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Catalyst for Change

Business transformation begins here—with you and your next generation leaders at every level across your enterprise. Leading global organizations turn to us to instill and ignite an entrepreneurial spark in their rising executives.

You enter a collaborative, intense problem-solving environment where you learn to act and lead as a change agent across your enterprise. You emerge with heightened abilities to:

Assess and comprehend the impact of key trends, events and sudden shifts in the marketplace as you shape your organization to counter aggressive competitors, avoid calamity and ensure corporate sustainability.

Absorb how to lead and inspire, in light of company-specific viewpoints as well as external best practices covering essential areas such as strategy, finance and marketing. Develop your leadership repertoire, including how and when to apply different leadership styles, leveraging your business culture to spur and manage growth, and understanding the core dynamics of high performing teams.

Take away overarching frameworks, concepts and best practices to overcome the global, competitive, strategic and leadership challenges you encounter—so you can drive sustained, positive change.