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Persuasive Communication


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Los Angeles, CA


Every day we face the challenge of persuading others to do what we want. But what makes people particularly responsive to our arguments, requests, and products? Persuasion is an art, but it is also a science, and researchers who study it have uncovered a series of hidden principles for moving others—be they employees, managers, coworkers, prospective clients, or customers—in your direction. This session explores the psychological fundamentals of persuasive communication and how to apply those principles to maximize your persuasiveness in an assortment of different contexts and with a variety of different target audiences. This session will be led by Dr. Noah Goldstein, UCLA faculty member and author of Yes, a New York Times bestseller on the topic of persuasion.

Key Topics

  • Basic building blocks of persuasive communication.
  • Choosing and developing your persuasion strategies.
  • Common persuasion mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Practical persuasion tactics and how to apply them in a variety of contexts, both within the firm (influencing coworkers without coercion) and outside the firm (winning new clients/customers and enhancing business relationships with existing ones).

Practical Application/Exercises

  • Participants will be presented with a number of brief case studies.
  • Participants will engage in both group and individual exercises.
  • Participants will be encouraged to apply what they learn to their own current persuasion challenges.

Learning Objectives/Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of persuasive communication.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to identify the most persuasive aspects of your case.
  • Learn to apply the fundamental persuasion principles to win support for your ideas, initiatives, products, and requests.
  • Learn to use a variety of persuasion tactics in multiple domains, including management, marketing, negotiation, sales, and client relations.


Noah Goldstein

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, managers, and others who want to enhance their persuasion skills and learn how small, costless changes to the way they present their case can help them win support for their ideas, proposals, products, and requests.