UCLA Anderson Legacy Society

These generous alumni and friends who have chosen to remember UCLA Anderson in their estate plans are a special group dedicated to looking ahead, helping with the needs of the future generations.

John E. Anderson ‘40
     and Marion Anderson
Richard. H. Anderson ‘55 and R. Beale
Martha Baker ‘79
Barbara Barrow
Jeffrey W. Baus ‘59, Beverly J. Baus
Charmaine H. Blatt
J. Paul Bowinkel ‘76
Richard Bragdon ‘80
William Brown
Terri D. Bullock ‘80
Joseph P. Cillo ‘65
Charlotte P. Clark ‘80
William M. Cockrum, III
James A. Collins and Carol L. Collins
Stockton B. Colt, Jr. ‘79
     and Janet W. Colt
Clark Cornell and Barbara J. Cornell
Alan P. Cutter ‘64
Ron D’Vari ‘93
James L. Easton and Phyllis F. Easton
William P. Edwards
Kenneth D. Fish ‘89
     and Elizabeth M. Fish
Kathy J. Ford ‘79
Michael H. Francisco ‘65
Russell I. Gerns ‘ 60
and Nadine C. Gerns
Barbara C. Glazer and Burton G. Glazer
Bertrand I. Ginsberg ‘63
     and Benita A. Ginsberg
Victoria F. Goldberg ‘03
Lawrence T. Green ‘56
     and Doris L. Green
B. Kipling Hagopian ‘66
     and Mary A. Hagopian
Lyle Hall ‘48 and Irene Hall
Ronald C. Hallal ‘55 and Ellen L. Hallal
Michele L. Havens ‘05
P. Michael Henderson
Ron Kasper ‘69

Lester B. Korn and Carolbeth Korn
Kentland A. Krause ‘80
Kent Kresa and Joyce A. Kresa
Martine B. Larsen ‘57
Larry Layne ‘77 and Sheelagh Boyd
Michelle London ‘81
Fran Marshall ‘91
Harold M. Matheson ‘60
     and Madonna C. Matheson
Perry R. McCarty ‘47
     and Kathryn McCarty
Matthew A. Mintz ‘65
Peter W. Mullin and Merle M. Mullin
W. David Niebuhr
James J. Nix ‘39 and Rosemarie J. Nix
James L. Owens ‘56
Edgar K. Paine
John E. Parker ‘50
Mary M. Petersen and Pete Peterson
Timothy M. Pennington ‘66
     and Melissa C. Pennington
David A. Polak ‘68 and Janet Polak
Nancy B. Richardson ‘87
     and John V. Richardson
Ross E. Roeder ‘66
Eugene S. Rosenfeld ‘56
     and Maxine Rosenfeld
Marvin D. Rowen ‘53
     and Carol L. Rowen
Robert J. Salvaria ‘69
     and Judith C. Angel
Donald R. Schort Jr. ‘71
     and Nancy S. Schort
Henry C. Settle Jr. ’74
     and Rita M. Clinton
Stuart M. Solomon ‘60
     and Carol Sue Solomon
Michael St. Peter
     and Mary Ann St. Peter
Robert Waldorf ‘60 and Toby J. Waldorf
Colin A. Ware ‘91
Duke Williams ‘78