Lay of the Land - Multidentity and Unconscious Bias

Using prominent research in the area of minorities and diverse talent, participants will engage in a lively conversation to help them understand obstacles that may keep them from being fully utilized and recognized at work; discuss ways to deal with these challenges, including unconscious bias in the workplace; and to provide the group with an opportunity to draw upon the experiences of people in the room to help formulate ideas for how to address the issues faced by diverse leaders. In addition, this session will explore some of the commonly held assumptions about the different 'cultural scripts' that exist. Cultural scripts are patterns of social interaction which are characteristic of a particular cultural group. They are an important aspect of diversity to explore because they provide clues to the values or beliefs that a person may hold. Exploring these scripts in the room and clearly differentiating them from stereotypes will open the door to conversations about values, beliefs and building trust.