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Deal Success in the Media/Technology Market-space

Skillful deal making is now an increasingly important aspect of strategy for entertainment and media executives. In this session, you will work through cases that provide insight into successful and unsuccessful patterns of corporate business development across media, technology and communications markets.

Key Topics

  • Why does digital disruption in media change the nature of competition and business development?
  • What does it take be successful in M&A and partnership activity? Why do so many companies fail in corporate development activities?
  • Case discussions: Media deals from hell – 2000-2010
  • Case discussions: Great media deals – 2000-2010

Practical Application/Exercises

  • See how market model visualization can inform help you determine your next strategic move
  • Gain the ability to analyze a prospective deal using an SEI (Strategy/Economics/Integration) framework

Learning Objectives/Benefits

  • Appreciate why understanding the full range of M&A, investment, and alliance activity is vital for today’s media executiveoptions (investment opportunities) in the entertainment and media industry
  • Analyze a range of media/technology deals to appreciate patterns of success and failure
  • Understand how to use a player/deal universe in planning your corporate development moves