Beginning in 2005, with the permission of the Ph.D. graduate, the Doctoral Program has made his/her dissertation available online.

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"A New Approach to Project Management Models"

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"The Role of Public Policy Toward Inland Surface Transportation in Egypt"

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"Sensitivity to Workrole-Related Expectations and Perceived Promotability"

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of Large Scale Program Planning"

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Clarifying its Problems", Volumes 1 & 2

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Organization and Personal Learning during the Transition back in to the Home Country"

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"An Investigation Into The Informational Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets"

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"Using Multi-Market Information to Improve Understanding of Firm and Consumer Behavior"

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"The Effect of Level in the Hierarchy and Functional Area on the Extent to which Mintzberg’s Managerial
Roles are Required by Managerial Jobs"

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"Judgment, Anger, and Retaliation: A New Perspective on Non-Cooperation in Organizations"

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"Three Essays in Empirical Finance

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"Essays on Operations-Marketing Strategy"

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"The Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy: A Discriminant Analysis"

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"Three Essays on Export Transitions

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"A Study of Employment Patterns and a Measurement of Employee Attitudes in Japanese Firms at Los Angeles"

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Dynamic and Static Muscular Work"

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"The Association Between Alternative Earnings and Profitability Measures and Stock Return in Selected Industries"

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"Sharing Suppliers and Information Spillovers: The Case of the Auditor"

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"Once Upon a Time… The Persuasive Impact of Stories on Consumer Intentions"

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"Work Physiology: A Physiological Evaluation of Time Standards and Work Rest Design for Moderate to Strenuous Work"

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"An Analysis of Influence Strategies and Situational Characteristics in Selling Performance"

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"Inter-Firm Collaborative Ventures: Performance and Cooperative Behavior"

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"Peak Experiences and Sensitivity Training Groups"

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"A Heuristic Algorithm and Simulation Approach to Relative Location of Facilities"

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"Behavioral Similarity among Japanese Firms"

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"Evaluation of an Accelerated Cutting Plane Algorithm as a Solution Method for Interactive Continuous Location
Problems Induced by Arbitrary Norms"

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"Essays on Tender Offers"

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"The Rational Relationship Between Price Promotions and Sales"

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"Cost, Quality, and Access: A Foundation for Managerial and Policy Analysis in the Health Care System"

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"Mexico: A Study of the Financial Relationship between the Government and the Private Sector of the Economy"

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"A General Method for Measuring Investment Worth"

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"Natural Non-renewable Resource Development in National Economic Planning: A Linear Programming Approach"

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"A Computerized Standard Cost and Variance Analysis Model for Improved Cost Control"

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"Economic News and Asset Price Uncertainty"

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"The Evolution of the Concept of Property Rights in Jobs in Indian Industrial Relations"

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"A Relational Analysis of Structure in Complex Organizations: The Case of the Large Public Accounting Firm"

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Hospital Cost Control and Product Pricing with an Empirically Deprived Factor-Analytic Model of Inpatient Output

Baker, Patricia Gillson
"A Study of an Affirmative Action Program for Women in an Open Socio-Technical System with Emphasis on Attitudes Towards Women"

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"A Control Perspective of Organizational Socialization: Tactics, Tolerance for Organizational Influence, and Outcomes for New Entrants"

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"Pricing and Contracting Strategies for Software Products and Services"

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"Essays on Learning and Innovation

Barbieri, Ronald John
An Econometric Study of the Office Space Market

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"New Perspectives on Capital Allocation"

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"Synergy between Activities: How University Professors Perceive They Handle Their Many Activities"

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"Attribution Biases, Competitive/Cooperative Work Environments, and the Management Control Process"

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"The Relation Between Environmental Contingency and Managerial Turnover"

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"Talk That Pays: Differences in Salary Negotiators’ Beliefs and Behaviors"

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"The Design of Multiechelon Multipart Repair Systems"

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"Coordination and Incentive Contracts in Stochastic Project Management"

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"An Investigation of the Effects of Advertising Message Structure and Repetition upon Cognitive Process Mediation Message Acceptance"

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"Determination of the Economic Height of High-Rise Buildings"

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"An Analysis of Contractual Incentives"

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"The Agency Model of Work: Personal Causation in the Workplace"

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"Accounting and Reporting for Business Franchises"

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"The Exploitation and Development of Intangible Assets by Multinational Enterprises (MNEs): An Empirical Analysis of the
Foreign Direct Investment of US and Japanese MNEs, 1974-1997"     

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"Enterprise Versus Fund Accounting: Incongruency and Duality in Defense Related Industries"

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"The Honolulu International Airport: Economics and Management"

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"Work Environments and Organizational Innovativeness: An Exploratory Study of the Formal Relationships in Three Organizations"

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"The Impact of Technological Change on Collective Bargaining Power"

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"The Capital Allocation Process and Managerial Mobility: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation"

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"A Heterogeneous (Multi-Segment) Vector (Multi-Brand) Linear Learning Model for Consumer Choice Behavior", Volumes 1 and 2

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"An Optimal Quasar Sighting Algorithm: An Application of the Quadratic Assignment Problem"

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"Collective Bargaining for Teachers in Canada: A Comparative Study"

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"Climate Change Strategies and the Impact of Risk Assessments: Three Panel Data Studies"

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"The Decision to Spin-Off Corporate Real Estate Assets: A Logistic Regression Analysis"

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"Allocation of Resources to Elective Patients Under Stochastic Emergency Patient Demand"

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"An Exploratory Study of the Use of Body-Movement as a Personal Growth and Growth Adjunct in Sensitivity Training"

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"Economic Factors Influencing Migration, and Urban Growth and Structure: Accra, Ghana"

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"Collective Bargaining in the Health Care Industry: The Influence of Third-Party Payors"

Boisvert, Maurice Philippe
"Career and the Quality of Working Life"

Boles, Samuel Erven
"An Automated Inventory Replenishment System"

Bolton, Michelle Kremen
"Organizational Miming: First-Mover-Advantages or Liabilities of Newness?"

Bossaerts, Peter
"Three Essays on Spot and Forward Foreign Exchange Rates"

Bouchard, Lynn
"Business Partnerships and the Adoption of Collective Innovations: The Case of EDI"

Boyer, Benoit Noel
"The Impact of Financial Accounting Standards Board Statements Numbers 8 and 52 on Multi-National Corporations"

Braverman, Jerome
"An Analysis of Credibility Theory: It’s Basis and Application to Casualty Insurance Ratemaking"

Bravo Herrera, Fernando
"An Empirical Analysis of the Predictive Ability of Alternative Income Measures"

Bray, James Neuhaus
"The Risk and Use of Debt Financing"

Brennan, Joseph James
"Models and Analysis of Temporal Consolidation"

Briggs, Steven Stambaugh
"The Municipal Grievance Process in California"

Bristow, Duke Kevin
"Essays in Valuation and Ownership Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Public Offerings"

Britt, Julia Ann Saxer
"Empowerment At Work: An Empirical Test of Alignment Theory"

Britten-Jones, Mark
"Essays on Temporal and Cross-Sectional Variation in the Expected Return of Risky Securities, and Tests of Portfolio Efficiency"

Brockbank, Joseph Wayne
"Clan Governance and Collective Goods: Consequences and Contextual Conditions of Voluntary Associations in Industrial Communities"

Brown, Gerald Gerard
"Nonlinear Statistical Estimation with Numerical Maximum Likelihood"

Brumat, Carlo Maria
"Uses and Abuses of Entropy in Economics"

Brush, John Stanley
"Multiperiod Stochastic Consumption Investment Decisions"

Buchanan, Joan Louise
"Planning Inpatient Capacity Expansion in Health Maintenance Organizations"

Buchwald, Joseph Benjamin
"Life Care Contracts in California"

Buckman, Alfred Gregory
"Economics of Information and Accounting Theory"

Bullen, Maria Lombardi
"An Empirical Study of Sources of Job Satisfaction in the Big Eight CPA Firms"

Burbano, Vanessa Cuerel
"Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility"

Burke, John Miles
"A Program of Entrepreneurial Education for Economic Development: The Case of Northeast Brazil"

Burke, Marian Chapman
"An Analysis of Business Level Strategic Marketing Objectives"

Burkett, Daniel Lee
"An Application of Cluster Analysis Techniques to Customer Aggregation"

Byrne, Mother Martin
"A Study of Creditors’ Practices in the Financing of Religious Institutions"

Caldwell, David Frank
"An Alternative to Need Satisfaction: The Role of Social Factors in the Development of Job Attitudes"

Calisto Miranda, Bruno Miguel
"Three Essays on Valuation"

Call, Dwight Vincent
"Accounting and Management Considerations Relative to Stock Options"

Callahan, Tyrone William
"Essays on the Role of Investor Beliefs in Financial Markets"

Campagna, Anthony Frank
"Organizational Due Process and the Grievance System: A Case Study of Nonacademic Personnel in a
Public-Supported Institution of Higher Education"

Campbell, Bonita Jean
"Bayesian Estimation of Common Parameters for Two Time Series"

Campbell, Robert Moore
"Methodological Study of the Utilization of Experts in Business Forecasting"

Cao, Huining Henry
"Trading, Asymmetric Information and Derivative Securities"

Carbone, James Henry, III
"An Empirical Study of Tax Code Change, Executive Stock Option Incentive Compensation, and Corporate Performance"

Cardona, Pablo
"Organizational Professional, and Personal Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior"

Carr, Peter Paul
"Essays on Exchange"

Carson, Marshall Lewis
"A Simulation Study of Respiratory Therapy: Evaluation of Alternative Work Shift Patterns"

Carter, Richard Duane
"An Empirical Study of Selected Management Practices in the Taiwan Metal Industries"

Cary, David Denis
"Listing on the New York Stock Exchange, Prediction and Changes in Value: An Empirical Study"

Castillo, Augusto
"Essays on Event Studies and on Numerical Methods"

Cauley, Fattaneh Ghaneh
"A Model of R&D for Improvements in Process Technology"

Chacar, Aya S.
"Capitalizing on Know-How: Organizing for Technological Innovation"

Chakrabarti, Rajesh
"Essays on Information and Linkages in Financial Markets"

Chan, Sai-Pang
"Essays on Liquidity and Stock Returns"

Chan, Marjorie
"Intergroup Conflict and Conflict Management in the R&D Divisions of Four Aerospace Companies"

Chandy, Kanianthra Thomas
"The Birth of Telecognition: Deregulation and Technological Change in Telecommunications in the United
States and the United Kingdom (1876-1996)"

Chari, Anusha
"Essays on the Microstructure of the Foreign Exchange Market"

Chari, Srikanth
"Knowledge Representation Using Structured Modeling"

Chase, Richard Barth
"An Investigation of the Effects on Energy Expenditure Rate and Heart Rate of Sequencing Two Kinds of Dynamic Work at Various Loadings"

Chavez-Ruiz, Javier A.
"Recovering Expectations About the GNP Using Financial Market Data"

Chen, Nai-Fu
"Arbitrage Asset Pricing: Theory and Evidence"

Chen, Yechong
"Dynamic Compensation Models"

Chen, Yehning
"The Role of Information Externalities in Bank Runs"

Chen, Yi
"Understanding the Impact of Certain and Uncertain Store Promotions on the Decision-Making Process in Product Choices"

Cheng, Chi
"Chief Financial Officer Turnovers and Firm Perfomance"

Cheng, Xiaolong
"Essays on Asset Pricing"

Cherry, Alan Abraham
"Testing the Effects of Social Accounting Information on Decision Making and Attitudes: A Laboratory Experiment"

Chiang, Hung-Fu
"Man-power Smoothing - A Study of a Group Decision Process"

Chiles, Bennett Stulting
"Shrouded Information and Strategic Transparency: Three Essays on Price Obfuscation"

Chingari, Gastone
"A Methodology for the Simulation of Numerically Controlled Production Systems"

Cho, Eric
"The Impact of Local Media on Household Investment Decisions"

Cho, Seong-Ho
"On the Stock Return Method to Determining Industry Substructure: Electronics, Petroleum, Banking, and Airlines"

Cho, Soo-Haeng
"Asymmetric Optimal Policies in Multi-Dimensional Operational Decisions"

Choi, Boyoun
"Information Chains and Content Management"

Choi, David Yhonsung
"Service Competition in Retail Banking"

Chong, Juin K.
"Heterogeneous Consumption Experience, Product Choice and Product Substitution"

Chordia, Tarun
"Essays on the Sale of Information and Investment Services in Financial Markets"

Choudhury, Pravat Kumar
"The Effect of Multiple Sources of Information on Attitude Change"

Choudhury, Vivek
"Cooperation and Competitive Strategies in Inter-Organizational Information Systems"

Chow-Chua, FongPeng
"Empirical Evaluation of Choice and Judgment Under Ambiguity"

Christensen, Carl Huish
"U.S. Businessmen’s Perceptions of U.S. and Foreign National Manager Characteristics"

Christensen, Gunnar Einar
"Successful Implementation of Decision Support Systems: An Empirical Investigation of Usage Intentions and Behavior"

Christmann, Petra
"Environmental Strategies of Multinational Companies: Determinants and Effects on Competitive Advantage"

Chu, Charlene
"Of Photographs, Souvenirs, and Ticket Stubs: Understanding Mementos"

Chu, George
"An Experiment to Examine the Relationship Between Price and Perceived Quality"

Chung, Changyoung
"International Banks vs. Sovereign Borrowers: A Study of the International Debt Crisis of the 1980’s"

Chung, Ilchoo
"An Evaluation of Entity-Relationship (E-R) Modeling Performance Among Cognitive Styles and Three Methods of Designing E-R Diagrams"

Chung, Kwang Suon
"Investment Opportunities, Synergies and Conglomerate Mergers"

Ciervo, Anthony Paul
"Search for Moving Targets"

Clark, John William
"A Preliminary Investigation of the Moral Standards of American Businessmen"

Clawson, George N.
"The Impact of Behavioral Data on One Class of Production Decisions"

Coff, Russel
"Corporate Acquisitions of Human Asset-Intensive Firms: Let the Buyer Beware"

Coget, Jean-Francois A.H.
"Leadership in Motion: An Investigation into the Psychological Processes that Drive Behavior when Leaders
Respond to 'Real-Time' Operational Challenges"

Cohen, Joel Benjamin
"Interpersonal Response Traits and Consumer Behavior"

Cone, Paul Rogers
"The Budget as an Instrument of Managerial Planning and Control"

Conner, Kathleen Reavis
"Strategy in the Micro-Computer Software Industry"

Constas, Michael
"The Role of Earnings Based Ratios in the Movements and Prices of Dividends"

Cook, Nancy Ellen
"Human Resources Management Style: A Comparative Study of Japanese and American Banks in California"

Cooper, Randolph Brian
"Decision Production: A Microeconomic View of Decision Making with Implications for Management Information Systems"

Cortazar, Gonzalo
"Essays on Contingent Claims"

Cotter, Lawrence Raffety
"Information Flow into Research and Development Projects: An Exploratory Study of the Flow of Important Information"

Cottingham, Bryan
"Job Flowtime versus Number of Jobs Tardy: Algorithm and Heuristic Approaches"

Cours, Deborah
"Social Power, Gender and Status: An Investigation of their Effects in Advertising"

Coval, Joshua David
"Essays in International Finance"

Craig, Rupert McMahan
"The Uses and Limitations of Lease Financing"

Cramer, Robert Henry
"Commercial Bank Use of Money Market Debt Instruments"

Crew, Nicholas Iain
"Essays on Hedging and Regulations"

Cripps, John David
"The Process of Sequential Durable Replacement Decisions"

Crispen, Wayne Bromley
"Authority Relationships Between the Air Force Systems Command and its Missile and Space Systems Contractors"

Culnan, Mary Jean
"Organizational Information Flows and the Industrial Library: An Empirical Investigation"

Cummings, Thomas Gerald
"A Methodology for Reconstructing and Studying Social Systems Linkage Processes"

Curren, Mary T.
"Mood Effects on Evaluations and Attributions: The Role of Importance"

Curtis, Robert Leo de Pokorny
"Japanese and U.S. Multinational Firms in Brazil: A Study of Technology Selection and Adaptation in a Developing Country"

Dade, Marsha A.
"Modeling and the Evaluation of the Health Care Delivery System"

Dai, Yang
"Select-Reject Difference in Choice Under Risk Involving Negative Prospects"

D'Ambroise, Gerald
"Personal Characteristics, Organizational Practices, and Managerial Effectiveness: A Comparative Study
of French and English-Speaking Chief Executives in Quebec"

Damodaran, Aswathnarayan
"The Implications of Information Structure for Return Generating Processes and Financial Signaling"

Dandridge, Thomas Charles
"The Types and Functions of Symbols in Selected Organizations"

Dang, Tran Thanh
"Ownership, Control and Performance of the Multinational Corporation: A Study of U.S. Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries
and Joint Ventures in the Philippines and Taiwan"

Dangel, George Werner
"Consideration of Labor Skill Requirements in the Line Balancing Problem"

Daniel, Kent Douglas
"The Time Variation of Asset Returns"

Daniels, Richard Leo
"Joint Sequencing/Resource-Allocation Scheduling with Multiple Performance Measures"

Dann, Larry York
"The Effect of Common Stock Repurchase on Security Holder Returns"

Dans, Enrique
"Three Essays on IT Innovation and Productivity"

Das, T.K.
"The Subjective Side of Strategic Planning: A Study of Future Time Perspective and Planning Milieu"

Davidson, Naomi Berger
"The Effects of Placement Services on Jobs Corps Participants’ Post-Program Labor Market Experiences"

Davies, Shaun William
"Essays in Finance"

DeAngelo, Harry Charles
"Three Essays in Financial Economics"

Dechter, Avi
"The Design of Hierarchical Planning Systems by Aggregation"

Dekimpe, Marnik Gustaaf
"Long-run Modeling in Marketing"

De Leo, Francesco Domenico
"The Competitive Value of Tacit Knowledge Transfer: An Assessment Methodology"

Delianedis, Gordon
"Three Essays in Credit Risk"

Delone, William Hook
"Determinants of Success for Small Business Computer Systems"

Demeester, Leiven Lode
"Three Essays on: Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Anderson Graduate School of Management"

Deo, Sarang
"Three Essays in Healthcare Operations Management

Desai, Swati
"Extensible Database System as a Platform for Modeling"

Dhall, Abhinav
"Design of Real Time Order Fulfillment System Under Delivery Time Constraint"

Dhar, Sanjay Kumar
"Effect of Package Coupons on Market Share and Profits"

Di Miceli, Andrea
"Essays on Development and Political Economics"

Diamond, Michael Allen
"Effect of Supplemental Cost Disclosures"

Dias, Daniel A.
"Essays in International Trade and Globalization

Diehr, George
"An Investigation of Computational Algorithms for Aggregation Problems"

Dienhart, Anna Elizabeth
"Price Responsiveness in International Trade: A Study of Japanese Participation in the U.S. Automobile Industry"

Dierker, Martin Johannes
"The Link between Informational Efficiency and Economic Efficiency: Essays on Corporate Disclosure Policy
and Private Information Acquisition"

Dilbeck, Harold Roy
"The Structure of the Mortgage Market as a Determinant of the Stability of the Stability of Residential
Construction in Several Metropolitan Areas, 1953-1959"

Dillon, Robert John
"Reality and Value Judgment in Policymaking: A Study of Expert Judgments about Alternative Energy Technologies"

Ding, Zhiqiang Daniel
"Control Strategy and Performance of U.S.-Chinese Joint Ventures"

Dobbie, John Wright
"A Comparative Analysis of Long-Range Goal-Setting Procedures in Large Corporations in California"

Donatelli, Bruce Edmund
Price elasticity of Demand for Electricity Residential Markets in Southern California

Dotan, Hilla
"Friendship Ties at Work: Origins, Evolution and Consequences for Managerial Effectiveness"

Doyel, Tommy Terry
"The Economic Outlook for Small Business Franchising"

Dunfrund, Scott Richard
"The Weyerhaeuser Financial Simulation Model"

Dunn, Michael Francis
"Measurement of Firm Risk and Rate of Return"

Dwyer, Steven Robert
"A Complete Primal Algorithm for Resolving Degenerate Linear Programs"

Dyer, Jeffrey Hansen
"Between Markets and Hierarchies: A Comparative Study of Supplier-Automaker relationship in the U.S. and Japan"

Eckard, Edwin Woodrow, Jr.
"Industrial Concentration, Market Power and Inflation: An Empirical Study"

Edfelt, Ralph Bennard
"Direct Foreign Investment in a Developing Economy: Toward Evaluating the Human Resource Development Impact in Brazil"

Elias, Claude Edward, Jr.
"Impact of Subdivision on County Expenditures in California"

El Jack, Ahmed Hassan
"Management Development Programs in the Sudan: A Comparative Study"

Elms, Heather
"Professionals and Agents: Three Essays on Governance in California Medical Groups"

El-Shinnawy, Maha Mohamed
"Media Choice Theories and the New Media: A Model of New Media Choice and Usage"

Engler, George Nichols
"The Typewriter Industry: The Impact of a Significant Technological Innovation"

Erikson, Warren John
"An Analytical Cost Evaluation of Computer Time-Sharing Systems"

Erler, Raymond
"Mergers in the Savings and Loan Industry"

Estafen, Bernard Donald
"An Empirical Experiment in Comparative Management: A Study of the Transferability of American Management
Policies and Practices into Firms Operating in Chile"

Estrin, Teviah L.
"An Allocation and Consensus Model for Strategic Planning"

Even Tov, Omri
"The Impact of Differences of Opinion and Investor Sentiment on Bond-Market Mispricing and the Role of Earnings Announcements"

Evered, Roger Dennis
"Conceptualizing the ‘Future’ Implications for Strategic Management in a Turbulent Environment"

Everly, Benjamin
"The Fear of Femininity:  How Men's Motivation to Maintain Manhood Status Influences Performance"

Ewusi-Mensah, Kweku
"Peak Load Pricing of Computer Network Services"

Farid, Saleh Mohammed
"The Organizational Role of the Board of Directors of State Enterprises in Egypt"

Farm, Cheng Kiang
"An Integrated Information System Architecture Based on Structured Modeling"

Farrell, Lawrence Michael Francis
"The Ontario Land Speculation Tax Act Experience in the Taxation of Realized Property Value Increments"

Farrell, William Charles
"Optimal Switching Policies in a Nonhomogenous Exponential Queueing System"

Feinberg, Abraham
"An Experimental Investigation of an Interactive Approach for Multi-Criterion Optimization with an Application to Academic Resource Allocation"

Fellingham, John Clark
"The Value of Improved Estimates of Systematic Security Riskiness for Investor Decisions"

Fensterseifer, Jaime Evaldo
"Investment Programming for Interdependent Production Processes"

Field, Laura Bernadette
"Essays on Initial Public Offerings: Corporate Control, Institutional Investment, and Price Concentration"

Fiorin, Stefano
"Essays in Behavioral Economics"

Firth, David Richard
"Supply of Information Into, Search for Information Within, and Use of Information from Information
Technology-Based Organizational Systems"

Fischer, Kurt F.
"A Graph Theoretic Approach to the Validation of Software Maintenance Modifications"

Fisher, Karen Ann
"A Tiebout Multi-Regional General Equilibrium Model to Assess the Economic Impacts of Automobile Emission Regulations"

Fitzgerald, Kathryn A.
"Beyond Apples and Oranges: Using Analogies to Catalyze New Product Adoption"

Fitzsimmons, James Albert
"Emergency Medical Systems: A Simulation Study and Computerized Method for Deployment of Ambulances"

Fleckenstein, Matthias
"Asset Pricing, Slow-Moving Capital, Monetary Policy and Inflation"

Fleischauer, Patricia Diane
"An Analysis of Medical Education in Illinois"

Fletcher, Robert Gary
"A Comparison of Monetarist and Keynesian Econometric Models in Ghana"

Flores, Filemon Campo Jr.
"The Applicability of American Management Know-How to Developing Countries: Case Studies of Philippine Firms,
American Subsidiaries and Affiliates Operation in the Philippines, and their Respective Parent Firms in the United States"

Forbes, James Dennis
"A Model of Retail Store Structure and Change, an Investigation of Retail Trade Structure in the United States form 1929-1963"

Fountain, James Robert Jr.
"Residential land-Use Density and the Housing Production Function"

Fracassi, Cesare
"Social Networks and Finance

Francis, Vernon Edward
"Aggregation of Network Flow Problems"

Frank, Harold Hillel
"On-the-Job Training for Minorities: An Internal Study"

Frankiel, Harry H.
"The Process of Change in Sensitivity Training: Mutually Perceived Support, Confrontation and
Cognitive Orientation in Member-Member Relationships"

Franklin, Ronald Eugene
"The Effects of Three Callback Procedure on the Response Rate in Simulated Telephone Interviewing"

Fredman, Albert John
"The Relative Significance of Earnings and Dividends as Determinants of Stock Prices Over Time and Among Industries"

Freedman, Donald
"The Distributed Lag as Reflected by Construction in the City of Los Angeles, 1955-1967"

Frieder, Laura
"An Investigation of the Trading Patterns and Heuristics of Stockholders"

Friedman, Harris Charles
"Mixed Asset Portfolio Selection"

Fulmer, Robert M.
"Theoretical and Operational Implications of the Product Manager System in the Consumer Goods Industry"

Galata, Giuseppe
"On Store Format Choice as a Stable Decision"

Galbraith, Oliver, III 
"An Analysis of a Small Business Administration Management Training Program"

Gale, Jeffrey D.
"Macro-Environmental Analysis Systems for Corporate Planning: An Information Flow Model and Technological
Developments for the Political Sector"

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"Three Essays on the Predictability of Stock Returns."

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Controllers at Los Angeles International Airport"

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on the Behavior of Health Care Professionals"

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While Operating Men are Putting them into Practice"

Greenwood, Paul Robert
"Four Dimensional Portfolio Theory with Bayesian Inputs"

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"Tandem Queues with Dynamic Priorities"

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Gutierrez, Elizabeth
"Evidence on the Role of Accounting Conservatism in Debt Contracting"

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"Unionization of Public Librarians: A Theoretical Interpretation"

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Three Essays in Financial Economics"

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Constraints Affecting Selected Efficiency Performance Between Certain California State Licensed Savings and 
Loan Associations: Empirical Testing of the Farmer-Richman Research Model"

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"An Empirical Investigation of a Jobshop as a Network of Queueing Systems"

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"The Value of Critical Thinking in Computer-Assisted Systems Analysis"

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"Specialization or The Role of Headquarters: Why Buy Another Firm's Subunits"

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"A Study on the Appropriate Use of PERT in Procurement Contracts"

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"The Impact of the British Companies Acts Upon the Major Areas of the Practice of Accountancy in the British Isles"

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"Some Factors Influencing the Annual Reports of North American Corporations"

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"Determination of Patterns of Trade"

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"Advertising, Promotion, and Reviews: Three Models to Better Understand Internet Marketing"

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"Optimization and convergence for Extremal Value Functions Arising from Structured Nonlinear Programs"

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"The Theory and Empirical Analysis of Arbitrage Trading"

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"A Mathematical Programming Approach to Identification and Optimization of Complex Operational systems,
with the Aggregate Planning Problem as an Example"

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"Experiments with a Job Shop Production Model Coupling a Linear Program and a Heuristic Scheduling Procedure"

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Study of Wall Street Security Analysts and Economists"

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Banks, Stock Markets, and Economic Efficiency and The Informational Cross Listings on Stock Returns"

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Hsieh, Nan-Chang
"Some Estimation Techniques for Utilizing Information from Elements not in the Sample"

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"Equity Market Risk, Credit Risk and Real Investment Risk"

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"The Role of Social Context: Putting Similarity Effects on Organizational Attachment in Perspective

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"Three Essays in Healthcare Economics"

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"Essays on Financial Markets and Trading Behavior"

Huh, Soon-Young
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Hum, Sin Hoon
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"Inter-Business Financing: The Economic Implications for Small Business"

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"The Labor Relations Practices of Foreign-Owned Firms in Australia"

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"Signaling in New Issue Market"

Hwang, Min Ha
"Three Essays on Food and Grocery Retailing"

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"Three Essays on Creative Destruction"

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"Management Control Potentials and Practices of Franchise Systems"

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"Essays on Supply Chains Facing Competition from Gray Markets"

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"A Comparative Management Study: Organization Patterns and Processes of Hotels in Four Countries"

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"Probabilistic Analysis of Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems on Networks"

Jain, Ravi
"Essays on Agency Costs, Dividend Policy, and Corporate Ownership Structure"

Jain, Shailendra Kumar
"An Integrated Automated System for Generative Process Planning and Scheduling"

Jain, Vinod Kumar
"Estimation of Subjective Probabilities"

Jallow, Ray
"The Development and the Contribution of an Asset Management Methodology to the Long-Range Planning Function in the Banking Industry"

Jamal, Zainab
"Three Essays in Modeling Customer Retention

James, Constance Bridgeforth
"Why Firms Matter: An Empirical Study of Corporate And Business Unit Effects in United States Companies"

Jamieson, David Wilson
"Organizational Change and Development in Schools: An Assessment of a Structural/Process Strategy for
Redesigning and Developing the Management System"

Jauregui, Juan Manuel
"Three Essays on External Sector Crises"

Jayaram, Grama Kasturi
"Creation of New Setting"

Jeong, Hyewook: The Indecisive Consumer
"Coping with Negative Emotion by Seeking Variety"

Jiang, Lisa
"How Consumers React to the Negative Emotions of Loss, Embarrassment, and Stress"

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"The Allocation of Research and Development Funds in the Aerospace Industry"

Johnson, Craig Galen
"A Critique of Cost of Capital Models"

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"Breaking out of the Box of Strategic Groups: Essays on Strategic Heterogeneity, Rivalry, and Firm Performance"

Johnson, Herbert E.
"Three Topics in Option Pricing"

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"Branch and Bound Algorithms for Assembly Line Balancing and Job Shop Scheduling"

Jordan, William Allison
"Economic Effects of Airline Regulation"

Jorgensen, Brian K.
"An Examination of the Effects of Attribution and Impression Management on Consumer Response to Company Mishaps"

Joseph, Thomas
"Relational Database Query Interfaces: An Experimental Investigation of Spatial and Linguistic Modes of Interaction"

Joshi, Amit Madhav
"The Direct, Indirect and Feedback Effects of Marketing Actions"

Jung, Heajung
"Is Pride Helpful or Hurtful for Creativity:  The Effects of Pride on Cognitive Felxibility and Persistence"

Jung, Woon-Oh
"Accounting Choice Decisions Under Asymmetric Information: Three Essays"

Junkunc, Marc T.
"Toward a Greater Economic Understanding of Entrepreneurial Activity: Examining the Nature and Importance of Specialized Knowledge"

Kakkar, Pradeep
"Situational Influence on Emotional Response, Cognitive Structure and Cognitive Process"

Kang, Jina
"The Knowledge Advantage: Tracing and Testing The Impact of Knowledge Characteristics and Relationship Ties on Project Performance"

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"Towards a Better Understanding of Liquidity, Trading Behavior, and Stock Returns: Three Essays in Market Microstructure"

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Ke, Ruihao
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"The Effect of Problem Representation on Conformity with Utility Properties an Empirical Investigation"

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"Intangible Capital Investments"

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"Analysis and Evaluation of Some Environmental Constraints on Management in the United Arab Republic"

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"Management Team Reputation and Corporate Performance"

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"The Influence of Schema Cues and Incongruent Information on Perceptions of Salespeople"

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"The Analysis of Student Enrollment By Markovian Methods"

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"The Development and Validation of a Projective Measure of Interpersonal Values"

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"Essays on the Effect of Financial Crises on Corporate Management"

Kim, Ho
"Consumer Online Search and New-Product Marketing"

Kim, Ilhyung
"A Time Based Competition Perspective of Pull Production Control Systems"

Kim, Jun Beom
"Three Essays on Consumer Information Search"

Kim, Kwanho
"Essays on Volatility and Risk in Financial Markets"

Kim, Seoungsu
"Early Retirement Incentives in Restructuring Organization: The Case of University Professors"

Kim, Young-Kon
"Strategic Competition in Negotiations of International Technology Licensing: The Informational Interaction View"

Kimura, Joseph H.
"The Predictive Accuracy of Accounting and Non-Accounting Information Under Inflationary Conditions"

Kindler, Herbert S.
"The Influence of a Mediation Relaxation Technique on Group Problem-Solving Effectiveness"

King, Thomas Ellwood
"The Information Content of Accounting Reports as a Criterion for Selecting from Among Alternative Accounting Methods"

Kingdon, Donald Ralph
"The Management of Complexity in a Matrix Organization a Socio-Technical Approach to Changing Organizational Behavior"

Kiousis, Panayiota Konstantina
"Knowledge, Incentives, and Growth"

Kirchner, Donald
"Personal Influence Purchasing Behavior and Ordinal Position"

Klasky, Jack Allen
"A Bayesian Approach to Sequential Sampling"

Klein, Gary Danien
"The Distraction Tolerance Level: An Investigation into the Effects of Distraction on Communication Performance"

Kleiner, Brian Howard
"The Interrelationship of Jungian Modes of Mental Functioning, Formality of Organizational Structure, and Certainty
of Task Environment: Its Effect on Attitudes of Organization Members"

Klinck, Thomas
"Assessing Organizational Effectiveness and Developing a Strategy for Change in a Community Action Agency Board of Directors"

Knight, Jimmie
" Description of a Pedagogy for Heightening Individual Potential Through Increase Awareness of Unconscious Controls"

Knott, Anne Marie
"Do Managers Matter?"

Koch, James Lee
"Technicians: A Study of Their Needs and the Effects of Need Fulfillment and Status Inconsistency on Organizational Integration"

Koh, Donghee
"Competition Through Commitment"

Komada, Okitami
"Residential Land Price in Tokyo"

Komaran, Rajah Vellan
"Evolution of Domestic and Foreign Technology Acquisition Strategies of American Multinational Corporations"

Korwar, Ashok Narayan
"The Effect of New Issues of Equity"

Kozan, Mehmet Kamil
"Work Group Flexibility: Development and Construct Validation of a Measure"

Krell, Terence C.
"An Inquiry into the Nature of Organizational Politics and its Relationship to Individual Achievement in Organizations"

Krickx, Guido A.M.J.
"Historical Evidence on the Evolution of Vertical Exchange Mechanisms: Examples from the Computer Systems Industry"

Krouse, Clement George
"Financial Planning: A Dynamic Multi-Objective Framework"

Kuniyoski, George
"Cognitive Dissonance and Imported Car Buyers"

Kur, Clarence Edward
"Discovering Work-Relevant Values: An Application, Comparison and Synthesis of Open-Ended Research Methods"

Kurtzberg, Kimberly Elizabeth
"Seeking Solutions in a Global Marketplace: An Exploratory Investigation of Problem Solving in International Joint Ventures"

Kwan, Cheukuen
"Multinational Common Stock Portfolio Selection Model with Exchange Risk Adjustment"

Kwan, Stephen Kaling
"A Job Contractor Function in Computing System Scheduling"

Kwon, Hyok-Jon Dharma
"The Impact of Uncertainty on Operational Decisions"

Label, Wayne Allan
"The Accountant’s Legal Liability: Its Impact Upon the Profession"

Lacey, John Marcus
"Human Capital at Professional Organizations"

Lal, Shalini
"In Search of Change - Planned and Emergent

Lamar, Bruce William
"An Analysis of Client Behavior Within a Housing Allowance Program"

Landon, Eliot Laird
"Need for Achievement, Self-concept, and Product Perception"

Landry, Maurice
"Circumstantial Variables in Accounting for the Precomputed Income of Finance Companies"

Lau, Loraine
"Understanding Consumers' Evaluations of Mixed Affective Experiences"

Laufer, Arthur
"An Investigation of the Use of Selected Neuromuscular Response Tests as Predictors of Sensory-Motor Performance in Aging Individuals"

Launie, Joseph John
"Shifting of the Life Insurance Company Income Tax"

Lauter, Geza Peter
"An Investigation of the Applicability of Modern Management Processes by Industrial Managers in Turkey"

Laverty, Kevin Joseph
"Time Preferences, Time Horizons, and Strategic Choice: Towards an Understanding of Organizational Myopia"

Lavoie, Dina Marie
"A Multidimensional Investigation of the Association of the Manager’s Stage of Social Perspective with His Appreciation
of Work Roles and with His Conceptualization of Work Responsibilities"

Lawless, Michael William
"Toward a Theory of Policy Making for Directed Inter- Organizational Systems"

Lee, Bi-Chin Tim
"The Adoption and Impact of Inter-Organizational Information Systems: An Empirical Study of the Property
and Casualty Insurance Market"

Lee, Chun-I Pedro
"Cost Allocation for Queueing Systems with Nonexponential Service Times"

Lee, Chuo-Au
"Some Criteria in the Detection of Outliers"

Lee, In-Soo
"On Sensitivity Analysis for Shortest-Path Dynamic Programming Models"

Lee, Jeongsik
"Essays on the Economics of Exchange Networks

Lee, Kyung Tae
"Optimal Control Systems in Managerial Accounting"

Lee, Shao-Ju
"Surrogate Programming by Aggregation"

Lee, Wayne Yu
"Oligopoly and Entry"

Lee, Won Heum
"The Effect of Exchange Offers and Stock Swaps on Equity Risk and Shareholders’ Wealth: A Signaling Model Approach"

Leeburg, Lewis Eugene
"Application of a Computer-Based Generalized Data Base Management system to University Departmental Student Information Requirements at the University of California, Los Angeles"

Lehatto, Paul Stephen
"Vertical Integration in the Oil Industry"

Lemelin, Maurice
"The Public Service Alliance of Canada: An Analysis of a Union in the Public Sector"

Lemgruber, Eduardo Faco
"Executive Compensation: Implications for Corporate Behavior and Insider Trading"

Lemos, Ronald Steven
"A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Team Interaction in Cobol Programming Language Learning"

Leo, Charles Paul
"A Symbolic Interactionist Approach to Understanding Job Attitudes and Perspectives: A Study of the Role of the Psychiatric Nurse"

Leon, Linda Anne
"Generic Warning System Models and Warning Policies"

Lequin, Jaques Andre
"Differences in Strike Activity between the Canadian Private Sector and the Public and Parapublic Sectors: 1960-1978"

Levesque, Jerry Lee
"Experimental Evaluation of Five Approaches to Resource- Constrained Project Scheduling"

Levi, Yaron
"Information Architecture and Intertemporal Choice: A Randomized Field Experiment in the United States"

Levine, Mark Fredric
"Utilizing Delphi as a Participative Mechanism to Develop a Definition and Measure of Quality of Working Life by Organizational Members"

Lewin, David
"Wage Determination in Local Government Employment"

Lewis, Ralph J.
"A Study in Social Cartography: Constellations of Activities, Interests, Opinions, and Life Styles: An Extension and
Re-Appreciation of the Socio-Technical Method"

Li, Feifei
"Three Essays in Finance"

Li, Jiasun
"The Role of Information in Financial Markets, Security Design, and Theory of the Firm"

Li, Ying-Nan Phillip
"A Distributed Knowledge Model for Multiple Intelligent Agents"

Libuser, Carolyn Beeler
"Organizational Structure and Risk Mitigation"

Licht, Ilana
"Minimizing Task Completion Time by Distributed Computing Systems"

Lieberman, Charles J.
"The Impact of Collective Negotiations Upon the Economic Status of Public School Teachers"

Liebeskind, Julia
"Internal Capital Markets in Diversified Firms: Two Models"

Lieser, Tom Keating
"An Econometric Model of the California Savings and Loan Industry"

Liggett, Robin Segerblom
"An Exploration of Approximate Solution Strategies for Combinatorial Optimization Problems"

Lightner, Kevin Madigan
"Standard Cost Variance Analysis for Nonprofit Research Organizations"

Lin, Pansy
"Equity Pricing in International Markets: Three Empirical Essays"

Lin, You-An Robert
"The Use of Supplementary Accounting Disclosures for Corporate Takeover Targets Prediction"

Lindsey, Arthur Larry
"Expansion of Four International Public Accounting Firms Throughout South America"

Linnainmaa, Juhani
"Essays on Learning and Investor Behavior

Lloyd, Jeffrey Steven
"An Investigation of the Effects of Selected Source and Message Manipulations in Public Service Advertising"

Lloyd, Kenneth Louis
"Adherence to Work Rules: A Case Study of the Professional Theatrical Actor in the Los Angeles Area"

Loewenstein, David
"The Self Image and Socio Economic Characteristics of Ford Pinto Owners Versus Volkswagen Beetle Owners"

Lohani, Prakash
"Real Cash Balances, Secular Inflation and Unemployment"

Loper, Marvin Dennis
"Videotaped Feedback and Changes in Self-Concept During and After Sensitivity Training"

Louargand, Marc Andrew
"Intrametropolitan Location of Office Activity"

Louie, Therese
"The Influence of Self-Serving Motivations on the Occurrence of Hindsight in Personal Decision Making Settings"

Louis, Meryl Reis
"How MBA Graduates Cope with Early Job Experiences: An Expectation/Attribution Approach"

Lourie, Ben
"The Revolving Door of Sell-Side Analysts: A Threat to Analysts' Independence?"

Low, Aaron Hong Wai
"Essays on Asymmetric Information in International Finance"

Low, Christopher Robin
"The Option Value for Alaskan Wilderness"

Lu, Chiuying
"Scheduling of Multiple Queues on a Single Machine to Minimize Total Tardiness"

Luca, Anastasia
"Positive Self-Assessment at Work: Positive Illusions, Work Motivation, and Career Success"

Luh, Yungang
"Essays on Distressed Corporate Restructuring in the United States"

Luo, Jiang
"Three Essays in Finance: Demographics and the Equity Premium; Capital Budgeting and Compensation with
Asymmetric Information and Moral Hazard; Risk Sharing, Welfare and a New Security"

Lustgarten, Steven Howard
"Industrial Market Structure and Administered Price Inflation"

Lutz, Alyssa Ann
"Pricing Strategies in Residential Real Estate: Taking Advantage of Information Externalities"

Mac Crimmon, Kenneth R.
"An Experimental Study of the Decision Making Behavior of Business Executive"

Mac Kenzie, Scott Bradley
"The Role of Attention in Mediating the Effect of Advertising on Attribute Importance"

Madsen, Tammy Lynn
"Integrating Organizational Evolution and Strategy: Intrafirm Evolutionary Processes and Competitive Dynamics"

Maggard, Michael
"An Evaluation of Labor and Machine Limited Parallel Queueing Systems"

Malouin, Jean-Louis
"Comparative Analysis of the Scheduling Rule Shortest Processing Time Truncated with Four Other Due Date-Oriented
Scheduling Rules in a Simulated Job Shop"

Mande, Vivek Gopal
"The Information Content of Earnings and Dividends: The Substitution Hypothesis"

Mann, Donald Harvey
"Optimal Advertising Stock Models Incorporating Modal-Delayed Distributed Lags"

Manning, Christopher Ashley
"The Determinants of Interurban Variation in Owner- Occupied Housing Prices: A Derived Demand Model Empirically Tested"

Mansinghka, Surendra K.
"Some Further Tests of Investment Theories: India, 1950-51-1965-66"

Margulies, Newton
"A Study of Organizational Culture and the Self-Actualizing Process"

Mark, Gary
"Information Availability and its Relationship to Internal and External Consulting Services"

Markle, John Lawrence
"An Application of Portfolio Theory to the Non-Life Insurance Industry"

Marko, Cheryl Rose
"Production Planning and Scheduling for Batch Processors"

Marlino, Deborah Lynn
"Heuristic Processing in the Formation of Judgments by Consumers"

Marsten, Roy E.
"An Implicit Enumeration Algorithm for the Set Partitioning Problem with Side Constraints"

Mastor, Anthony Athan
"An Experimental Investigation and Comparative Evaluation of Production Line Balancing Techniques"

Matheny, Kenneth James
"Essays on Beliefs and Business Cycles"

Maturana, Sergio Valderrama
"A Translator Writing System for Algebraic Modeling Languages"

Matute-Mejia, Genaro L. A.
"Power Asymmetry in Computer Supported Negotiating Dyads: Effects On Conflict Management and Power Enactment"

May, Marvin Manuel
"An Investment Opportunities Stock Valuation Model Based on Growth Patterns of Equity"

McAllister, Donald Michael
"The Demand for Rental Housing: An Investigation of Some Demographic and Economic Determinants"

McCosker, Joseph Samuel
"Backlog Information in Corporate Annual Reports"

McCourt, James Edward
"Corporate Real Estate Investment: A Discriminant Analysis"

McElhiney, Paul Templeton
"The Freeways of Metropolitan Los Angeles: An Evaluation in Terms of Their Objectives"

McFall, John
"Priority Patterns and Consumer Behavior"

McGovern, Irene Ellen
"Non-Linear Optimization Theory Applied to Floor Plan Design"

McIntire, Ralph Edgar
"Functional Authority in the Corporate Controller Role"

McKenney, James Larrimore
"Simultaneous Multiprogramming of Electronic Computers"

McKenzie, Robert Ronald
"A Computer Simulation Used to Evaluate Alternative Financial Strategies"

McKnight, Melvin R.
"The Universal Science of the Common Person"

McLellan, Griffith William
"A Development of a Method for Determining and Evaluating Animal Feed Ingredient Market Potential in East Asia"

McNichols, Maureen
"The Anticipation of Earnings in Securities Markets"

Melody, Laura Jean
"A Linear Programming Model of the Military Air Mobility System"

Menezes, Melvyn A.J.
"Product Warranty as an Element of the Marketing Mix: Theory, Implications and Experimental Tests"

Merhaut, John Milan
"A Dynamic Programming Approach to Joint Capacity Expansion Without Rearrangement"

Meyer, Deborah Bell
"Multiple Source Prescription Drugs: A Preliminary Investigation of Price Differences Among Prescription Drugs of the Same General Class"

Midani, Mohammed Ayman
"The Determinants of Industrial Research and Development Expenditures: An Empirical Investigation"

Mier Y Teran, Alfredo
"Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Policy"

Millen, Robert Andrew
"A Generalized Framework for the Study of Work Systems"

Miller, Charles Russel
"Patterns of Corporate Growth"

Miller, John Randolph
"Parametric Priority Rules in Dual Resource Limited Service Systems"

Miller, Philip Gary
"Conglomerates and Section 7: Is Size Enough?"

Miller, Stephen J.
"A Quantitative Structure for Joint Advertising Budget and Allocation Decisions"

Mitchell, John Doyle
"A Rate Theory For Use In General Hospital Administration"

Mitchell, Phillip Stanton
"A Model for Fire Department Resource Allocation"

Mitchell, Rex C.
"The Influence of an Internal Frame-of-Reference Disclosure Intervention on Work Group Relationships"

Mittler, Elliot
"Organizational Regeneration"

Mohiuddin, Kazi Golam
"A Cross-Country Prediction Model for Political Risk Assessment by American Mining Corporations Operating in Developing Regions"

Moody, Harold Terrence
"Theory and Application of Regional Income and Product Accounts"

Moon, Mohammad Munir
"The Financial Simulation Model for Banks"

Mooney, Marta Whitmer
"The Employment Behavior of Husbands in Two-Worker Families: An Empirical Investigation"

Morais, Bernardo
"Uncertainty and the Relative Price of Investment Goods

Morse, C. Wesley
"The Institutionalization of Socially Responsible Actions in Several Large Corporations"

Moses, Orrin Douglas
"Accounting Change Behavior: The Relationship Between Earnings Adjustment and Firm-Specific Explanatory Factors; An Empirical Analysis"

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Pharmaceutical and Engineering Industries in India"

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Due to Changes in the General Price Level: A Predictive Model"

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Know-How of the Litton LN-3 Inertial Navigation System"

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"An Empirical Investigation of the Argyris and Schon Theory of Action Perspective"

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"Management by Objectives: A Forecast of Its Future Development Using the Delphi Technique"

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"A Study of the Influence of Relative Prices on Consumer Allocation of Budget Shares to Different Commodities"

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and Development Banks to the Savings-Investment Process of the Private Industrial Sector"

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II. Cost of Funds in the Eleventh District Models"

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"Estimating Deferred Taxes Using Partial Tax Allocation and Determining Its Impact on the Financial Statements: An Empirical Study"

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"The Formal Relationships Between the Corporate Planning Coordinator and Top Management in
Multinational Firms, During the Process of Established Objectives"

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"The Dynamics of Job Involvement: A Study of the Congruence Among Personality, Job and Organization
Factors in the Context of Changing Demographic Variables"

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"The Evolution and Development of the Disciplines of Program/Project Management in the High Technology Environment"

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"The Firm’s Optimal Financial Decisions: An Integration of Corporate Financial Theory Under Certainty"

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"Obtaining Attitude Persistence and Attitude Resistance in Low Involvement Advertising Situations"

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"The Influence of Environment on Accounting Concepts: A Comparison of the United States and Latin America"

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"Adios to the Long-Bond: Will We Miss It?"

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"Market Imperfections, Individual Portfolio Selection and Corporate Finance"

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"Consumer Attributional Information Dependence"

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"Business Process Reengineering: Testing an Integrative Model of Successful Implementations"

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"The Individual Effects of Multiplex Relationships in Workplace Social Networks"

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"The Benefits of Emergency Reserves in Goal Preference and Persistence"

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"An Econometric Study of the Shifting of the Corporation Income Tax from 1950 to 1965"

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"Constituency Based Accounting Policy: A Multidimensional Perspective"

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"Firm Investment Decisions and Security Values: An Option Pricing Approach"

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"The Effects of Data Processing on Middle Managers"

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"Person Perception and Screening Decisions in Recruitment Interviews"

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"Essays on Corporate Investment"

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"An Experimental Investigation of Advertising Substantiation"

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"Documentation and Assessment of a Community Renewal Project: A Case of an Israeli Kibbutz"

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"The Future of Organization Development: Implications for Practitioner Training and Research"

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"Cash Holdings, Stock Splits, and Mergers: Examining Risk and Return in the Equity Markets"

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"A Comparative Study of Manpower Management Practices in American and Indian Industrial Enterprises"

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"The Valuation of Subprime Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities and Other Topics in Asset Pricing"

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"Three Essays in Public Finance"

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"Three Essays on Rational Consumer Behavior"

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"Strategic Planning for Computer Software as a Business"

Shimoney, Moshe
"Shipment Consolidation and Routing for a Non Proprietary Vehicle Freight Forwarder"

Shin, Hyun Sang
"Strategic and Financial Implications of New Product Quality in High-Tech Industries"

Shiraishi, Noriyoshi
"An Interactive Procedure for Designing an Inventory System"

Shneer, Robert
"The Impact of Workplace Discrimination and Explanatory Style on Depression"

Short, James Lee
"Total New Town Building Costs and Comparisons with an Alternative Development"

Shrieves, Ronald Edward
"Innovation and Market Structure: Further Evidence"

Shulman, David George
"Leverage, Dividends and Rates of Return on Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts"

Siddarth, Sivaramakrishnan
"A Model Choice Set Composition Applied to Scanner Data"

Siegel, Richard A.
"Estimating Interindustry Employment Effects of California Residential Construction"

Sikes, T.W.
"The Search Decision Rule Applied to Aggregate Planning: Improved Efficiency and Stochastic Extension"

Siler, Kenneth Francis
"A Stochastic Model for the Evaluation of Large Scale Data Retrieval Systems: An Analysis of Data Base Inversion and Key Truncation"

Silva Risso, Jorge Mario
"A Disaggregate Modeling Approach to Determine Manufacturers’ Sales Promotion Calendars"

Sim, Ah Ba
"Decentralization and Performance: A Comparative Study of Malaysian Subsidiaries of Different National Origins"

Sirri, Erick Remzi
"Bid-Ask Spread, Price and Trade Size in a Specialist Market"

Smith, Gerald Dudley
"A Methodology for the Computation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans"

Smith, Norman Patrick
"The Influence of the Structural Information Characteristics of Jungian Personality Type on Time Horizons in Decision Making"

Smith, Patrick John
"Market Structure, Concentration and Performance in U.S. Manufacturing, 1963: A Factor and Regression Study"

Smith, Richard Lester
"The United States Automobile Industry: Three Studies of Industry Conduct and Structural Change"

Smith, Ronald Aubrey
"The Relationship Between the Type Theory and the Personality Growth Theory of Carl Jung and the Helping Relationship Theory of Carl Rogers"

Smith, William Newton
"Problem-Solving and Bargaining as Modes of Constructive Conflict Resolution in Aerospace Matrix Organizations"

Snelgrove, Donald Norman
"Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with Linear Diseconomies of Scale"

Sodhi, Manmohan S.
"An Asynchronous Parallel Algorithm for Linear Programming Based on the Simplex Method"

Soe, Louise L.
"Substitutability and Complementarity in the Diffusion of Multiple Electronic Communication Media: An Evolutionary Approach"

Sogomonian, Aram Gregory
"Inventory Control and Price Theory"

Soh, Wai Lin Christina
"A Study of the Relationship between Information Technology Expenditure and Profitability in Commerical Banking"

Sohn, Jung Hoon
"Social Knowledge as a Control Mechanism in International Technology Transactions: The Japanese Case"

Somlo Barbara
"Distribution Planning for the Motion Picture Industry: Models, Applications and Analysis"

Sonnier, Garrett
"Bayesian Analysis of Consumer Willingness-to-Pay"

Sorge, Barthold
"The Prevention of Financial Losses in Foreign Operations"

Spiegler, Israel
"A Computer Aided Methodology for Bridging Analysis and Construction in the Design of Information Processing Systems"

Spiller, Richard
"Ownership and Performance: Stock and Mutual Life Insurance Companies"

Spinrad, Marien Aran
"An Analysis of Housing for Low and Moderate Income Families in Metropolitan Mexico City"

Spiro, Herbert Tsvi
"Optimal Organization of the Military Hardware Industry"

Srinivas, Kalbergi
"A Computer Simulation Model of Newcomb’s Consistency Theory: A Case in Theory Development"

Srinivasan, Kannan
"Pioneering Versus Early Following in New Product Markets"

Stallaert, Jan
"On the Polyhedral Structure of Capacitated Fixed Charge Network Problems"

Stanton, Richard Ellis
"An Analysis of State and Federally Collected and Distributed Highway User Taxes in California"

Stevenson, Christopher Brewer
"Joint Policy Considerations for Hospital Blood Banks with Cost and Risk Criteria: A Simulation Study"

Stich, Angela Bernice
"Designing a Carpool System Using Clustering Analysis and a Traveling Salesman Heuristic Based on Spacefilling Curves"

Stoltz, Charlene Marie
"A Sample Survey Technique for Determining the Nature of the Use of a Medical Record File"

Stone, Ronald Summer
"The Influence of Order of Presentation of Financial and Non- Financial Information on Evaluations of Firm Performance: An Empirical Study"

Stover, Walter Frederick
"Formal Organizations in the Everyday World"

Strom, Harold Kjell
"The North Atlantic Air Transportation Market: A Study of the American Competitive Position"

Strom, Wayne Lee
"Discriminative Study of the Psychological Impacts of Advanced Management Education on Experienced Practitioners"

Strumwasser, Michael Jay
"A Quantitative Analysis of Political Redistricting"

Stuteville, John Ray
"The Life History Patterns of Highly Creative Inventors"

Su, Wei
"Essays on Earnings Expectation"

Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar
"Determinants of Market Liquidity and Price Efficiency in Financial Markets"

Sugita, Yoshihiro
"A Dynamic Probit Model of Brand Choice: Model Development and Application to Consumer Dealing"

Sujan, Harish
"Salesperson Motivation: Strategy Vs. Effort"

Sujan, Mita
"Consumer Knowledge: Effects on Evaluation Processes Mediating Consumer Judgments"

Sumner, Gerald Calvin
"Examination of the Usefulness of Three-Way Probability Lattice Sampling for Household Populations"

Suraphongschai, Vichit
"A Heuristic Procedure for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling"

Susman, Gerald Isaiah
"An Investigation of Task Allocation Decisions in Autonomous Work Groups in a Continuous Process Industry"

Sutcliffe, Norma Gail
"The Role of Leadership in Business Process Reengineering An Empirical Study of the Relationship between
Leadership and the Reengineering Outcome"

Sutherland, John Winslow
"Origins, Characteristics and Performance of the Industrialization Program in Northeast Brazil"

Swaminathan, Bhaskaran
"The Implications of Individual Investor Behavior for the Pricing of Closed-End Funds and Small Firms"

Swan, Cathy Wood
"Space Operations in the Year 2000: Organizational Impact of Human Factors on Long Duration Space Missions"

Swasy, John Larry
"Conceptual and Modeling Issues in a Cognitive Response Perspective on Persuasion Processes"

Swoveland, Cary
"Decomposition Algorithms for the Multi-Commodity Distribution Problem"

Sylvester, Richard Russel
"The Effect of Management Techniques on Commercial Diversification Project Success"

Taha, Abdel-Rahman El Tayib
"The Sudanese Labor Movement: A Study of Labor Unionism in a Developing Society"

Takamatsu, Kazuaki
"Job Search with Two Attributes: Partial and Equilibrium Analyses"

Takashima, Mirei
"Self-Expression Through Brand and Consumption Choices: Examining Cross-Cultural Differences"

Tallman, Stephen Bruce
"A Strategic Model of the Multinational Company and Direct Foreign Investment in the United States"

Talmor, Uri
"Status Inconsistency: A Resource Allocation Perspective"

Tamblyn, John Cameron
"The Profitability/Concentration Relationship in the Context of International Markets: An Empirical Test"

Tao, Ray Fan-Shen
"A Study of the Continuous Rectangular Distributions"

Tatineni, Vidya-Charan
"Profitability of Geographic Variation in Market Shares"

Taubert, William H.
"The Search Decision Rule Approach to Operations Planning"

Taylor, Vern Osborne
"Change of Orienting Style During Laboratory Training: A Jungian Perspective"

Taylor, Wayne
"Modeling Customer Behavior in Loyalty Programs"

T.C.A., Bashyam
"Service and Competition in Business Information Services"

Teeter, Shirley La Von
"A Study of Task Goals, Performance, and Achievement Motivation"

Terech, Andres
"Three Essays on Consideration Sets"

Tesfay, Brhane
"Labor and Management Negotiators in Kenya"

Testa, Charles Joseph
"An Investigation of Packing and Its Influence on Sales"

Thomson, Edward Wayne
"The Application of Multiple Discriminant Analysis for the Evaluation of Public Policy Towards Horizontal Mergers"

Thornberg, Christopher Frederick
"Tasks, Skills, and Changes in the Structure of Wages"

Timson, Frederick Samuel
"Decisionmaking Under Aggregate Uncertainty: The Engineering Decisions in a System Development Project"

Ting, Paul Bang-Hung
"Design and Development of a Generalized Constrained Nonlinear Optimization System Utilizing Known Problem Attributes Information"

Tomassini, Lawrence Anthony
"Human Resource Accounting and Managerial Decision Behavior: An Experimental Study"

Tommasini, Ronald Noel
"The Effects of Similar Ad Environment on Advertisement Retention"

Tompkins, Gerry Edward
"Characteristics of the High Cost of Maintenance of Application Software"

Toscano, Francisco
"A Generalized Methodology for the Simulation of Transportation Systems"

Townsend, Claudia
"The Impact of Product Aesthetics in Consumer Choice"

Tracy, William Martin
"Three Essays on Firm Learning"

Trauring, Mitchell
"On the Capital Asset Pricing Model with Investors’ Taxes"

Trout, Robert Rayle
"Utility Regulation Under Inflation"

Trusov, Michael S.
"Three Essays on Internet Marketing"

Tsai, Ming-Hong
"Information Sharing Within Groups"

Tsai, Yann-Ching
"The Timing Effects of Earnings Reports and the Stock Market Reaction to Late-Reporting Firms"

Tsai, Yoa-Chuan
"Structured Modeling Query Language"

Tschirgi, Harvey Downer
"An Experimental Study of Interpersonal Influence in Executive Decision-Making"

Tsui, Anne Shuk-Ying
"A Multiple-Constituency Approach to Managerial Effectiveness: A Theoretical Framework and an Exploratory Study"

Tsui, Samuel Wing-Kong
"An Analysis of the Post-War Economic Development of Hong Kong"

Tuchman, Gary David
"A Cash Flow Approach to the Determination of Commercial Bank Loan Liquidity"

Tucker, Robert De Witt
"An Evaluation of the Oklahoma Corporation Act"

Turrill, Robert Bishop
"Use of the Semantic Differential in Relating Perceived Self- Organizational Environment Similarity
to the Meaning of Membership in Bureaucracy"

Tuzel, Selale
"Three Essays in Asset Pricing"

Ullmen, John B.
"The Human Side of Entrepreneurship: An Investigation into the Interpersonal Dimensions of Partnering
Relationships Between Business Cofounders"

Ulrich, David Olson
"United States and Japanese Electronics Industries: Description, Taxonomy, and Selection"

Ushijima, Tatsuo
"Evolution of Multinationality and the Value of the Firm"

Valleau, Delmar S.
"Management Succession and Preselection: A Survey of Staffing Practices in the United States and Los Angeles Area"

Vanhuele, Marc
"Memory Effects of Advertisements That We Do Not Remember a Study on Why Familiar Marketing Stimuli are Better Liked"

Vasarhelyi, Miklos Antal
"Man-Machine Planning Systems"

Vavra, Terry Gwyn
"Irritation in Radio Advertising: A Study of Affectivity and Effectiveness"

Versano, Tsahi
"Discretionary Disclosure in Agencies"

Villalonga, Belen
" ‘Chop Shop’ Valuation Models and the Diversification Discount: Issues of Causality, Selectivity and Aggregation"

Villanueva, Julian
"Acquisition Channels and Price Discrimination in a Customer Equity Framework"

Villarreal, Jaime Bruno
"Is a Balance of Payments Disequilibrium the Cause for a Parity Change: The 1971 Floating Rate Experience"

Vogel, Donald Lee
"Improved Real Estate Appraisals and Investment Decisions Through Systems Analysis"

Voigt, Carl Werner
"Corporate Demographics and Decompositions: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Growth and Diversification, 1979-89"

Vollmann, Thomas Edward
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