Industry Projects

Company List
(Research and Consulting Projects, Advisory and Director Boards)

Aditya Birla Group
American Cimflex Corp.
Bancroft Whitney
Becton Dickinson
Bowthorpe plc
Bufete Industrial
Cambridge City Hospital
Deere & Co.
Eastman Kodak Co. (KAD, LRPD)
Ford Motor Company
Gleason Works
Hindustan Lever Ltd.
ICI Americas (Zeneca)
IBM Corporation (MIAD, Corporate)
InfoWindo Inc.
LTV Steel
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Los Angeles MTA
Los Angeles CRA
Milton Roy Company
Nippon Becton Dickinson
Peripheral Software
R. E. Dietz and Company
RIA Group
Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.
Rochester Telephone Company
RT-Set (now vi[z]rt)
Schlegel Corporation
Signode Corporation
Solon Inc.
SLC Consultants
Systems and Software
Thermalloy, Inc.
Thermometrics, Inc.
Thomson Electronic Publishing
Thomson Professional Publishing (IT)
Tyton Corporation
Vehicare Corporation
WW Grainger
Xerox Computer Services
Xerox NAMD; Reprographic Services
Xoriant Corporation

Web, Internet and Online Products and Services

A Global Conglomerate: Strategy for entry into new industries. Evaluation of new venture investments in software, web-based and internet projects. Development of a business strategy for venture activity.

Software Company in Learning Management: Advisory board. Product development and positioning, product launch strategy, prototype software development in India.

Call Center and eCRM Solutions Provider: Board of Directors (till 2000), strategic planning.

E-learning Software Company (now aquired): Advisory Board (till 2001).

Hardware and Software Supplier of Virtual Environments for TV Broadcasts: Strategic planning, business plan development and product introduction strategy for a new digital graphics based product for corporate communications.

Supplier of Off-shore IT-enabled Services: Developing off-shore sources for development of software products, web site design and maintenance and content creation, for US companies.

Software and Decision Systems Development

Manufacturing Software Company: Design and development of advanced scheduling algorithms for factory scheduling. Development of methods for interfacing MRP and scheduling packages.

Computing Desktop Software Company: Architecture and design of a desktop spreadsheet based modeling package for teaching and education.

Data Mining Software Company: Software development (algorithms, user interfaces), company and product strategy, strategic alliance with an Indian software company.

Shop Floor Data Collection Software Company: Development of factory scheduling systems.

Gas and Electric Utility for a Metro Area: Call management, vehicle routing and assignment of tasks for field service personnel (Turn-on/Shut-off crews).

Enterprise Software Developer: Development of systems architecture, algorithms and package design for an MRP system.

On-site Fleet Services Provider: Development of a PC based van and crew scheduling system implemented at 40 sites.

Office Equipment Company: Design of a system for delivery performance monitoring and evaluation; setting of buffer inventory levels.

Software Products and Services Company: Product positioning and product definition for Demand Chain and Supply Chain management software products.

Work Flow and Business Process Analysis

Legal Publishing Company: Operations analysis of editorial and composition operations for legal publishing.

Accounting and Legal Publishing Company: Development of a quality management system for electronic and print publishing, organizational design and conformance quality management; Analysis of the electronic publication process, including process mapping, analysis and diagnosis.

Global Professional Publishing House: Operations and process analysis of several groups and divisions including Code Operations.

Publisher of On-line Technical and Legal Databases: Capacity planning and staffing to meet response time targets, work flow analysis and design.

National Business Services Provider: Evaluation of work flow management and scheduling systems for a non-manufacturing (document processing) environment.

Business and Industrial Marketing

Manufacturing Software Developer: Marketing strategy for state-of-the-art scheduling and factory management systems.

Automotive Engine Manufacturer: Segmentation and strategy in markets for truck engines.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer: Development of a strategy for marketing new production technologies; Analysis of spare parts pricing.

Organizational Design and Development

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer: Total reorganization of national sales force.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Organizational analysis and design. Development of new organizational structure for the Regional Transportation Planning Division.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency: Organizational assessment and design. New matrix organizational structure combining functional-expertise departments and project-process aligned teams. Development of team chartering process.

On-line (Electronic) Publisher: Planning and organizational design of work groups for production of on-line legal data-base services.

Legal Publisher: Analysis of operations and organization. Development of a new organizational structure based on work teams.

Marketing Division of an Office Equipment Provider: Development of a management development program in systems and new technologies for senior marketing managers.

Costing, Financial Analysis and Project Selection

Latin American Technology Consulting Firm: Cash flow analysis, computer modeling, economic and socio-economic impact analysis for a steel plant in Peru.

City Hospital: Development of a functional budget preparatory to creating a program budget; development of cost allocation methods.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Project portfolio selection, scenario analysis, funding options analysis for a multi-billion dollar project.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency: Development of functional specifications for a project chartering system.

Corporate IT Group for a Global Technical Publisher: Development of a field based method for information system design and evaluation.

Office Equipment Manufacturer: Research projects on justification of new technology; design of automated manufacturing systems; costing in automated factories.

Supply Chains, Logistics and Distribution

Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer: Capacity strategy for lead time reduction and surge handling in high volume plastic parts production; integration of production and distribution strategy.

Large Indian Conglomerate: Strategy development workshop for process industries (Cement, Aluminum, Carbon Black, Fertilizer); Strategy development seminars for all senior managers across all group sectors.

Household Products Manufacturer: Analysis of the national production and distribution network for liquid soap and cleaner products.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer: Interface between sales/marketing, inventory management and production planning in small batch chemical process industry.

Consumer Products Manufacturer: Distribution center and warehouse location strategies, stocking and transportation policy, for nation wide distribution system.

Computer Manufacturer: Analysis of multi-plant production planning system. Integration of MRP with pull techniques; analysis of release policy interactions between plants; buffer placement and planning under uncertainty.

Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturer: Analysis of manufacturing and distribution (logistics) systems. Development of operational strategies to improve working capital requirements, asset management and return on assets.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer: Japanese division - Inventory management, forecasting and planning, international sourcing issues.

Global Distributor of Industrial Equipment: Design of distribution systems, inventory management and transportation policies for US wide parts distribution system.

Office Equipment Manufacturer: Determination of delivery policy for a JIT parts delivery system.

Plant Design, Automation and Equipment Choice

Factory Automation and CIM Consultant: Development of CIM product strategy and architecture; application software architecture for a work cell controller; design and evaluation of CIM systems for automotive plants.

Car Manufacturer: Development of a CIM analysis for material control in a metal and plastic parts manufacturing plant; design for a quality management system in a radio assembly plant; design of CIM systems for an automated instrument cluster assembly facility.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer: Warehouse design, equipment choice and operating policies for an automotive parts supply facility.

Manufacturer of Packaging Equipment: Economic evaluation and capacity choice for a parts machining cell.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Office and Consumer Equipment Manufacturer: Research projects on batching to control lead times and design of cells; development of hybrid Kanban/MRP control scheme.

Car Manufacturer: Test of a prototype scheduling system (CLASS) at a fully automated "lights-out" manufacturing plant. Evaluation of results done by the Advanced Engineering Systems Group showed that CLASS significantly outperformed all other competitors.

Machine Tool Manufacturer: Evaluation of scheduling methods for job shops and cells.

Software and Systems Supplier and a National Metals Industry Consortium: Evaluation and assessment of scheduling systems for a process environment; evaluation of planning and control architecture.

Steel Company: Assessment of MRP II suitability for steel process environment.

Laboratory Electronic Equipment Manufacturer: Development of a hybrid MRP/Kanban system for a PCB operation.

Automotive and Building Products Manufacturer: Design of a dynamic Kanban system for plant control. The system has worked successfully for 15 years.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer: Evaluation of scheduling systems and integration with MRP.

Manufacturer of Heat Sinks for Electronic Equipment: Implementation of pull control; review of manufacturing plans, layouts.

Manufacturer of Industrial Sensors: Planning, order tracking and material flow in a make-to-order shop. Productivity and lead time analysis.