Executive Education

Single Client Courses

Course Director
Aditya Birla Group: Vision 2002 (group and sector strategy)
Boeing Satellite Corp (formerly Hughes): Manufacturing Leadership Program
Bausch and Lomb: Optometry Practice Excellence
LA Department of Water and Power: Leadership Program
Motorola: Financial Management for Manufacturing Managers
PriceWaterhouseCoopers: E-business Edge
Russer Foods: Best Practices in Food Processing
Tyton Corporation: Master Manufacturing

Amgen Corp.: Project Management
Berlex Corp: Operations, Marketing and Strategy sessions
Cedars-Sinai: Efficiency in Health Care, Technology Management
Proeza, Mexico: B2B Business Models
Sony Corp.: Global Leadership Program. Technology Management
Unilever Mexico: Supply Chain Management
Warner Bros.: Technology Strategy
Xerox NAMD E-literacy: Technology and Management

Open Enrollment Courses

Course Director
Supply Chain Management
Creating a Project Centered Organization (Public Sector)
Process Excellence (Public Sector)
Manufacturing Management
Manufacturing Costs and Performance Measurement
Capital Asset Justification
Total Quality Management
New Product Design
Process Management

Distribution and Logistics
Health Care Management
Manufacturing Strategy
Managing R&D
Managing the Information Resource
Manufacturing Planning and Release
Marketing in the Information Age