Alvaro Garcia Marin

Phone: 310-465-5504

Place of Origin
La Serena, Chile

M.A., Economics, 2011, UCLA
M.Sc., Economics, 2007; Universidad de Chile
B.A., Economics; Universidad de Chile

Research Interests
International Trade, International Finance, Macroeconomics, Empirical Industrial Organization

Journal Publications
"Oil Shocks and Inflation: The Case of Chile and a Sample of Industrial Countries", (Spanish, joint with Pablo Pincheira, Journal Economia Chilena, 10(1) 5-36, April 2007.
"Productivity, Innovation and Exportations in the Chilean Manufacturing Industry", (Spanish, joint with Roberto Alvarez), El Trimestre Económico (forthcoming), Available as Central Bank of Chile Working Paper 476.

Additional Information
Aug. 2006 - Aug. 2009: Economist, Central Bank of Chile

Entered program in 2009

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