April 4 - 7, 2017

Los Angeles, CA


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Make M&A a Core Capability in Your Organization

Professors George Geis and Mark Garmaise discuss the power of UCLA's Mergers & Acquisitions Program.


Identify Opportunities & Drive the Best Deals

Recent seismic shifts in the business and financial landscape have radically transformed the field of M&A. Our Mergers & Acquisitions Program delivers timely, comprehensive, fact-based insights into making successful deals in today’s volatile environment. You will take away immediately applicable strategies, and hone the skills you need now to shape the future success of your enterprise. 

A Four-Day Immersion in M&A Mastery

  • Conceptual Framework for Strategic M&A Decisions
  • Mergers & Acquisition Simulation
  • Valuation & Valuation Case Studies
  • Merging Corporate Cultures
  • Making the Deal Happen, Making the Deal Good
  • Negotiations Exercise & Debrief
  • Due Diligence & Legal Concerns
  • Accounting & Tax Considerations
  • International Issues on Valuation
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Deals from Heaven & Hell: Recent Cases/Simulation
  • Private Equity
  • Integration Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All

The Experience

The program unfolds over four intensive days, delivering comprehensive insights and tools to drive change.

Our learning methods combine seasoned insight from world class faculty and leading experts from the field. In hands-on simulations, you will grapple with ripped-from-the-headlines cases, and real-world problem solving—drawing on the challenges you and your colleagues face every day.

You will forge vital industry contacts, working intensely with peers who represent potential partners and networks for surfacing opportunities.

While you learn, our team takes care of all the details over the four days so you can focus your attention on the vital material being presented and how best to apply it.


You will emerge with timely, immediately applicable strategies for finding and closing the optimal deals to carry out your long-term business objectives. To achieve the highest deal value, you will employ superior valuation techniques to determine the right price and conduct due diligence in many dimensions. Optimizing your deal structures from financial, accounting and tax standpoints, you will maximize shareholder value going forward. And your initiatives will harmonize the structure and performance of the transformed enterprise you create.


George Geis - Faculty Director
Bhagwan Chowdry
James Freedman
Mark Garmaise
David Lewin
Robert Spich
Eric Sussman
Jeffrey Weiner

Who Should Attend?

The program reflects the fact that the M&A process cuts across all strata of the enterprise. A typical session includes CEOs and CFOs of global concerns, executives of corporate functions from strategic planning to financial management to legal to corporate communications, leaders of mid-size companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals such as investment bankers, business brokers, attorneys, accountants and M&A consultants.