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Household Energy Conservation: Appeal to Cost Savings or Environmental and Health Impacts?

Magali Delmas studied how money-saving messages lose impact over time, while worry about dangerous pollution helps consumers show discipline

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Clues to the Market When Mortgage Originators Delay Securitization

With high-quality borrowers hard to judge from afar, Barney Hartman-Glaser finds that Alt-A market offers quiet signal on creditworthiness

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Largest Firms’ Stock Gains Skew Big Picture on Worker-Owner Income Division

Wage earners get larger (relative) share at smaller companies, not at giants like Apple, Alphabet and Amazon, as Barney Hartman-Glaser’s research shows

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The Strange Case of the Missing Stock Return

Investors in leveraged companies take on extra risk, but Ivo Welch’s research indicates they see no offsetting return

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Do Corporate Wellness Programs Boost Worker Productivity?

Industrial laundry gains 4 percent output; as Ian Larkin finds, better health and better feelings toward employer could account for increase

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Examining the Difference Between Quality and Taste in Consumer Preferences

Laptops and TVs are based on quality, fast food and soda on taste; but Stephen Spiller finds that some buyers defy these models, and it’s an opportunity for marketers

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Snarky Co-Workers Can Ruin Morale, Even When the Boss Is Supportive

Malignant personalities loom large in workplace happiness; Corinne Bendersky’s research suggests that a supervisor’s positive tone carries only so far

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Sensitivity to Debt Type Predicts Financial Health

Research by Hal Hershfield reveals that those wary of payday loans tend to manage their finances better

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