Christian Blanco

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"Climate change is a challenging problem. My goal is to help global firms mitigate climate change risks and turn them into sustainable opportunities."

Ph.D. Job Market Candidate


Place of Origin
Makati, Philippines 

BA in Applied Mathematics (2011)
BA in Environmental Economics and Policy (2011)
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Entered program in 2012 

"Operational Response to Climate Change: Do Profitable Carbon Abatement Opportunities Decrease Over Time?" Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (in major revision)
Blanco, Christian, Felipe Caro, and Charles Corbett  

"An Inside Perspective on Carbon Disclosure." Business Horizons (forthcoming)
Blanco, Christian, Felipe Caro, and Charles Corbett

"The state of supply chain carbon footprinting: analysis of CDP disclosures by US firms."Journal of Cleaner Production 135 (2016): 1189-1197
Blanco, Christian, Felipe Caro, and Charles J. Corbett

"High-resolution modeling of the western North American power system demonstrates low-cost and low-carbon futures." Energy Policy 43 (2012): 436-447
Nelson, James, Josiah Johnston, Ana Mileva, Matthias Fripp, Ian Hoffman, Autumn Petros-Good, Christian Blanco, and Daniel M. Kammen

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2011-2014)