Anderson Affiliates


Established in 1990, the Anderson Affiliates program raises awareness about the legacy of giving among graduating students. The program is designed to encourage the school’s newest alumni to bring their philanthropy to UCLA Anderson upon graduation. Collectively, the Anderson Affiliates from the Class of 2015 raised $365,261. Graduating students may become honorary members of the Dean’s Society leadership giving circle with an annual Dean’s Affiliate gift of $1,000 or more to the Anderson Fund.

Anderson students understand the importance of giving because they experienced firsthand the impact of alumni donations. The robust class giving campaign, Anderson Affiliates, allows each class to leave its legacy behind by giving to the Anderson Fund.

This past year, more than $365,000 in Affiliates gifts and pledges to the Anderson Fund helped the school to:

• Establish the state-of-the-art Anderson Accelerator
• Grant Student Fellowships
• Fund faculty research and attract new professors
• Subsidize student activities, programs and competitions
• Upgrade furnishings in common areas such as the courtyard and atria
• Engage speakers for a rance of conferences, alumni events and more

Anderson Affiliates

Affiliates Chart


Janet Na (EMBA ’15)

Affiliates Chair

"Being part of this network of students, alumni and faculty is a privilege. I invest in the future of this institution so that other students can reach their potential. I give because this is an important part of helping UCLA achieve its goals."

Janet Na

Vibhore Bhaskar (FEMBA ’15)

Affiliates Chair

"I joined the Dean’s Affiliates because participating had a direct impact on how competitive and strong the Anderson brand is. The Anderson brand is why I decided to join, and why I advocate for others to join"

Vibhore Bhaskar (FEMBA ’15)

Full-Time MBA

Jack Agresta
Alexander Beck
Jackson Bell
Buzz Black, Chair
Daniel Brown
Lance Cannon
Daniel Cuddy
Zubin Davar
Devon Dickau
Lauren Edelstein
Arturo Goldberg
Kunal Gupta

Duncan Hadden
Matt Harris
Neil Kapur
Christopher Khoury
Jessica Kimball
Ryan Leatham
John Liu
Jeffrey Lyu
Kaitlin O’Reilly
Michael Peck
Brian Schoelkopf
Christopher Swain


Full-Time Executive MBA

Vibhore Bhaskar, Chair
Kathi Chandler-Payatt
Joseph Duronio
Sharon Lee
Phil Thorson
Jack Warren
Brian Weaver


Executive MBA

Christopher Arokiaraj
Alexander Cole
Alexandra Gaudiani
Eve Glazier
Nathaniel Green
Elizabeth Havstad
Willie Hill
Beth Johnson
Jaime Kim
Anisha Kumar
Christina Martin
Matthew Mather
Janet Na, Chair
Karen Pak
Chihung Szeto