Bennet P. Lientz

Professor Emeritus

Phone: (310) 825-2881


Prior to joining Anderson in 1974, he was Associate Professor of engineering at the University of Southern California and department manager at System Development Corporation.

Prof. Lientz's areas of interest include: project management, information technology, change management, process improvement, data communications and networking, strategic systems planning, and e-business. He teaches courses in these areas and has created courses in project management and networking.

He received an award in project management from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2002, and has served as senior editor of the International Journal on Information Technology in Education since December 2002.

He is the author or co-author of over 50 articles and thirty five books, some of which are listed below.


Ph.D. Statistics and Information Systems, 1968, University of Washington
M.S. Statistics, 1966, University of Washington
B.A. Mathematics and Economics, 1964, Claremont McKenna College


Information Systems and Technology, Networks, Computers, Logistics, E-Commerce, Project Management, Process Improvement, Change Management
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