October 9 - 13, 2017

Los Angeles, CA


May 14 - 18, 2018

Los Angeles, CA


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Maximize Your Impact

Professor Suzanne Shu discusses the power of UCLA's Medical Marketing Program.

Do More with Less to Catalyze Success

The stark reality is that your marketing and product management budgets will always be under siege… and always asked to drive greater results. Our Medical Marketing Program prepares you to maximize and optimize the impact of your spend. Gain cross-functional acumen and industry-specific frameworks for informed decision-making, including how to quantify and demonstrate the ROI of your marketing initiatives. You will emerge with greater ability to engage your markets, drive competitive advantage and shape your future as a champion for positive change.

An Intensive Week of Marketing Savvy

  • Marketing Strategy: Creating and Defending Competitive Advantage
  • Creative problem Solving
  • Conjoint Analysis: Measuring and Using Customer Preferences
  • Protecting Your Profits: Analysis of Entry and Competition
  • Managing Product Development in a Global Footprint
  • New Product Adoption in Medical Applications
  • Building Strong Brands
  • Going to the Market: Assessment and Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Return on Marketing: Maximizing Marketing Productivity

The Experience

This intensive five-day program imparts vital marketing strategies and frameworks to compete in the pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic and biotechnology sectors.

Our learning methods combine seasoned insight, the latest innovations and best practices, and hands-on, real-world problem solving—guided by experts, drawing on your challenges and fueled with peer synergy. This experiential, workshop approach brings the material alive and amps up its immediate applicability.

While you learn, our team takes care of all the details through the week so you can focus all your attention on the vital material being presented and how best to apply it.


You will return to work with proven strategies and frameworks for optimizing your marketing spend, a toolbox of innovative and immediately applicable practices, and a keen understanding of where your career can go and how to get there.

The sessions will hone your qualitative and quantitative skills. Your grasp of strategic essentials such as building global brand equity, brand management, global marketing and creative problem solving will strengthen. Your facility with meaningful numbers regarding strategic pricing, data-driven marketing, customer relationship management, return on marketing investment, and measuring and using customer preferences will greatly expand.

“Return on marketing” will become your credo and personal advantage, as you master the allocation of marketing resources and the metrics of marketing productivity to optimize results. Such outcomes will increase your visibility and position your firm for the most profitable and sustainable growth.


Sanjay Sood - Faculty Director
John Asker
Iris Firstenberg
Brett Hollenbeck
Bob McCann
Suzanne Shu
Andres Terech
Leah Vriesman
Robert Zeithammer

Who Should Attend

If you are working in marketing or product management in the pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic or biotechnology industries, this is your key to future success.

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Accredited

Participants who successfully complete the five-day program are eligible for 21 hours of pre-approved ACHE Qualified Education credit.