Judson Caskey

Associate Professor

Phone: (310) 206-6462

Fax: (310) 267-2193




Associate Professor of Accounting Judson Caskey focuses on both empirical and modeling research in financial accounting, specifically on the role of accounting disclosures within the context of informed decision making. This includes analyzing the content of accounting disclosures and how people process that content. His empirical research examines the information conveyed by financial reports and how investors use that information.

He began his career at UCLA, was recruited away by UT-Austin for three years, and returned to UCLA. What he likes most about UCLA is that, “the people are very smart, very curious, and very willing to engage in the exchange of ideas, which provides support for my own work and as well as an ability to support others, whether it be faculty or students. That type of cooperation is an inherent part of the UCLA Anderson culture.”

While Caskey considers himself primarily a researcher, he enjoys both research and teaching, and the novelty that they provide. “Novelty in research stems from working on different projects, while novelty in teaching stems from working with different students, different courses, and developments in accounting. The interaction with students is intrinsically rewarding and allows me to contribute to society by helping students develop business skills.”

Current projects range from showing the correlation between meeting earnings targets and a company’s potential to compromise on employee safety to how individual firms’ accounting policies should not affect their cost of capital. “The latter is important because that implies companies can focus their accounting on issues with investors and managers, such as contracting,” he explains.

When not on campus, Caskey can be found hiking, camping, cycling or reading novels.


B.A. Accounting, with high honor 1995, Michigan State University
MBA Business Administration, with high distinction 2002, University of Michigan
Ph.D. Business Administration, Accounting 2006, University of Michigan


Accounting, Accounting Discretion, Reporting Quality, Securities Market Regulation and Standards, Capital Markets


2014: Zephyr Prize for the best corporate finance paper at the 27th Australasian Banking and Finance Conference for Reporting and non-reporting incentives in leasing: Evidence from the airline industry

2014: Review of Accounting Studies/Morgan Stanley best discussion award for ?The role of diversification in the pricing of accruals quality?

2013-2014: PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Accounting

2005: Deloitte Doctoral Fellowship

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