FW/SM is the prototype Structured Modeling system developed at UCLA. At present, you must be a Framework III or IV owner and actively engaged in SM research or applications in order to receive a copy of FW/SM.

191. "User Documentation for FW/SM Release X92-04" by A. Geoffrion, S. Maturana, L. Neustadter, Y. Tsai, and F. Vicuña, AGSM, UCLA, 96 pages, 4/9/92.

This is the basic user manual for FW/SM. It assumes familiarity with WMSI Working Paper 377 (or the 1991 Management Science article based on it), and may be of some interest even to those who do not have the FW/SM system.

192. "Technical Documentation for FW/SM" by A. Geoffrion, S. Maturana, L. Neustadter, Y. Tsai, and F. Vicuña, AGSM, UCLA, 102 pages, 4/10/90.

This is the basic technical reference for FW/SM. It is a companion to the previous item, and is primarily for programmers. All other documents listed below with "Technical Documentation" in their titles are stand-alone supplements to this document.

193. "Structured Modeling System: Overview & Coordination" by A. Geoffrion, AGSM, UCLA, 6 pages, 6/1/91.

This often-revised document organizes all the existing and intended features of FW/SM, and was used to help manage the implementation of FW/SM.

194. "GENNETFW: Technical Documentation" by S. Maturana, AGSM, UCLA, 12 pages, 11/2/87. Revised 3/5/90.

GENNETFW is the process that invokes the generalized network optimizer GENNET.

195. "Technical Documentation for SMLIBdoc" by P. Dobson and F. Vicuña, AGSM, UCLA, 14 pages, 1/10/89.

SMLIB is a library of FRED functions used by various FW/SM processes.

196. "Technical Discussion of Code Generation Techniques for DFCompiler" by F. Vicuña, Computer Science Dept. and AGSM, UCLA, 19 pages, 1/11/89.

DFCompiler is the process that generates FRED code for Framework's defining formula representation of the generic rules in the Elemental Detail Section. DFCompiler has been dropped from FW/SM.

197. "Technical Documentation for EDGEN" by S. Maturana, AGSM, UCLA, 21 pages, 3/27/89. Revised 3/2/90.

EDGEN is the process that generates skeletal elemental detail tables from a schema.

198. "The PrologQuery Process for Structured Modeling Schemata" by Y. Tsai, Informal Note, AGSM, UCLA, 37 pages, 5/5/89. Revised 1/9/90.

Sri Chari's dissertation (see Part IIA of this Bibliography) explained, among other things, how the core concepts of SM can be expressed in a clausal form of predicate logic. The PrologQuery process implements these ideas with respect to the SML schema (but not for the elemental detail tables). This document serves as both user and technical documentation.

199. "Technical Documentation for SMLCheck" by F. Vicuña and T. Aiken, Computer Science Dept., UCLA, 64 pages, 11/90. (Largely incorporates and supersedes "The SML Parser/Table Generator" by T. Aiken, 11 pages + 79 pages appen, 9/9/87, "Implementation of Schema Properties in the SML Parser/Table Generator" by T. Aiken, 14 pages, 1/11/88, and "Internal Representation Table Structure" by A. Geoffrion and F. Vicuña, Informal Note, 4 pages, 6/29/88.)

SMLCheck is the process that checks the syntax and schema properties of an SML schema. Included is an explanation of the structure of the 30 tables that constitute the internal representation used by FW/SM for an SML schema. These tables are created by the SMLCheck process, which parses and checks a schema prior to nearly all other processes. For the most part, the table design conforms to the standard Table Structuring Procedure (see Section 3.1 of item 6 of this Bibliography) applied to an SML schema representing the context-free grammar for SML schemata (see Appendix 6 of the same reference).

200. "Technical Documentation for the FcEval Process" by F. Vicuña and L. Neustadter, AGSM, UCLA, 43 pages, 8/21/89.

FcEval is the process that generates C code for the generic rule formulas in the Elemental Detail Section. This paper documents the design of this code.

201. "The Design of the FW/SM System," by S. Maturana, AGSM, UCLA, 17 pages, 3/19/90.

This paper discusses various aspects of FW/SM's internal design, including its file organization, its interaction with the external environment, the organization of its menu system, and its processes.

202. "Getting the FW/SM Files Via FTP," AGSM, UCLA, 2 pages, 4/93.

The X92-04 version of FW/SM is available via anonymous FTP from the HP 9000 machine at AGSM. These are the instructions for downloading.

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