Andrea Di Miceli

Phone: 310-825-8207

Place of Origin
Gaeta, Italy

M.S, Economics, 2011, Universita Bocconi, Milano, Italy, summa cum laude
B.A., Economics, 2008, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano, Italy, summa cum laude

Entered program in 2011

Fields of interest 

Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Development Economics 

Working Papers

Horizontal vs. Vertical Transmission of Fertility Preferences

Abstract: I study the cultural transmission of fertility preferences among second generation immigrant women observed in U.S.
Censuses from 1910 to 1970. As hypothesized by Bisin & Verdier (2001), the transmission of preferences can be "vertical" or
"horizontal". Using a unique source documenting the variation in fertility behavior in Europe before and after the first demographic
transition (1830-1970), I unpack the influence of parents (measured by source-country fertility at the time of departure from Europe)
versus the influence of peers (measured by fertility of the same-age cohorts living in the source country and transmitted by
same-age recent immigrants). I find that the transmission mechanism is crucially affected by the number of foreign born immigrant
peers living in the same MSA. On one hand, the "vertical" channel of transmission is stronger in places where there are few newly
arrived foreign born immigrant couples from the same source countries. On the other hand, fertility choices of second generation
women are strongly correlated with marital fertility choices measured over peer cohorts in the sources countries whenever they
live in MSAs densely populated by recently arrived immigrants. 

Research in Progress    

Chasing the Key Player: a Network Approach to Myanmar Civil War.   

Impact of a Smartphone Application on Health Literacy, with Russell Toth.

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