"Groseclose and Snyder in Finite Legislatures" (Journal of Theoretical Politics vol. 24 issue 2 April 2012. p. 265-273)
[ Paper]

Working Papers

"Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence from Native American Reservations"
[ Paper ] [ Appendix ] ( November 2013 ) 3rd Revision Requested at Econometrica
"Autocracy as a Safety Valve for Democracy’s Elites: Evidence from British Colonies"
[ Paper] ( Updated April 2014) Submitted
"Foreign Aid and Voting in International Organizations: Evidence from the IWC"
[ Paper ] (Updated March 2014) Submitted
"Trade Rents and Coercive Labor Market Institutions" (with Avner Greif and Dan Trefler)
[ Paper ] (Updated April 2014)

Work in Progress

"Economic Shocks and Political Radicalization: Evidence from Germany" (with Robert Gold and Stephan Heblich)
"Do Leaders Matter? Evidence from the German 1848ers in the U.S" (with Stephan Heblich)
"Land Reallocation and Productivity In Agriculture: Evidence from U.S. Land Granting" (with Alex Whalley and Trevor O'Grady)
"Inferring Colonizers’ Motives from Career Paths in Colonial Administrations" (with Florian Hoffman)
"Jared Diamond Redux: Crop-Switching and Technology Adoption in the Colombian Exchange" (with Gilles Duranton)


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