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Building Diverse Leadership. Delivering Organizational Value.

At UCLA Anderson Executive Education, we have a unique view into the leadership and management challenges that companies contend with across a broad spectrum of industries. To help our clients address these development needs, we have devised The Leadership Map to articulate our vision.

Leadership Map


We believe that a broadly capable, forward thinking leader of tomorrow’s global economy must be able to…

Lead the Sustainable Organization: do your employees have a robust understanding of how your business works and its niche in the global marketplace? Can they successfully navigate the organization by tapping into formal and informal networks?

Leverage Diverse Perspectives: do your executives know how to leverage fully their own leadership style and unique perspectives? Are they able to build and mobilize diverse teams for action in a way that has organizational impact?

Actualize Innovation to Create Value: Can your employee develop fresh ideas—both their own and those of others—from conception right through to market? Do they possess the ability to use rigorous methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions?

All the institutes that comprise the UCLA Anderson Leadership Suite will exert a transformative impact on the leadership map of your organization by moving your diverse leaders towards the “sweet spot” at which these three lenses converge.

We accomplish this through assessments, course content and coach feedback that identify where they need to develop and what personal strengths they can harness to continue to grow as leaders. In particular, the focus is on developing their ability to leverage diverse perspectives.

The UCLA Anderson Leadership Suite is comprised of six institutes:

Each institute develops leadership skills in the context of challenges specific to its particular community. However, they all share the same goal: to empower professional growth and greater organizational value.

The Impact

As individuals, participants gain powerful tools and strategies to manage their careers, including a nuanced understanding of how their managerial and personal styles affect their key relationships.

Organizations reap the rewards of participants’ expanded capabilities while also developing a more inclusive management team better able to harness diverse perspectives and opportunities to drive results and sustain positive impact in the marketplace.

The Experience

Each institute is built in three phases to deepen the focus on the individual as a leader and extend the opportunities to apply their learning back at work.

Adapt. Catalyze. Transform.

The first phase of the program is structured to help participants ADAPT as leaders. In our view, Adapting is the process of preparing for change. And this is where the learning journey with us begins.

  • Participants engage in a kick-off web conference providing them with a program overview
  • They complete two personal assessments along with additional pre-program assignments
  • They take their first individual coaching session

This first phase of the program is spread over two months and will require approximately 6 – 10 hours of participants’ time.

The second phase of the program is the on-campus experience. These three days prepare participants to CATALYZE their learning through the development of a wide array of leadership skills – such as networking, mentoring and effective team management—that will help them communicate their vision and inspire others to join them in driving organizational change. During these sessions, participants will be provided with the appropriate tools to help them translate their learning into actionable next steps at work.

The third phase of the program will help participants TRANSFORM their individual professional goals into organizational action. This transformation depends upon their ability to adapt and catalyze: in other words, how far they are able to harness their unique leadership capacities to inspire those around them in the pursuit of innovative strategies for actualizing value. Progress is tracked in their Leadership Action Plan – a tool customized to their personal development goals but designed to facilitate the application of their expanded skill-sets to their organization’s needs.

In addition, participants take two more individual coaching sessions, and engage in two webinars with their "coaching clusters"—peer groups convened to focus on application of program learning and hold each other accountable for their personal goals and outcomes. This final phase of the program requires approximately 6 – 10 hours of participants' time.

How to Partner with Us

Although the institutes of the Leadership Suite are designed for individual executives, the content and learning strategies of each program can be customized to meet the enterprise-wide needs of your organization. Call us to discuss how we can partner with you to develop your diverse executive talent pool into a powerful (and empowered) team of forward thinking leaders ready for business in tomorrow’s global economy.please contact us at (310) 825-2001 or execed@anderson.ucla.edu.

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