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Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

People have little problem identifying the things that are different about other people but have a harder time finding what they share with others so it helps to start by highlighting that we all have things in common. Personalities tend to focus on differences: you're this and I'm that. This is great for pointing out differences but less effective for bringing people together because it focuses on the things that keep us apart. A more constructive approach for helping people connect is to emphasize the things they share and build on those - resulting in relationship building and "bonding" in the process of the activity. In this session, participants examine techniques and strategies for ascertaining trustworthiness, sorting through competitive feelings, and building constructive relationships at multiple levels of the work environment. Participants walk away with a deeper understanding of the important impact that trusting and being trusted in an organization has to one's professional development and how building allies plays a key role in this process.