Envisioning the Big Picture

Wendy Spinner (’89)

"...I enjoy leading organizations and thinking strategically about how to make meaningful changes." -

There’s something about Wendy Spinner (’89) that makes you feel like you’re amongst family. Gracious, genuine and down to earth, her goal in life is to make meaningful change with all she does — and to encourage those around her to do the same.

"Wendy is the most inclusive person you’ll ever meet," says her husband, Harlan. "She doesn’t care what you look like, who you are or where you are from. It doesn’t matter — she reaches out to everyone and makes them feel welcome."

It’s this quality, combined with her strategic vision, that makes Wendy the leader she is. As president of the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network, her mission is to engage and reach even more alumni worldwide, ensuring that they have a voice in the development and growth of Anderson.

Early in her career as an electrical engineer, Wendy sensed that there was something more she wanted — a broader management perspective and a desire to work closely with more people. She found that at UCLA Anderson.

"Serving as president of the Entrepreneur Association really helped me to see how much I enjoy leading organizations and thinking strategically about how to make meaningful changes," says Wendy, who joined EA during her first year. "I learned so much about bringing people together and collaborating around a shared vision."

Harlan and Wendy are partners in The Spinner Group, a private wealth management team that advises on more than a billion dollars in assets. Outside of work, she and Harlan spend their time mentoring at-risk children, serving on numerous nonprofit boards and finding ways to use their skills to impact those around them.

"Because that’s what builds a community," says Wendy, about why she serves at UCLA Anderson and gives back not just financially, but with her time. "If everyone engages back in some way, we’ll be able to achieve and help each other so much more."