Working Papers

"Outside Options, Coercion, and Wages: Removing the Sugar Coating" (with Avner Greif and Dan Trefler)
[ Upd. Dec 2017] ( Under Review ) [ NBER wp 20958]       Coverage: [ A Fine Theorem]
"Instrumental Variables and Causal Mechanisms: Unpacking the Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters" (with Robert Gold, Stephan Heblich, and Rodrigo Pinto)
[ Upd. June 2018] ( Under Review ) [ NBER wp 23209]       Coverage: [ Washington Post] [ Welt am Sonntag] [ Brian Lehrer Show]

"Elite Identity, Political Accountability and Institutions: A Tale of 10 Islands" (with Jean-Paul Carvalho)

[ Upd. June 2018] ( Under Review ) [ NBER wp 22777]
"Leadership and Social Norms: Evidence from the Forty-Eighters in the Civil War" (with Stephan Heblich)
[ Upd. May 2018 ] ( Under Review )
"Public Sector Pensions as Pork: Evidence from U.S. Cities"
[ Draft Feb 2018 ]

Work in Progress

"The Internal Economics of the British Empire: A View from the Theory of the Firm" (with Florian Hoffman and Guo Xu)
"Do Private Prisons Influence Judicial Decision Making?" (with Mikhail Poyker)
"A Dynamic Analysis of Group Cohesion and Loyalty: Evidence from 2 Millions Soldiers in the Civil War" (with Andreas Ferrara)

Refereed Publications

"Foreign Aid and Voting in International Organizations: Evidence from the IWC"
(Journal of Public Economics Vol 132, December 2015, p.1-12)
[ Paper] [ Data]         Coverage: [ Foreign Policy Magazine] [ Slate]
"Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence from Native American Reservations"
(Econometrica vol. 82 No. 6, November 2014, p.2131-2165)
[ Paper] [ Appendix ] [ Data&Code ]         Coverage: [ A Fine Theorem]
"Groseclose and Snyder in Finite Legislatures"
(Journal of Theoretical Politics vol. 24 issue 2 April 2012. p. 265-273)     [ Paper]

Older Working Papers

"Globalization and its (Dis-)Content: Trade Shocks and Voting Behavior" (with Robert Gold and Stephan Heblich) [ NBER w.p. 21812]
"The Rents from Trade and Coercive Institutions: Removing the Sugar Coating" (with Avner Greif and Dan Trefler) [ NBER w.p. 20958 ]


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