy and Practice" (with J. Johansen, D. Nanda and A. Seidmann), Proceedings of HICSS, 95, 970-979 (1995).

Professional Publications

"Will You Survive the Services Revolution?" Harvard Business Review, 82(6), 100-107 (2004).

"Supply Chains: Make It or Break It", Chief Executive, 64-65 (1996).

"Getting Control of Just-in-Time," Harvard Business Review, 67(5), 122-131, (1989).
Reprinted in Manufacturing Renaissance, Pisano, G. and R. Hayes (eds.), Harvard Business Press (1995).

"Good Product Support is Smart Marketing" (with Milind Lele), Harvard Business Review, 61, 124-132 (1983). Reprinted in Marketing Renaissance, J. Wiley and Sons (1987). Reprinted in Keeping Customers, Sviokla, J. and B. Shapiro (eds.), Harvard Business Press (1993).

"Global Manufacturing and the Prospects for India", Sydenham Management Review (1993).

"Manufacturing and Distribution in Europe in 1992: The Problems and the Opportunities" (with A. de Meyer and K. Ferdows), APICS - The Performance Advantage (December 1991).

"Manufacturing Information Systems in the '90's", Plus Computer (1990).

"Improve Lead-times with Better Lot-sizing", Rochester Management Review (Winter 1985).

"Controlling Lead-time and W.I.P. in Job-shops," Proceedings: APICS National Seminar (1984).