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Behavioral Decision Making in Teams


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Los Angeles, CA


This session explores the psychology of decision-making both at the individual and the group level. The common decision making traps that lead good managers to make bad decisions are addressed. And the “wisdom of crowds” is shown to present its own perils even though groups can mitigate some decision-making errors made by individuals. Finally, the session delivers strategies for becoming a more influential group member.

Key Topics

  • Escalation of Commitment
  • Cognitive Heuristics and Biases
  • Group Decision Processes
  • Social Influence

Practical Application/Exercises

  • Identify common decision making trap
  • Improve your ability to influence others in groups
  • Discuss key lessons from simulation experiences

Learning Objectives/Benefits

  • Improved decision-making: As Individuals and In Groups
  • Lead group decision processes more confidently
  • Learn how to influence others and guard against others’ influence tactics


Miguel Unzueta
Maia Young

Who Should Attend?

Middle Managers