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Behavioral Finance Applications


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Los Angeles, CA


This program covers the findings from behavioral economics and psychology that can help financial advisors to grow their business. We will study psychology of investors, analysts, and portfolio managers and discuss how to avoid biases that could jeopardize wealth management and client retention. We will also consider how biases affect financial markets and learn how to identify mispriced securities and improve the reward to risk tradeoff in markets. Wherever possible, short cases and simulations will be used to convey key points.

Key Topics

  • How one can draw on economics, psychology and neuroscience in outlining how people may make biased judgments and decisions under conditions of uncertainty.
  • How professional investors can address biases to help clients and grow their business.
  • How behavioral finance can identify mispriced companies and improve the reward to risk tradeoff.

Practical Application/Exercises

  • Identify psychological biases via simulation/examples
  • Learn from case experiences of other investment professionals
  • Identify key variables that forecast stock prices
  • Apply material to a real world example of behavioral wealth management

Learning Objectives/Benefits

  • Overcome psychological biases that could sabotage wealth management and client retention
  • Address and incorporate client’s psychological biases in designing optimal portfolios
  • Learn how to identify mispriced companies and improve investment performance


Shlomo Benartzi
Craig Fox
Avanidhar Subrahmanyam

Who Should Attend?

  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Managers
  • Stock Analysts
  • Individual Investors