Friends of UCLA Anderson

$5,000,000 and above

Marion Anderson*
Donald G. Morrison and Sherie L. Morrison

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

Joel P. Fried and Deanne Fried

$500,000 to $999,999

Howard J. Levine and Irene K. Levine*
Patrick J. Welsh and Carol A. Welsh*

$250,000 to $499,999

Peter M. Bren and Linda Bren*
Timothy D. Jensen and Susan A. Jensen*
Raymond Kennedy and Elizabeth G. Kennedy
James T. Morris and Ann Y. Morris*

$100,000 to $249,999

Donnalisa P. Barnum and William M. Barnum Jr.*
Robert D. Beyer and Catherine F. Beyer*
William M. Cockrum*
Richard J. Farber and Janet M. Leahy*
Beth C. Friedman and Joshua S. Friedman
David C. Hou and Evelyn L. Hou*
Kenneth L. Kahan and Roneet Kahan
Richard A. Kayne and Suzanne L. Kayne*
Eff W. Martin and Patricia Martin
Betsy McLaughlin*
Mitchell J. Milias and Margot A. Milias
Joan A. Payden
Ophir Perelson and Glenda R. Perelson
Ralph J. Shapiro and Shirley Shapiro*
Harry E. Sloan and Florence Sloan*
Edward W. Wedbush and Jean L. Wedbush*
Harold M. Williams and Jeanne Williams*
David Windreich and Christine Hakawa*t

$50,000 to $99,999

Alan B. Buckelew and Christine A. Buckelew*
Brian Farrell and Denise M. Farrell*
Lorraine Freeberg*
Amir Heshmatpour and Kathy Heshmatpour
Shelby Notkin and Darcie D. Notkin
Bernardo Quintana and Alexandra Quintana*
Richard J. Riordan
Edward L. Shapiro and Barbara J. Shapiro*
R. Tod Spieker and Catherine R. Spieker*
Bruce A. Vinokour and Stephanie G. Vinokour
Marie F. Williams Shipman and Alexander Shipman
William R. Work and Mandy C. Gray
Richard S. Ziman and May Flach*

$25,000 to $49,999

Andy Meyers and Shannon S. Abdul-Wahab*
Matthew S. Barrett and Kathy K. Barrett
Mike Berchtold and Patricia L. Berchtold*
Richard R. Crowell and Alison B. Crowell*
Robert Deere and Elizabeth A. Deere*
James L. Easton and Phyllis F. Easton*
Lewis G. Feldman and Stacey A. Feldman*
B. Kipling Hagopian and Mary A. Hagopian*
Charles L. Harrington and Diane L. Harrington*
Eric S. Harrison and Anne Harrison
Kent Kresa and Joyce A. Kresa*
Gary Guan-Chyun Kuo
Robert S. Murley and Mary P. Murley*
Caroline W. Nahas and Richard B. Nahas*
Anton N. Natsis*
Mary M. Petersen*
Alison G. Pincus and Mark J. Pincus
David F. Posnick and Tamie Posnick
Robert V. Sinnott and Rosa K. Sinnott*
John T. Stankey and Shari K. Stankey*
Ronald D. Sugar and Valerie H. Sugar*
Scott E. Tracy and Mary L. Tracy*
Mark I. Tsesarsky and Robyn H. Tsesarsky
Jack Y. Wang and Linda C. Wang*

$15,000 to $24,999

James D. Allen and Patricia R. Allen*
Kevin C. Berryman and Risa Berryman*
Wayne M. Brandt
Janice D. Chaffin and J. Steven Chaffin*
Andrew J.C. Cherng and Peggy T. T. Cherng*
Mitchell D. Clarfield
Victor J. Coleman and Wendy Coleman*
Brian C. Cornell and Martha G. Cornell
Edmund J. Coyne*
Greg Creed and Carolyn Creed
Thomas E. Epley and Linnae M. Anderson
Steven J. Fogel*
Jeffrey E. Friedman and Gisela Lesin*
Arthur M. Geoffrion and Helen H. Geoffrion*
William O. Grabe and Joan H. Grabe*
Bob E. Hart and Cynthia A. Hart
Lawrence M. Higby and Dee Higby
John F. Hotchkis and Joan H. Hotchkis*
Steven T. Huntley and Rhonda J. Huntley*
William H. Jackson III*
Jordan L. Kaplan and Christine Kaplan*
Steve Layton*
Carol J. Lindstrom and Gregory P. Lindstrom*
Jeffrey D Lipp and Rachel Lipp*
O. Kit Lokey and Carolyn F. Lokey*
John S. Long and Marilyn Long*
Joanne M. Maguire
Christopher D. Myers and Laura M. Myers*
Loay H. Nazer and Dina Nazer
Judy D. Olian and Peter Liberti*
Nancy R. Osborne and Alfred E. Osborne*
Stephania Ramirez and Daniel Fisch
Kevin Ratner and Alisa Ratner*
Ruy Rego
Eugene S. Rosenfeld and Maxine Rosenfeld*
Paige Serden*
Brent N. Smith and Sandra K. Smith*
Bryan G. Stockton and Maureen E. Stockton

$10,000 to $14,999

Kenneth W. Adashek and Carole J. Adashek
William L. Ballhaus and Darrin J. Mollett
Sanford M. Beim and Phyllis B. Beim*
Ben A. Bisconti and Dana Bisconti
Scott L. Bottles and Catherine L. Kelly*
Gregory S. Brody and Karen S. Brody*
Jonathan M. Brooks
Justin T. Chang and Amanda Brown
Joan G. Cooney
Joseph G. Cooper III and
Katrin S. Cooper
Gilbert N. Dembo and
Barbara Dembo
Pedro M. Domingos and Gail T. Domingos
Robert A. Eckert and Kathleen M. Eckert*
Jeffrey D. Egertson and Jill F. Egertson*
Eric D. Eisner and Stacey Eisner*
Philip N. Feder and Cindy B. Feder
Eric S. Filseth and Tina M. Peak
David I. Fisher and Marianna J. Fisher*
Jonathan M. Glaser and Nancy Glaser
Neal L. Green and Pamela W. Green*
John J. Harris and Millicent Harris
Christopher Jennings and Karen Jennings*
Christian M. Johnson and Barbara D. Johnson
Guy K. Johnson
G. Bradford Jones
Lester B. Korn and Carolbeth B. Korn
Robert K. Kraft and Myra H. Kraft
Dilip S. Kumar and Aleksandra Chancy*
Marlo G. Longstreet
Jeffrey S. Berg and Denny Luria
Jamie L. McCourt
James C. McDermott and Deborah A. Cincotta*
Michael B. Moskowitz and Kim Stockdale
Peter W. Mullin and Merle M. Mullin
Glenn A. Oratz and Gabrielle A. Oratz*
Timothy M. Pennington III and
Melissa C. Pennington*
James M. Peters Jr. and Beverly E. Peters*
William E. Peterson and Phoebe T. Peterson*
Stewart A. Resnick and Lynda R. Resnick*
Antony P. Ressler and Jami B. Gertz
Carl W. Robertson Jr. and Carrie Robertson*
Marshal D. Salomon and Julie A. Salomon
Gary H. Schoenfeld and Michelle G. Schoenfeld
Jesse Sharf
Ted Simpson
Douglas P. Snyder and Ann O. Snyder*
Jonathan D. Sokoloff and Sheryl D. Sokoloff
Eric H. Sussman and Nancy E. Sussman*
Anne S. Miller and Philip H. Miller*
Yuji Tsutsumi and Yumiko Tsutsumi
John B. Wagner and Ann G. Wagner
Robert Waldorf and Toby J. Waldorf*
Eric D. Wedbush and Cami Wedbush
Jane Wurwand
Li Yu and Grace W. Yu*

$5,000 to $9,999

Chris L. Arranaga and Jennifer S. Arranaga*
Frank E. Baxter and Kathy F. Baxter
Richard M. Beleson and Kim L. Beleson*
Gil Borok and Aileen F. Borok*
Bernard Briskin and Judith Briskin
Mason S. Brutschy and Mary Beth Brutschy
Kelly D. Burt and Laurie I. Burt
Marx L. Cazenave II*
Daniel Coleman and Andrea Marie Coleman*
Timothy E. Conver and Barbara J. Conver*
Kathy Daniels
Marc Desoer and Barbara Desoer*
Craig E. Ehrlich
Burton N. Forester and Nanette M. Forester*
Yury Fridman and Evgenya Fridman*
George A. Froley III and Sandra K. Froley
Gregory L. Geiser and Nancy D. Geiser*
Gayle L. Goodman and Jim Searing*
Jonathan E. Graves and Jennifer L. Graves*
Eugene B. Herley and Jo Ann S. Herley*
Fred Hipwell and Kristine M. Hipwell*
Jonathan T. Howe and Alison Huang*
Theodore W. Jackson and Jacqueline
Venkatasubramani Janardhanan and
Gayathri Vedanarayanan
Eric G. Juline and E Juline*
Jeremiah L. Kalan and Karen Kalan*
Charleen K. Kay and Jeremy M. Kay
Michael E. Keane and Randy G. Keane*
Kevin D. Kelly and Marian R. Kelly
Stephen P. Kremser and Katharine Newman*
John G. Lapham III and Evelyn D. Lapham*
Melvin D. Lindsey and Chrystal C. Lindsey
Gabriel A. Marquez and Teresa A. Marquez*
Robert C. Marvin and Deanette Marvin*
Donald T. Meagher Jr. and Mary Lou Meagher*
Viren T. Mehta and Amita R. Mehta
Frederic H. Miller and Barbara S. Miller
Michael J. Morgan and Keleigh Thomas
Brian C. Mulligan and Victoria E. Mulligan
Henry M. Nevins and Nanette Nevins*
William G. Ouchi and Carol K. Ouchi
Edgar K. Paine*
Christopher J. Rufer and Melodie K. Rufer*
Paul S. Rutter and Dorene L. Opava-Rutter*
Karla V. Sarni and Drew Sarni
Christine Sims and Frank C. Sims
Cindy L. Smet and John H. Smet*
Shahan D. Soghikian and Camilla Soghikian
Thomas Spiegel
Peter H. St. Clair and Raydene W. St. Clair*
Michael St. Peter and Mary A. St. Peter
Timonthy M. Stephens and
Katherine K. Stephens*
Scott P. Sweet and Meghan Sweet*
Christopher J. Swenson and Julia B. Swenson
Miles Taub and Susan G. Taub*
David Ting and Grace H. Ting*
Thomas P. Tournat and Jane H. Tournat*
Khanh T. Tran and Dung V. Duong*
Thomas E. Unterman and Janet M. Unterman*
Marc Warshal and Lisa Warshal*
Robert W. Weiler and Melissa Weiler
Todd C. Wolpert and Jennifer Wolpert*
Phoebe A. Wood and Mark F. Wood*
Joan F. Yamauchi and Timothy S. Yamauchi*
Samuel Zell and Helen Zell

$2,500 to $4,999

Gene Alston and Nicole D. Alston
Jeffrey W. Baus and Beverly J. Baus*
Edwin L. Biggers*
Kevin J. Brown and Diana Brown*
Jeff Bush and Janine T. Bush*
James M. Carwana and Holly Carwana
John R. Casaudoumecq and
Pamela Casaudomecq
Joe Castan and Marilyn Castan*
Danny T. Chan and Irene C. Chan
Jeffrey C. Chavez and Sylvia S. Chavez
Carol M. Ciccarelli and David A. Pivnik
Douglas A. Claman and Jennifer Y. Claman*
James A. Collins and Carol L. Collins
Rodney W. Craig and Rebecca Craig*
Douglas W. Cunningham and
Carlene J. Cunningham*
David M. Dabora and Robyn B. Dabora*
Lynn J. Danielson and E. Fred Smith
Ned T. Dewey and Ann Dewey
Daniel J. Falta and Camille Falta*
Glenn M. Farrell and Tracey K. Farrell*
Michael Edward Flynn*
Erica F. Fraguero and Spencer Doty
Darryl M.Fraser and Leslye M. Fraser
Jonathan Y. Freeman and Joelle Freeman
Damon M. Frier and Lisa Diemoz*
Andrew R. Frye and Angela Frye
Sriram V. Garimella and Sarada Duvvuri
Theodore Gazulis and M. Christine Gazulis*
William D. Glockner Jr. and Susan M. Glockner*
Joseph C. Godsey III and Heather Mischer*
William G. Gombar and Ella N. Gombar*
Bernard J. Hamilton Jr. and Carolyn A. Hamilton*
Paul Hechmer and Marites L. Hechmer*
Christine E. Herrera and Miguel Herrera
Christopher J. Jenks and Laura F. Jenks*
Asha B. Joshi and Chandra J. Joshi*
Vahag Karayan
Kirk H. Koenig and Susan Sagheb
Michael S. Korney and Ellen L. Korney
Michael J. Kosciusko and Kathleen Kosciusko*
Todd S. Kupfer and Lori M. Kupfer*
John D. Landau and Tatyana Landau*
Sarah Lane
Frank Xavier Lauterbur and Mrs. Frank Lauterbur
David M. Leach and Patty Brooks Leach*
Evan Levi and Mia Levi*
Carly K. Lopez
Daniel R. Lyle and Myra K. Lyle*
Travis S. Markstein and Juliet Markstein*
Vicki Martin and Preston L. Johnson*
Zachary S. McGee and Carolyn Cassidy
Stuart McLaughlin and Meg M. McLaughlin
Farideh Mehrdad and Matthew Jaboury*
B. Lance Miller and Marianne Miller*
Selwyn Miller and Marion J. Miller*
Patricia J. Nakano*
Murray H. Neidorf and Lenore P. Neidorf*
Elizabeth M. Newman
David W. Nichols and Yumiko Nichols*
Mark T. Noguchi and Betty L. Noguchi*
Jeff R. Nuruki and Stephanie S. Nuruki*
Jeffrey E. Palmer*
Mark R. Patterson and Michele Patterson*
Nick Perencevic and Ivana Perencevic
Marc Perrin and Ann E. Perrin*
Alexander W. Petrov and Jill R. Benioff
Ruben L. Pranata and Gianna C. Gruenwald*
Kent Schafer and Jill A. Prantera
Simon Ramo*
Antonio J. Ramos and Magda DeJose*
Carey K Ransom and Stephanie T. Ransom
Allen Rishe and Sidney L. Rishe*
David E. Roque*
Mike M. Rozenblatt and Karen C. Rozenblatt*
Thomas H. Ryan and Carol A. Ryan
Nicholas P. Saggese and Nancy A. Saggese*
Avram Salkin and Dorothy A. Salkin*
Dan Sandel and Joyce Sandel
Michael L. Santini and Elizabeth W. Santini*
Anthony Schexnayder and
Jennifer E. Schexnayder*
David G. Schmidt and Melinda Bath-Schmidt*
Donald R. Schort Jr. and Nancy S. Schort*
Jay E. Schulman and Nancy Schulman*
Elisabeth C. Schutz and Andrew C. Schutz*
Andrew E. Shapiro and Audrey M. Shapiro*
Kashif F Sheikh and Theresa Sheikh
Christopher J. Shipman and Margaret R. Shipman*
Arvind J. Singh and Neeta Singh
Grady M. Smith and Shelley I. Smith*
Wendy A. Spinner and Harlan B. Spinner*
Richard A. Spitz*
Marshall E. Stearns and Amanda W. Stearns
Charles W. Steinmetz and Ellen K. Steinmetz*
Richard A. Strock and Virginia Strock*
Paul C. Sung and Stephanie J. Sung*
Kathryn Takach and James E. Takach*
Joseph F. Thome and Cara Thome
Stephen R. Torres and Rosamatilde Puma*
Aaron M. Tout and Susan Tout
Ken Tudhope and Jill Tudhope
Rishi R. Verma and Anuradha Verma
Jane C. von Bothmer and Bernard von Bothmer*
Steve Wadsworth and Lora M. Riggs Wadsworth
Janice E. Weil*
Richard G. Weinberg and Diane S. Weinberg
Earl M. Weitzman and Alice H. Weitzman*
Richard H. Wheaton and Gail J. Wheaton*
C. William Winkler Jr. and Mari S. Wilhelm*
Michelle C. Wroan*
Lotay Yang
William M. Yort and Tracy S. Yort

$1,000 to $2,499

Omar K. Abboud and Catherine D. Abboud*
David Abelman and Marilyn Weil-Abelman
Laurence R. Abramson and Ilene Abramson*
Rajendra D. Acharya and Prapti Gautam
Mark B. Acob
Craig Alexander
John W. Ambrecht and Cheryl A. Ambrecht*
Matthew F. Avery and Kathy Avery*
John C. Babcock and Laura W. Babcock*
Carol D. Bahoric and Myron S. Meisel*
Mary J. Baker and Christian Baker
Randi D. Becker and Nathan Becker*
Ryan R. Belsick and Jody Belsick
Jordan M. Bender and Lisa Bender
Chris Benedict and Tania G. Benedict*
Debra B. Howard and Teddy Howard
Kullen Birkeland
John J. Blair and Christine A. Blair*
Matthew J. Bonaccorso and
Timary A. Bonaccorso*
Brandon D. Bond and Christina Bond*
George T. Botens
Stephen L. Boyd and Lavinia P. Boyd
Stanley H. Breitbard and Ronda Breitbard
Scott Brogi and Tina Brogi
Moises Carlos and Lisa Medina
Andrew L. Caso and Laurel Shoemaker
Robert E. Chadwick and Becky A. Chadwick*
George A. Chami and Marcia L. Chami*
Julie M. Chassagne
Gordon H. Chen and Susan W. Chen
Bharath Chinamanthur and Gita Shekar*
Jeffrey Chiu and Cecile Chiu
Lawrence K. Chou
Weilin Chou and Annie Chi
Kimberly R. Clemenson and William E. Clemenson*
Sanford J. Colen and Jean N. Colen*
Chip Cushman and Tamra H. Cushman*
Steven B. Darling and Linda M. Darling*
Erik H. Davidson and Lori Davidson*
Marco De La Torre
Nicholas G. Diamond and Elena Diamond
Christina C. Diehl and Justin Diehl*
Scott R. Dunfrund and Kristi Dunfrund*
Ian Dunn and Aspen J. Dunn*
Philip S. Durden and Jennifer Durden
Tom Eckstrom and Joan Eckstrom
Gregory C. Ennis and Jacqueline C. Wetzel*
Christopher C. Fleischner and
Dawn N. Fleischner*
Jarrod R. Fong and Clauss L. Fong
Ron E. Foy and Cynthia B. Foy
Stuart A. Gabriel and Judith R. Katzburg
Peter D. Gates and Stacey A. Gates*
John A. G. Gavin and Constance T. Gavin
Todd J. Gemmer and Karen Gemmer*
Gregory T Geyer and Shelby L. Geyer*
Parham Ghorban and Shaya Ghazinoor
Pushkar G. Choudhuri and Reshmi Dutta*
Johnny Giang
Joel Goldstein
Stephanie R. Goldstine and Joshua Goldstine
Daniel H. Gouger and MarcAntony La Guerra*
Irwin L. Greenberg and Sondra S. Greenberg*
Marni J. Grossman and Jay M. Grossman*
Daniel F. Gruen and Margaret A. Gruen
Michael J. Guastella and Charlotte C. Guastella*
Robert B. Gwyn and Valerie A. Gwyn
Intesar Haider and Jill V. Mangone*
Kevin R. Harbour and Gina Harbour*
Eric M. Heer and E. Samantha Heer
Larry E. Hirshik and Beth S. Hirshik*
Becky Ho
Donald W. Hoffman and Lois S. Hoffman*
Michael S. Hortatsos and Gina Hortatsos*
James Horwich and Ada Horwich
Daniel P. Horwitz and Barbara A. Resnick-Horwitz
Dan R. Humbert and Helen S. Humbert
Arun P. Ilangovan and Thai Murugappan
Vaishnavi Jayakumar
Eric J. Kaplan and Tracy F. Kaplan*
Paul A. Kaufman and Janet Kaufman*
Jonathan M. Keefe and Louise Keefe
Stephen C. Kelley and Jacqueline A. Brya Kelley
Jason Kingston and Camy S. Kingston*
Kara Koeberle
Evan Koo
Jon E. Krause and Tamara A. Krause
Harry C. Kraushaar and Pamela E. Kraushaar*
Eugene I. Krieger and Janice M. White*
Roger C. Kueny and Emily Kueny
Maggie Kymn and Nicolas Chang
James D. Lauter and Nikki Lauter*
Thomas A. Lazaroff and Tina Lazaroff
Michael D. Lee and Catherine Lee
Richard A. Lester and Rachel B. Lester*
Nicole Lindler
Richard L. Little and Paulette Little*
Beth G. Logan and Peter B. Logan
Andrew J. Louie and Josephine C. Louie
Jeffrey R. Lowers and Lou A. Lowers*
James M. Lowy and Wendy K. Coblentz*
Jason G. Maas and Sara H. Maas
Andrea A. Mack and H. Christopher Mack*
Helen Magpayo and Joseph L. Magpayo*
Orville L. Marlett and Jeane L. Marlett
Patricia Martin*
Mark McClain and Marjorie McClain*
Daniel P. McKenzie and Cassandra McKenzie
Nancy Lubich McKinney and
Gregory W. McKinney*
Maureen McNichols and Roderick M. Kramer*
Max Mednik and Suzanne K. Berkovitz
Anicia Mendez and Adam G. Krikorian*
Stephen P. Mettler and Stacy M. Mettler*
Arnold S. Miyamoto and Gabriella Miyamoto*
Lesley K. Monro and John A. Monro Jr.
Aaron J. Mugg and Monika Mugg
Lisa M. Munro
David R. Neste and Lorie Neste*
J. Michelle Newman and Eric C. Marcus*
Helen Ng and Francis Ng*
Jay T. Ornellas and Jennifer N. Owens*
Ray T. Oyakawa and Yuriko Oyakawa*
Recep Ozdag and Jemelle Pulido-Ozdag
Michael Paiko and Calona Paiko
Rexford T. C. Parker and Patricia L. Parker*
Bill Parsons and Judy Parsons*
Paul A. Peirona and Michelle E. Peirona*
Cheryl K. Petersen and Roger H. Lustberg*
Mary M. Petersen
Arlene M. Petrush and Leonard J. Petrush*
John M. Petry and Sara R. Petry
Michael J. Prohias and Judy Han
Ilya M. Rachman and Anna Rachman
Lee Raymundo and Natalie Raymondo
Jeffrey W. Reyna
Stephen C. Richards and Kathleen R. Richards
Greg M. Richart and Leigh K. Richart*
Ted S. Ridgway and Ellena Ochoa
Kelly F. Ritchey-Davoren and Thomas Davoren*
Charles Roellig*
Scott Roesch and Pondra S. PerkinsLen
Rosenduft and Dina J. Artzt
Cynthia G. Round and Frederick W. Round
David M. Rowe and Diana E. Rowe
Joseph B. Ryan and Janet A. Ryan*
Soo Yeon Ryoo
Grace M. Sakioka
Jaime Sanchez
William H. Schenck and Nydia I. Martinez*
Joseph J. Schirripa and Ellen Mercier
Alan D. Seidelmann and Mrs. Alan D. Seidelmann
Mark Shalvarjian and Tami Shalvarjian
Brian M. Shimmel
Manish Singh and Maria R. Santos
Kevin L. Sittner and Stephanie Sittner
Pawan K. A. Sivaraman and Rhonda C. Sivaraman
Rick Sliter and Kathleen A. Sliter
Marko Sokolich and Jean E. Tanaka
DeAnne Steele and Carlo Barbara
Robert A. Steele and Marilyn G. Steele*
Jeanne Steinhauer and Eric Steinhauer*
Thomas Stewart and Susan E. Stewart
Ethan A. Stone and Hilary M. Stone*
Jeremy L. Switzer and Midco K. Switzer*
Richard P. Sybert and Greta L. Sybert*
Mia S. Tepper and Scott Tepper*
Vikas Thakur and Ritu A. Thakur*
Franklin Tom and Lolita L. Tom
Barry C, Topol and Karen S. Topol*
Francis Tran and Denise Tran
Mark L. Triska and Maria E. Triska*
Allan E. Tungseth and Anna M. Tungseth*
Aaron E. Turner and Amy Turner
Miguel M. Unzueta*
Edith H. L. Van Huss and J. Thomas Van Huss
Terry G. Vavra and Linda F. Vavra*
Laura P. Vidal and Craig F. Vidal
George S. C. Wang and Ann C. Wang*
Howard H. Wang and Patti Wang*
Robert Wasserman and Renee S. Wasserman*
Keith W. Webster and Stacey M. Webster*
Michael J. Weil and Jamie Weil
Eric A. Weinlein and Jill W. Weinlein*
Steve J. Weinstock and Katherine T. Weinstock
Mark P. Weitzel and Karen Gjerde-Weitzel
Charles E. Wilcoxson and Jeanine W. Wilcoxson*
Bruce G. Willison and Gretchen A. Willison*
Richard M. Wolfen and Karen A. Wolfen*
John E. Woodward III*
John S. Yao and Pauline Mysliwiec*
Jianyu Zheng and Fang Li

$500 to $999

Jose Carlos F.D. Abreu Neto and
Marcella Holanda
Craig M. Acosta and Grace N. Acosta*
Liz Aguirre
Bruce D. Alberts and Erica Alberts
Brian D. Andersen and Kristen Andersen*
Timothy J. Andrews and Diane Andrews
Leon S. Angvire and Barbara Angvire*
Patricia A. Antonoplos and Timothy L. Antonoplos
Jose R. Arche, III
Frank Arentowicz
Nancy M. Argent and Jason F. Argent*
John Robert Arnstein and Jill Hyman-Arnstein
Joe Aubrey and Mary Aubrey
Karolina Bakalarova
Matthew W. Baldwin and Kathleen McCarthy
Louis J. Barbich and Sheryl R. Barbich*
Robert J. Barker and Ildiko V. Barker
Michael Barkin and Loan Barkin*
Valerie D. Barrett and Kenneth L. Barrett, III*
Jennifer R. Bauer and Alex Bauer
John A. Becker
Kenneth W. Bentley and Jelana M. Bentley
James R. Bergman and Judy G. Bergman*
Lorenzo S. Berrios and Sonja Berrios*
Andy Bielanski and Nansi M. Bielanski
Tom Blumberg and Margaret T. Blumberg*
Hannah Bostwick
Jose Bromberg and Ilana Bromberg*
Yvette W. Butler and Rhett L. Butler
Steven P. Cadenhead and Melanie B. Cadenhead
Andy J. Capdarest and Karina Arambula
Allen G. Castner and Erin Castner
Felipe Castro-Curzio and Monica P. Castro*
Catherine R. Chanin and Anthony B. Chanin*
Roger G. Chen and Eileen J. Shin*
Michael W. Chua and Mandy Hjellming
J. Craig Collins and Alicia G. Collins*
David H. Conney
Kelly Cook and Melinda M. Cook
Kaitlin C. Cooke
Marshall G. Cox and Donna F. Cox*
Steven J. D’Amico and Hind Baki*
Mark P. Dekunder and Jillian DeKunder
Robert J. Donovan and Joan M. Donovan*
Edward B. Doubleday and Hilary J. Doubleday
Elizabeth D. Duffy and Brian J. Duffy*
Joel S. Edstrom and Margaret I. Adams
Ari B. Eisenberg and Danielle M. Horwich
Jon R. Estanislao and Frances Ng*
Jay Farber
Barry J. Fay and Kira J. Fay*
Jill F. Elia and Marc Elia*
Charles A. Foster and Mrs. Charles A. Foster*
H. Quintin Foster, Jr. and Dorothy L. Foster*
Albert J. Fredman and Kathleen L. Fredman*
Dan C. Freeman and Barbara K. Freeman*
Matthew R. Friesl and Kimberly Friesl
Charles S. Garber, Jr. and Robin K. Garber
Carlos Garcia De La Fuente and Lidia F. Jimenez
Alina Gavrilova and Kevin M. Lloyd
Matthew Getty and Carrie A. Getty*
Lloyd H. Gilbert and Nancy G. Gilbert*
Christie Good
Sean E. Gorman and Marsi L. Gorman*
Patrick Goshtigian and Mary Goshtigian
William Grajean
Hugh M. Grant and Patricia C. Grant*
Jamie F. Greenspan and Eric Greenspan
Frederick J. Greifenstein and Linda G. Greifenstein
William M. Grojean and Maureen O. Grojean*
John C. Guillebeaux and Sabrina Guillebeaux
Paul B. Habibi*
Christopher D. Hall and Lindsay T. Hall
Julia C. Hall and Kirkland Hall
Charles G. Hatsis and Daisy Hatsis
Dorothy B. Heide and William H. Heide*
Rolan S. Hernandez and Pasy I. Wang
Adam B. Himoff and Andrea S. Himoff*
Angela Hsueh and Yang Zhang
Luke Hung and Helen F. Hung*
Daniel Hurst and Kim Frailey
Yasuo Hyodo and Catherine S. Hyodo*
Prashant Jain and Dreamy Jain
Gopi P. Jayaswal and Ronak Shah
Franklin R. Johnson and Anne E. Johnson
Sidney W. Jones and Mildred E. Jones*
Michael S. Karon and Carolyn A. Lew-Karon
John W. Karrel and Susan S. Lloyd*
Roberta S. Kass and Michael I. Cowan
Shoshannah D. Katz and Kevin E. Schraven*
Richard N. Kipper and Inta A. Kipper*
Jeffrey A. Klein and Ann M. Klein
Bing W. Kongmebhol and Lisa Arakaki
Keith M. Kratzberg and Yvette P. Kratzberg*
Philip G. Krum and Frances S. Krum*
Thomas R. Kurz and Patrice S. Kurz*
Heinrich Lammer and Ingrid C. Lammer
Larry Layne and Sheelagh Boyd*
Joonwon Lee and Sunghee Park
Yung-Hung Lee and Shu-Miao Lee
Alan M. Lilien and Robin R. Lilien*
Albert Lilienfeld and Ana Lilienfeld*
Steven A. Lippman and Nancy S. Lippman
Epin Long and Alvin Sum*
Hilary G. Lottenberg and Stephen Lottenberg*
Theodore E. Mac Lean and Joanne Liautaud
Daniel P. Mahoney and Felina Mahoney*
Kevin A. Mansfield and Stephanie Mansfield*
Jeffrey M. Manson and Romina Manson*
Jacques P. Marine and Sandra Y. Marine*
Joni W. Martino and Steve M. Martino*
Kay Mason
Martin K. Matsui and Christine M.Y. Van*
Barbara McHugh and Mark A. Olbert*
Donna Melby
Jack Melnikoff and Morgan Melnikoff*
Michael R. Mercier and Claudia E. Mercier
Jim V. Micali and Emily Micali
Fiazuddin Mir and Nazia Siddiqui
Barry T. Mori and Suzanne Pom
Scott S. Mullet and Jenelle Mullet*
Kenneth Norton and Melinda Morgan*
Daniel E. Pansing and Karen Pansing*
Robert H. Park and Stacy Park
Robin K. Patel and Hamant J. Patel*
Larry F. Pellett and Valerie A. Pellett*
Cecilia K. Person and Greer P. Person, Jr.
Philip R. Peters, III and Agnes S. Peters*
Lindsay Philips
Albert Pichardo and Silvia Pichardo*
Anna E. Pione
Guillermo Pont and Emily Pont*
Paul D. Quadros and Katherine M. Quadros
Leon A. Ralph and Stephanie G. Ralph
Charles W. Reed and Pamela J. Reed
Frederick L. Ricker and Jennifer A. Ricker*
Bill Roen and Sue Roen*
Molly T. Rosen and Seth B. Rosen*
Rob Rousselet and Eda B. Rousselet
Richard E. Rutledge and
Tehnaz Daruwala-Rutledge*
Ryan T. Sakamoto and Janey B. Sakamoto*
Ivan Santana
Jerome T. Scanlan and Janet G. Scanlan*
Eric Schroeder
David Schwartz and Jennifer Schwartz
Lisa B. Schwarzberg and Josh Schwarzberg
Reginald M. Sen
Henry C. Settle, Jr. and Rita M. Clinton*
Joshua D. Shaskan and Lisa Shaskan
Frederick H. Shuart, III and Julia S. Shuart*
Alan Shuman
Bryce D. Skaff and Shannon Skaff*
David Snow and Cheryl M. Snow*
Aram G. Sogomonian and Mary S. Sogomonian*
Anne-Marie Soulliere and Lindsey C.Y. Kiang
Mark Spencer and Carolyn N. Spencer
Benjamin E. Stern and Sara M. Stern
David Sternberg and Julie Sternberg
John S. Suh and Jennifer L. Suh
James Talevich and Laurie Talevich*
William C. Tanner and Christine E. Lynch*
Deepak K. Thakral and Neha Thakral
Shakti S. Thakur and Indroop Thakur
Caroline J. Tickler and Brian M. Tickler
Garry K. Tyran and Barbara B. Tyran*
Susanne K. Upshaw and Douglas A. Upshaw*
Carl W. Vaicek, Jr. and Marcia J. Vaicek
John R. Valentine and Elena M. Goss*
Nicole Vermeer
Manuel G. Villarreal-Gomez and Ana Carranza*
John E. Voss and Marjorie S. Voss
Van H. Vuong and Man-Ting Law
M. Dana Wandrocke and Diemmy Wandrocke
Jeffrey W. Wang and Grace Tan-Wang
Michael Wang and Emily Wang
Jeremy A. Wasser and Michelle Eskenazi-Wasser
Diane C. Weil
Patricia M. Welborn and R. Michael Welborn
Steven L. Westfall and Meredith R. Westfall*
Ross H. Wilson and Sara H. Wilson
Erik A. Wright and Cate M. Wright*
Daniel Yomtobian

$250 to $499

Anonymous (9)
Brian V. Abbott*
Cara Acker and Eric Acker
Yury Adamov
Christopher N. Advani and Kiyo Inoue*
Daniel Aguilar and Kat Gorman
Richard L. Albrecht and Cindy Albrecht
Kent H. Alves and Marlene A. Alves*
Richard J. Armitage and Angela V. Armitage*
Bruce C. Armstrong and Rita G. Armstrong*
Laura Ashley and Julien Mamet*
Richard E. Azera and Sandra F. Lucidi-Azera
Imelda C. Birkett and Charles K. Birkett*
Mary Beth Baker and David Baker*
Thomas M. Balderston and
Elizabeth J. Balderston*
Charles N. Baynard and Robert Marra
David E. Greene and Barbara J. Bealer
John G. Beck and Linda M. Beck*
Paul M. Beliveau and Kristina Beliveau
Daniel P. Benas and Lynn M. Benas*
Todd Bennett and Melanie B. Bennett
Bryan J. Berkett and Tina Berkett*
Kenneth B. Berlin and Sandra Goldberg*
Shantu K. Bhatia and Usha Bhatia
Jonathan L. Bigelow and Tashiko Bigelow
Imelda C. Birkett and Charles K. Birkett*
Timothy P. Block and Claudia Block*
Brooke E. Bower and Richard Nehring
Darren P. Brady and Linda Brady*
Andrew L. Breech and Debra A. Breech*
Angela Brock-Kyle and Bernard W. Kyle
Marshall J. Burak and Marlene L. Burak
David Cameron
Graydon S. Carlson and La Vonne E. Carlson*
Caryl V. Carothers and A. J. Carothers*
Ann E. Caruso and Gary C. Goldschmidt*
David A Cassell and Ana Cassell*
Louis M. Castruccio and Sarah J. Castruccio*
Matthew A. Catalano and Monica Catalano*
Ruy A. Chaves and Debora Chaves
Joseph H. Chi and Grace I. Wang*
Walter L. Christian and Jeanette M. Christian*
Matthew S. Clark and Elizabeth R. Clark*
Robert W. Clemens and Kathryn G. Clemens*
Brett J. Cohen and Kelly A. Cohen*
Greg Cooper and Barbara Miller*
Randolph B. Cooper and Sally J. Cooper
Lyle L. Cripe and Elsie Cripe
Selena S. Cuffe
Julie M. Cullinane-Smith and Brandon Smith*
Truc T. Dam and Rose Dao*
Kenneth G. Davlin and Jean M. Davlin
Max De Brouwer and Carmela De Brouwer
Fernando C. De La Torre and Ana C. Uribe
Sanford F. De Lugach and Leslie B. De Lugach*
Jocelyn L. Delgado and Matthew Delgado
Kevin J. Dicerbo and Tu Lynn M. Smylie*
Mai T. Doan and Haison Pham
Eric R. Dorre and Jennifer Dorre*
Sean D. Doyle and Joy R. Doyle*
Donald L. Durward and Gay H. Durward*
Ronald L. Engel and Patti L. Engel
Cameryn Erickson and Justin Erickson
Martin Esteverena and Rebecca Ford
James M. Eysenbach and Margaret O. Eysenbach*
John T. Fallet and Lee A. Fallet*
Geoffrey R. Fawcett and Robin M. Fawcett*
Marjorie S. Feldman and Steve Feldman*
John M. Ferrara and Kathleen A. Ferrara
Al A. Finci and Rose Finci*
Michael S. Flaherty and Renee Fogelberg
Tim Flaherty and Rita M. Haeusler*
Mary T. Folsom and Sam Folsom*
Glenn Friedman and Diane Walsh
Hans-Peter Fuchs and Anne-Marie Fuchs
Soumya Gadde and Arun Bodapati
Luis F. Garcia
Laura A. Garner and Roger K. Hardon*
David J. Gaudian and Elizabeth O’Brien*G.
Michael Gehring and Andrea C. Gehring
David T. Geller and Danelle Geller
Patrick T. Gengoux and Grace Gengoux*
Earl E. Glenn and Chris Glenn*
Ira Goldberg
Ilya L. Grigorov and Marina Grigorov*
Joanne Haase and Terrence Paret*
Farhad Abas Hagigi and Latifeh E. Hagigi
Timothy R. Hansen and Pernilla M. Hansen
Lowell M. Hattori and Seiko J. Hattori*
Michele L. Havens and G. Schuyler Havens
Forrest Hayes Jr. and Whitney Hayes
John W. Herdje and Donna M. Herdje*
Adam J. Hertzman and Monica N. Hertzman*
Dennis E. Hewitt and Kathryn D. Hewitt
Dale P. Hoffman and Marilyn C. Hoffman
H. Mason Hohl
Jerry C. Hollingsworth and
Judith M. Hollingsworth*
Masao C. Hora and Susan M. Hora*
William D. Horsfall and Ardella L. Horsfall
Joseph E. Horton and Carolyn Horton*
Paul P. Huang and Kara M. Huang*
Janet N. Hunter and David B. Zenoff
Katherine M. Hunter and Philip Pahlke
Heath Izenson and Ellen Izenson*
Lloyd Jarkow and Sarah Jarkow*
Matthew Johnson
Susan E. Johnson and Grange Johnson
Carolyn C. Jordan
Keith R. Kamholz and Judy Kamholz
Donald M. Kaplan and Linda S. Kaplan
Andrew E. Katz and Denise L. Katz*
Marcella A. Kelly and Scot J. Kelly*
Joseph H. Kim
Sun Kim
Donald W. Koch and Gayle S. Koch*
George P. Kolovos and Tina Kolovos*
William K. Krauch and Christine D. Krauch*
Charles W. Krecklow and Anne E. Krecklow*
Susan Kun and Aden W. Kun*
John F. Kurfess Jr. and Kathleen M. Kurfess*
Rob Kurland and Kim Kurland
Tokunbo Labisi and Bose Labisi
William D. Lange and Amy Lange
Jeffrey D. Later and Deborah M. Later*
Glenn Lawse and Michelle Lawse
James L. Leahy and Cherylanne Leahy
Randy J. Levitt and Riley Levitt*
Israel A. Levy and Nadine Levy*
Roger C. Lewis
Michael V. Lloyd and Rachel Lloyd
Matt F. Lopez and January K. Lopez
Duncan Lord and Tricia Lord
Catherine L. Lundy and Albro L. Lundy III
Patricia Lusby
Sidney G. Marantz and Joan E. Marantz
Howard Marks
Rochelle J. Martel and Glen Longarini
Richard S. Matson Jr. and Karen S. Matson*
Marisel G. Mayers and David Mayers*
Marisa I. Mazzotta
Frederick H. McCrea and Courtney R. McCrea
Timothy M. McLean and Paul Santello
Arthur W. McAllister Jr. and Cheryl L. McAllister*
Ernest A. Mekjian and Gloria J. Mekjian*
Christoph M. Menzl and Rita Finones*
Lloyd J. Mintz and Sharon N. Mintz
Robert Morales
Matthew Morris and Anna Morris*
John C. Munchoff and Carol P. Munchoff*
Olivia H. Neece and Anthony R. Neece
William C. Nelson and Patricia R. Nelson*
Wilson W. Ng and Grace Ng
Toni P. Nicalek and Richard A. Nicalek*
Christopher J. North and Megan North
Lloyd A. Osborn
Charles M. Pasarell Jr. and Shireen Pasarell
Anilkumar Patel and Alka Chowhan-Patel*
Jeffrey W. Paul and Nancy J. Paul*
Charles Payton and Mary L. Payton*
Armando Pedroza and Sheryl Pedroza
Ariane Pessis
Henry T. Peterson and Carolyn N. Peterson*
Siew C. Phua and Jeffrey T. Stabile Jr.
Talia S. Pierluissi and Edgar Pierluissi
Larry Proctor and Hyon S. Proctor*
Sonia M. Rahm and Yoshi Rahm
Leo Redmond and Monique Krauer-Redmond*
Kathryn H. Reed and John Reed*
Walter C. Reisinger Jr. and Jeana B. Reisinger
Jan E. Nash and Elizabeth A. Resnick
Philip C. Robbs and Claudia L. Robbs
Karen D. Roche and Malcolm L. Jones*
James L. Rock*
Peter H. Rose and Deborah L. Banner*
Martin E. Rosen and Ellen R. Rosen*
Matthew A. Runyon
Robert J. Salvaria and Judith C. Angel*
Maxine L. Savitz*
Norman B. Schoelkopf and Sylvia M. Schoelkopf
Linda J. Scilacci and W. James Scilacci Jr.
Martha I. Searby and Bruce H. Searby
Louis J. Senini and Andria G. Senini
Rebecca A. Silverman
Steven K. Sloan and Melissa T. Sloan*
Ed Spitzberg and Neesham Spitzberg
Steven Sprecher and Jacqueline Sprecher
Edward D. Struck Jr. and Beverly M. Struck*
Ming Su and Meixuan Lim
David E. Swain and Stefanie A. Wall*
Stephen B. Tallman and Marcia C. Tallman
Phillip W. Tetterton and Susan M. Tetterton
Adrienne T. Tietz and Paul H. Tietz*
Karen D. Trissel and David M. Trissel
Surekha Trivedi and Manan M. Trivedi Jr.
Kelly C. Trotter King and John King
Kenny H. Tsuboi and Mary S. Tsuboi
Christopher S. Tuffli and Joy O. Higa*
Allan J. Von Halle and Robin Von Halle
Christie Y. Wahng and Robert P. Donnelly
Andrew Wang and Leslie P. Tao
Eden Warner and Candy Warner*
Robert C. Waters and Dagmar B. Waters*
David L. Weil and Adrienne K. Weil*
Brian Weinstock and Maxine Weinstock
Peter M. Weintraub and Susan Weintraub
Ira R. Weiss and Michele Weiss*
Randolph W. Westerfield
Ernest Williams
Henry M. Wirtschafter and
Barbara N. Wirtschafter*
Satiya Witzer and Jared L. Witzer
David W. Wolfe and Carol Wolfe
Henry Wong and Leslie A. Wong
Richard C. Wong
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Jack A. Yuen and Serena Y. Hayashi-Yuen*
Jeff Zucker and Elizabeth R. Zucker*

*J. Fred Weston Circle

Donors who have given three or more consecutive years, including the current fiscal year, are specially recognized in the annual Donor Honor Roll as members of the J. Fred Weston Circle. Weston was a committed donor, teacher, mentor and friend to UCLA Anderson for more than six decades. We are pleased to thank our loyal donors who, like Weston, continually support UCLA Anderson.