Managing Visibility

A key aspect of leadership that diverse populations must navigate is their visibility in organizations. Visibility is the extent to which a person's attributes and/or behaviors are a focal point of others' attention. Those who have more visibility receive greater public attention, while those who have less visibility receive less focused attention. Through a combination of lecture and case examples, three visibility strategies are presented: how to "stand out" from the crowd, how to "blend in" and slip under the radar, and how to use tempered visibility as a tool to demonstrate competence, establish credibility, build connections, counter negative stereotypes, and remain authentic in their leadership stance. Additionally, participants will understand what it take to successfully navigate the organization and find the types of jobs and assignments that jobs routinely lead upward. They will understand how to select projects where they are most likely to succeed, determine when/how to team up with others for effectiveness, decide who to delegate projects to in their organizations, and how to enrich their jobs while positioning themselves for greater contributions.