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Adapt. Catalyze. Transform.

In this tumultuous era of the global marketplace, your growth depends upon key executives stepping up to become broadly capable drivers, both inspired and inspirational—your catalysts for meaningful change.

Our goal is to produce forward thinking leaders capable of finding globally sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing organizations today.

Together, we can partner to create an enterprise solution that goes beyond improving the management acumen and leadership skills of a few individuals—we can profoundly impact your corporate culture and organizational capabilities as a whole.

Here’s how we do it…


The Leadership Map

In order for an organization to thrive it needs to move its leaders, at all levels and in all sectors of the enterprise, to the point at which these three lenses overlap...

  • Leading the Sustainable Organization
  • Leveraging Diverse Perspectives
  • Actualizing Innovation to Create Value

Leadership Map


Our Process

This is how we partner with you to move your organization to that critical point on the Leadership Map.

Engage/Explore: We engage with your key challenges and objectives. You explore the full range of our faculty’s capabilities. Together, we create a uniquely powerful learning experience.

Empower/Emerge: The applicability of the learning process—which includes rigorous pre-program assessments, web-based assignments and coaching—customizes the experience to each individual’s specific needs and enables them to maximize the utility of their time on campus. Leaders emerge.

Experience: Our distinguished faculty and expert program team execute on a targeted and vibrant learning solution that focuses on understanding leadership behaviors, team building exercises, “real world” projects drawn from the work place and “roll-up-your-sleeves” simulations. Your executives benefit from an experience that maximizes applicability and their ability to hit the ground running upon their return to work.

Evaluate/Evolve: There is no fixed point at which we declare a win. Rather, we stay in the loop, evaluating your people’s progress towards established goals. Their increasing success creates a virtuous cycle for positive organizational change. Your feedback is used to evolve future program iterations, fine tuning content and delivery to ramp up effectiveness.

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