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John de Figueiredo


“Disbursing such a huge amount on the basis of influence or favoritism isn’t just disheartening to contemplate. It will likely be detrimental to our efforts at economic recovery. … I propose the creation of an Investment Commission, a nonpartisan panel of experts that will transparently and publicly recommend specific allocations. The idea takes its inspiration from the nonpartisan Base Realignment and Closure commission, which has the job of shutting excess military installations. That panel is in the business of ending things rather than starting them, of course. But the principle – experts making judgments without political interference – is the same. … The American people are calling on government to put aside partisan bickering and pork-barrel politics to act for the good of the country. An Investment Commission could help engender confidence in the political process and help create a stronger recovery.”

Suzanne Shu

"WHY DO WE POSTPONE PLEASURE? The Investigation of Delayed Consumptions of Enjoyable Activities."

Why do we store great bottles of wine until they are undrinkable, put gift certificates away until they expire or delay visiting popular tourist destinations in our own backyard? And how do we decide exactly when to buy cars, homes and other major items that require thought and planning? These decision timing questions are explored in this article called "Future-Biased Search: The Quest for the Ideal". READ MORE