Prashant Chintapalli

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"I work on social responsibility issues in supply chains with an objective to design policies and make decisions that can result in Pareto improvement of the supply chain partners. I develop stylized models to observe and analyze the strategic interactions among the players."

DOTM PhD Student


Place of Origin
Hyderabad, India

BE in Computer Science
Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Pilani, India

MS in Mathematics
Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Pilani, India

MS/PhD in Management
Indian Institute of Management
Bangalore, India

Entered program in 2014


Coordinating Supply Chains via Advance-Order Discounts, Minimum Order Quantities, and Delegations.  
Production and Operations Management (2017)
Prashant Chintapalli, Stephen Disney and Christopher S. Tang.

Improving Supplier Compliance Through Joint and Shared Audits. 
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, forthcoming
Felipe Caro, Prashant Chintapalli, Kumar Rajaram and Christopher S. Tang

Stocking and quality decisions for deteriorating perishable products under competition. 
Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) 
Prashant Chintapalli and Jishnu Hazra (2015).

Pricing and inventory management during new product introduction when shortage creates hype. 
Naval Research Logistics (NRL)
Prashant Chintapalli and Jishnu Hazra (2015). 

Simultaneous pricing and inventory management of deteriorating perishable products. 
Annals of Operations Research, 1-15 
Prashant Chintapalli (2015).