Class of 2013 FEMBA students Grace Chang and Ankush PrakashAnderson Affiliates is the robust class giving campaign that supports the school's greatest needs. This program allows classes to leave their legacy at Anderson with a gift or multi-year pledge to the school.

Private support from students, alumni, and friends are more critical today than ever. Our students understand the importance of paying it forward because they experience firsthand the generous investments made by alumni.  

The past campaign supported our key pillars:

» Dean's strategic priorities
» Student fellowships, advancing curriculum, competitions, and club activities
» Faculty research, retention and recruitment
» Alumni reunions, conferences and career counseling
» Diversity outreach and conferences

With special thanks to our Chairs and devoted committee members. This valiant effort could not have been possible without their dedication and commitment. We are deeply grateful for their time and generosity to make this an incredibly successful campaign.

Anna Baxter - Chair
Baron Birkhofer
Amy Braun
Aspandiar Dahmubed
Angel Huang
Calvin Ho
Kavi Kapadia
Marissa Levi
Brad Lyman
Michael Malenitza
Rikin Mantri
Robert Michlovich
Jesse Pemstein
Anant Rishi
Joel Rosenzweig
Sev Sislia
Clarissa Avendano
Courtney Cappa
James Carwana
Grace Chang
Adrienne Francis
Matthew Gorlick
Jonathan Hirschi
Daniel Ho
Vinnie Puvvada
Ankush Prakash - Chair
Tina So
Richard Stanley
Amy Tran
Alex Valente
Dave Yanko
Brian C. Yeh

Mary Domo - Chair
Cameron Mirochnick
Subramariam Viswanathan

Full-time MBA students, Section B