Beginning in 2005, with the permission of the Ph.D. graduate, the Doctoral Program has made his/her dissertation available online.

AASEN, Leiv Bjorn: A New Approach to Project Management Models

ABDELWAHED, Farouk Hassan: The Role of Public Policy Toward Inland Surface Transportation in Egypt

ABEL, Kenneth: Sensitivity to Workrole-Related Expectations and Perceived Promotability

ABLITT, Gordon Charles: An Investigation of the Industrial Purchasing Process: A Case Study

ABONYI, George: Filtering: An Interactive Method for Structuring the Consensign Problem in Project Assessment in the Context of Large Scale Program Planning

ABOU-AISH: The International Labor Organization and Management Development in Underdeveloped Countries, Volumes 1 & 2

ABRAHAM, Stanley Charles: The Public Accounting Profession: An Application of Futures Research Methods to Identifying and Clarifying its Problems, Volumes 1 & 2

ADLER, Nancy Jean: Re-Entry: A Study of the Dynamic Coping Processes used by Repatriated Employees to Enhance Effectiveness in the Organization and Personal Learning during the Transition back in to the Home Country

AFRIYIE, Kofi: Effects of Relative Factor Choice on Industrial Productivity: Selected Joint Ventures and Host Manufacturing Firms in Ghana

AGUERREVERE, Felipe Luis: Essays on Real Options

AHLUWALIA, Saurabh: Three Essays in Empirical Finance

AKIN, Gib: The Phenomenology of Risk

AKSEHIRLI, Zeynep: Transfer of Organizational Norms through Electronic Communication

ALAPAT, Paul Joseph: An Investigation Into The Informational Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets

ALBUQUERQUE, Paulo Antonio Costa: Using Multi-Market Information to Improve Understanding of Firm and Consumer Behavior

ALEXANDER, Larry Dean: Hourly Employee Orientation Programs: An Evaluation of Method and Effectiveness

ALEXANDER, Larry Dean: The Effect of Level in the Hierarchy and Functional Area on the Extent to which Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles are Required by Managerial Jobs

ALLRED, Keith Grant: Judgment, Anger, and Retaliation: A New Perspective on Non-Cooperation in Organizations

ALLRED, Micah S.: Three Essays in Empirical Finance

ALPTEKINOGLU, Aydin: Essays on Operations-Marketing Strategy

ALTMAN, Edward Ira: The Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy: A Discriminant Analysis

ALVAREZ ESPINOZA, Roberto Jaime: Three Essays on Export Transitions

AMANO, Matsukichi: A Study of Employment Patterns and a Measurement of Employee Attitudes in Japanese Firms at Los Angeles

AMER, Abdulgader Ayad: Economic Development Strategies for Libya Optimal Scaling

AMOR, Jean-Pierre: Acceleration of Methods of Steepest Descent via Optimal Scaling

AN, Jaehyung:  Interdisiplinary Studies in Operations Management

ANDERSON, Erin Maureen: Contracting the Selling Function: The Salesperson as Outside Agent or Employee

ANDREWS, Robert Bonner: An Investigation of Some Properties of the Energy Expenditure Rate and Heart Rate Responses to Selected Dynamic and Static Muscular Work

ANDRITSOS, Dimitrios: Interdisciplinary Studies in Operations Management: Applications in Healthcare and Marketing

ANGIMA, Jacob M.: The Association Between Alternative Earnings and Profitability Measures and Stock Return in Selected Industries

ANGULO, Ashley: The Role of Feelings of Endowment in Charitable Giving Decisions

AOBDIA, Daniel: Sharing Suppliers and Information Spillovers: The Case of the Auditor

APPLETON-KNAPP, Sara L.: Once Upon a Time… The Persuasive Impact of Stories on Consumer Intentions

AQUILANO, Nicholas Joseph: Work Physiology: A Physiological Evaluation of Time Standards and Work Rest Design for Moderate to Strenuous Work

ARCH, David Charles: An Analysis of Influence Strategies and Situational Characteristics in Selling Performance

ARINO, M. Africa: Inter-Firm Collaborative Ventures: Performance and Cooperative Behavior

ARMOR, Thomas Hilton: Peak Experiences and Sensitivity Training Groups

ARMOUR, Gordon Charles: A Heuristic Algorithm and Simulation Approach to Relative Location of Facilities

ASABA, Shigeru: Behavioral Similarity among Japanese Firms

ASCHER, Abraham: Evaluation of an Accelerated Cutting Plane Algorithm as a Solution Method for Interactive Continuous Location Problems Induced by Arbitrary Norms

ASQUITH, Daniel: Essays on Tender Offers

ASSUNCAO: Joao Luis: The Rational Relationship Between Price Promotions and Sales

ASTHANA, Rahul: Cost, Quality, and Access: A Foundation for Managerial and Policy Analysis in the Health Care System

AUBEY, Robert T. : Mexico: A Study of the Financial Relationship between the Government and the Private Sector of the Economy

BABCOCK, Guilford C.: A General Method for Measuring Investment Worth

BABCOCK, Richard Duane: An Analysis of Management by Objectives in Different Enterprise Environments

BACA, Hector Rene: Performance of U.S. Manufacturing Investment Abroad in Relation to Levels of Economic Development: A Multicountry Study

BAESEL, Jerome Bruce: Measures of Security Return Dispersion as Risk Measures: An Empirical Investigation

BAGOT, Gordon Fitzgerald: Natural Non-renewable Resource Development in National Economic Planning: A Linear Programming Approach

BAILEY, Allan Raymond: A Computerized Standard Cost and Variance Analysis Model for Improved Cost Control

BAILEY, Warren Bernard: Economic News and Asset Price Uncertainty

BAJAJ, Mahabir Motilal: The Evolution of the Concept of Property Rights in Jobs in Indian Industrial Relations

BAKER, Charles Richard: A Relational Analysis of Structure in Complex Organizations: The Case of the Large Public Accounting Firm

BAKER, Dennis Merrill: Hospital Cost Control and Product Pricing with an Empirically Deprived Factor-Analytic Model of Inpatient Output

BAKER, Patricia Gillson: A Study of an Affirmative Action Program for Women in an Open Socio-Technical System with Emphasis on Attitudes Towards Women

BAKER, Robin Zenger: A Control Perspective of Organizational Socialization: Tactics, Tolerance for Organizational Influence, and Outcomes for New Entrants (2 copies)

BALA, Ram: Pricing and Contracting Strategies for Software Products and Services

BALASUBRAMANIAN, Natarajan: Essays on Learning and Innovation

BARBIERI, Ronald John: An Econometric Study of the Office Space Market

BARDOLET, David: New Perspectives on Capital Allocation

BAR-KAMA, Gideon: Synergy between Activities: How University Professors Perceive They Handle Their Many Activities

BARNETT, Donald Joseph: Attribution Biases, Competitive/Cooperative Work Environments, and the Management Control Process

BARNOUTI, Souad Naif: The Relation Between Environmental Contingency and Managerial Turnover

BARRON, Lisa A.: Talk That Pays: Differences in Salary Negotiators’ Beliefs and Behaviors

BARROS, Lilian Leonora: The Design of Multiechelon Multipart Repair Systems

BAUCELLS ALIBES, Manel: Essays in Cooperative Game Theory, with Applications to Hold-up in Co-ownership, Bargaining, and Multi-person Utility

BAUM, Paul: The Relationship between City Size and Welfare

BAYIZ, Murat: Coordination and Incentive Contracts in Stochastic Project Management

BAYLEY, Timothy Mark: The Changing Needs of the Fast Food Franchisee

BEATH, Cynthia Mathis: Managing the User Relationship in Management Information Systems Project: A Transaction Governance Approach

BECERRIL ARREOLA, Rafael:  Modeling Consumer Perferences for Status-signaling Brands:  Branding, Pricing and Product-line Decisions

BECKER, Joao Luiz: A New Model of Decisions Under Risk Dependent Utility Function

BEECHER, Earl S.: A Study of the Public Indebtedness of California

BELCH, George Edward: An Investigation of the Effects of Advertising Message Structure and Repetition upon Cognitive Process Mediation Message Acceptance

BELIVEAU, Donald: A Cross- Cultural Comparison of Foreign Product and Scheduling

BELL, Thomas Elliott: Graphic Analysis Procedures for Simulation and Scheduling

BENJAMIN, McDonald Phillip: California's Fruit and Vegetable Canning Industry: An Economic Study

BENTO, Alberto Machado: The Information Systems Contingency Theory: A Proposal and Test in California Cities

BEREKSON, Leonard Lester: The Role of Anxiety and Fear as Determinants of Attitudes Toward Life Insurance and Predictors of Life Insurance Purchasing Behavior

BERGER, Jay Starrett: Determination of the Economic Height of High-Rise Buildings

BERGERON, Francois: Conditions of Effectiveness for Data-Processing Charge-Back Systems

BERHOLD, Marvin Hienz: An Analysis of Contractual Incentives

BERNIKER, Eli: The Agency Model of Work: Personal Causation in the Workplace

BERNSTEIN, Michael Meyer: Accounting and Reporting for Business Franchises

BERRY, Heather: The Exploitation and Development of Intangible Assets by Multinational Enterprises (MNEs): An Empirical Analysis of the Foreign Direct Investment of US and Japanese MNEs, 1974-1997     

BERRY, Maureen Helena: Enterprise Versus Fund Accounting: Incongruency and Duality in Defense Related Industries

BESS, Henry David: The Honolulu International Airport: Economics and Management

BESSEYRE DES HORTS, Charles H.: Work Environments and Organizational Innovativeness: An Exploratory Study of the Formal Relationships in Three Organizations

BETCHERMAN, Gordon: The Impact of Technological Change on Collective Bargaining Power

BETHEL, Jennifer E.: The Capital Allocation Process and Managerial Mobility: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation

BIEDA, John Charles: A Heterogeneous (Multi-Segment) Vector (Multi-Brand) Linear Learning Model for Consumer Choice Behavior, Volumes 1 and 2

BLACKBURN, Stuart Lynch: An Optimal Quasar Sighting Algorithm: An Application of the Quadratic Assignment Problem

BLAIS, Gilles: Collective Bargaining for Teachers in Canada: A Comparative Study

BLANCO, Christian: Climate Change Strategies and the Impact of Risk Assessments: Three Panel Data Studies

BLEICH, Donald H.: The Decision to Spin-Off Corporate Real Estate Assets: A Logistic Regression Analysis

BLONDAL, Margret Asta: Allocation of Resources to Elective Patients Under Stochastic Emergency Patient Demand

BOBELE, Harvey Kenneth: An Exploratory Study of the Use of Body-Movement as a Personal Growth and Growth Adjunct in Sensitivity Training

BOBO, Benjamin Franklin: Economic Factors Influencing Migration, and Urban Growth and Structure: Accra, Ghana

BOHLANDER, George William: Collective Bargaining in the Health Care Industry: The Influence of Third-Party Payors

BOISVERT, Maurice Philippe: Career and the Quality of Working Life

BOLES, Samuel Erven: An Automated Inventory Replenishment System

BOLTON, Michelle Kremen: Organizational Miming: First-Mover-Advantages or Liabilities of Newness? (2 Copies)

BOSSAERTS, Peter: Three Essays on Spot and Forward Foreign Exchange Rates

BOUCHARD, Lynn: Business Partnerships and the Adoption of Collective Innovations: The Case of EDI

BOYER, Benoit Noel: The Impact of Financial Accounting Standards Board Statements Numbers 8 and 52 on Multi-National Corporations

BRAVERMAN, Jerome: An Analysis of Credibility Theory: It’s Basis and Application to Casualty Insurance Ratemaking

BRAVO HERRERA, Fernando: An Empirical Analysis of the Predictive Ability of Alternative Income Measures

BRAY, James Neuhaus: The Risk and Use of Debt Financing

BRENNAN, Joseph James: Models and Analysis of Temporal Consolidation

BRIGGS, Steven Stambaugh: The Municipal Grievance Process in California

BRISTOW, Duke Kevin: Essays in Valuation and Ownership Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Public Offerings

BRITT, Julia Ann Saxer: Empowerment At Work: An Empirical Test of Alignment Theory

BRITTEN-JONES, Mark: Essays on Temporal and Cross-Sectional Variation in the Expected Return of Risky Securities, and Tests of Portfolio Efficiency

BROCKBANK, Joseph Wayne: Clan Governance and Collective Goods: Consequences and Contextual Conditions of Voluntary Associations in Industrial Communities

BROWN, Gerald Gerard: Nonlinear Statistical Estimation with Numerical Maximum Likelihood

BRUMAT, Carlo Maria: Uses and Abuses of Entropy in Economics

BRUSH, John Stanley: Multiperiod Stochastic Consumption Investment Decisions

BUCHANAN, Joan Louise: Planning Inpatient Capacity Expansion in Health Maintenance Organizations

BUCHWALD, Joseph Benjamin: Life Care Contracts in California

BUCKMAN, Alfred Gregory: Economics of Information and Accounting Theory

BULLEN, Maria Lombardi: An Empirical Study of Sources of Job Satisfaction in the Big Eight CPA Firms

BURBANO, Vanessa Cuerel: Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility

BURKE, John Miles: A Program of Entrepreneurial Education for Economic Development: The Case of Northeast Brazil

BURKE, Marian Chapman: An Analysis of Business Level Strategic Marketing Objectives

BURKETT, Daniel Lee, II: An Application of Cluster Analysis Techniques to Customer Aggregation

BYRNE, Mother Martin: A Study of Creditors’ Practices in the Financing of Religious Institutions

CALDWELL, David Frank: An Alternative to Need Satisfaction: The Role of Social Factors in the Development of Job Attitudes

CALISTO MIRANDA, Bruno Miguel: Three Essays on Valuation

CALL, Dwight Vincent: Accounting and Management Considerations Relative to Stock Options

CALLAHAN, Tyrone William: Essays on the Role of Investor Beliefs in Financial Markets

CAMPAGNA, Anthony Frank: Organizational Due Process and the Grievance System: A Case Study of Nonacademic Personnel in a Public-Supported Institution of Higher Education

CAMPBELL, Bonita Jean: Bayesian Estimation of Common Parameters for Two Time Series

CAMPBELL, Robert Moore: Methodological Study of the Utilization of Experts in Business Forecasting

CAO, Huining Henry: Trading, Asymmetric Information and Derivative Securities

CARBONE, James Henry, III: An Empirical Study of Tax Code Change, Executive Stock Option Incentive Compensation, and Corporate Performance

CARDONA, Pablo: Organizational Professional, and Personal Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

CARR, Peter Paul: Essays on Exchange

CARSON, Marshall Lewis: A Simulation Study of Respiratory Therapy: Evaluation of Alternative Work Shift Patterns

CARTER, Richard Duane: An Empirical Study of Selected Management Practices in the Taiwan Metal Industries

CARY, David Denis: Listing on the New York Stock Exchange, Prediction and Changes in Value: An Empirical Study

CASTILLO, Augusto: Essays on Event Studies and on Numerical Methods

CAULEY, Fattaneh Ghaneh: A Model of R&D for Improvements in Process Technology

CHACAR, Aya S.: Capitalizing on Know-How: Organizing for Technological Innovation

CHAKRABARTI, Rajesh: Essays on Information and Linkages in Financial Markets

CHAN, Sai-Pang: Essays on Liquidity and Stock Returns

CHAN, Marjorie: Intergroup Conflict and Conflict Management in the R&D Divisions of Four Aerospace Companies

CHANDY, Kanianthra Thomas: The Birth of Telecognition: Deregulation and Technological Change in Telecommunications in the United States and the United Kingdom (1876-1996)

CHARI, Anusha: Essays on the Microstructure of the Foreign Exchange Market

CHARI, Srikanth: Knowledge Representation Using Structured Modeling

CHASE, Richard Barth: An Investigation of the Effects on Energy Expenditure Rate and Heart Rate of Sequencing Two Kinds of Dynamic Work at Various Loadings

CHAVEZ-RUIZ, Javier A.: Recovering Expectations About the GNP Using Financial Market Data (2 Copies)

CHEN, Nai-Fu: Arbitrage Asset Pricing: Theory and Evidence

CHEN, Yechong: Dynamic Compensation Models

CHEN, Yehning: The Role of Information Externalities in Bank Runs

CHEN, Yi: Understanding the Impact of Certain and Uncertain Store Promotions on the Decision-Making Process in Product Choices

CHENG, Chi: Chief Financial Officer Turnovers and Firm Perfomance

CHENG, Xiaolong: Essays on Asset Pricing

CHERRY, Alan Abraham: Testing the Effects of Social Accounting Information on Decision Making and Attitudes: A Laboratory Experiment (2 Copies)

CHIANG, Hung-Fu: Man-power Smoothing - A Study of a Group Decision Process

CHILES, Bennett Stulting: Shrouded Information and Strategic Transparency: Three Essays on Price Obfuscation

CHINGARI, Gastone: A Methodology for the Simulation of Numerically Controlled Production Systems

CHO, Eric: The Impact of Local Media on Household Investment Decisions

CHO, Seong-Ho: On the Stock Return Method to Determining Industry Substructure: Electronics, Petroleum, Banking, and Airlines

CHO, Soo-Haeng: Asymmetric Optimal Policies in Multi-Dimensional Operational Decisions

CHOI, Boyoun: Information Chains and Content Management

CHOI, David Yhonsung: Service Competition in Retail Banking

CHONG, Juin K.: Heterogeneous Consumption Experience, Product Choice and Product Substitution

CHORDIA, Tarun: Essays on the Sale of Information and Investment Services in Financial Markets

CHOUDHURY, Pravat Kumar: The Effect of Multiple Sources of Information on Attitude Change (2 Copies)

CHOUDHURY, Vivek: Cooperation and Competitive Strategies in Inter-Organizational Information Systems

CHOW-CHUA, FongPeng: Empirical Evaluation of Choice and Judgment Under Ambiguity

CHRISTENSEN, Carl Huish: U.S. Businessmen’s Perceptions of U.S. and Foreign National Manager Characteristics

CHRISTENSEN, Gunnar Einar: Successful Implementation of Decision Support Systems: An Empirical Investigation of Usage Intentions and Behavior

CHRISTMANN, Petra: Environmental Strategies of Multinational Companies: Determinants and Effects on Competitive Advantage

CHU. Charlene: Of Photographs, Souvenirs, and Ticket Stubs: Understanding Mementos 

CHU, George: An Experiment to Examine the Relationship Between Price and Perceived Quality

CHUNG, Changyoung: International Banks vs. Sovereign Borrowers: A Study of the International Debt Crisis of the 1980’s

CHUNG, Ilchoo: An Evaluation of Entity-Relationship (E-R) Modeling Performance Among Cognitive Styles and Three Methods of Designing E-R Diagrams

CHUNG, Kwang Soun: Estimation of Corporate Profitability, the Persistence Effect of Advertising, and the Decay Parameter of Cash Flow

CHUNG, Kwang Suon: Investment Opportunities, Synergies and Conglomerate Mergers

CIERVO, Anthony Paul: Search for Moving Targets

CLARK, John William: A Preliminary Investigation of the Moral Standards of American Businessmen

CLAWSON, George N.: The Impact of Behavioral Data on One Class of Production Decisions

COFF, Russel: Corporate Acquisitions of Human Asset-Intensive Firms: Let the Buyer Beware

COGET, Jean-Francois A.H.: Leadership in Motion: An Investigation into the Psychological Processes that Drive Behavior when Leaders Respond to "Real-Time" Operational               Challenges

COHEN, Joel Benjamin: Interpersonal Response Traits and Consumer Behavior

CONE, Paul Rogers: The Budget as an Instrument of Managerial Planning and Control

CONNER, Kathleen Reavis: Strategy in the Micro-Computer Software Industry

CONSTAS, Michael: The Role of Earnings Based Ratios in the Movements and Prices of Dividends

COOK, Nancy Ellen: Human Resources Management Style: A Comparative Study of Japanese and American Banks in California

COOPER, Randolph Brian: Decision Production: A Microeconomic View of Decision Making with Implications for Management Information Systems

CORTAZAR, Gonzalo: Essays on Contingent Claims

COTTER, Lawrence Raffety: Information Flow into Research and Development Projects: An Exploratory Study of the Flow of Important Information

COTTINGHAM, Bryan: Job Flowtime versus Number of Jobs Tardy: Algorithm and Heuristic Approaches

COURS, Deborah: Social Power, Gender and Status: An Investigation of their Effects in Advertising

COVAL, Joshua David: Essays in International Finance

CRAIG, Rupert McMahan: The Uses and Limitations of Lease Financing

CRAMER, Robert Henry: Commercial Bank Use of Money Market Debt Instruments

CREW, Nicholas Iain: Essays on Hedging and Regulations

CRIPPS, John David: The Process of Sequential Durable Replacement Decisions

CRISPEN, Wayne Bromley: Authority Relationships Between the Air Force Systems Command and its Missile and Space Systems Contractors

CULNAN, Mary Jean: Organizational Information Flows and the Industrial Library: An Empirical Investigation

CUMMINGS, Thomas Gerald: A Methodology for Reconstructing and Studying Social Systems Linkage Processes

CURREN, Mary T.: Mood Effects on Evaluations and Attributions: The Role of Importance

CURTIS, Robert Leo de Pokorny: Japanese and U.S. Multinational Firms in Brazil: A Study of Technology Selection and Adaptation in a Developing Country

DADE, Marsha A.: Modeling and the Evaluation of the Health Care Delivery System

DAI, Yang: Select-Reject Difference in Choice Under Risk Involving Negative Prospects

D’AMBROISE, Gerald: Personal Characteristics, Organizational Practices, and Managerial Effectiveness: A Comparative Study of French and English-Speaking Chief Executives in Quebec

DAMODARAN, Aswathnarayan: The Implications of Information Structure for Return Generating Processes and Financial Signaling

DANDRIDGE, Thomas Charles: The Types and Functions of Symbols in Selected Organizations

DANG, Tran Thanh: Ownership, Control and Performance of the Multinational Corporation: A Study of U.S. Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures in the Philippines and Taiwan

DANGEL, George Werner: Consideration of Labor Skill Requirements in the Line Balancing Problem

DANIEL, Kent Douglas: The Time Variation of Asset Returns

DANIELS, Richard Leo: Joint Sequencing/Resource-Allocation Scheduling with Multiple Performance Measures

DANN, Larry York: the Effect of Common Stock Repurchase on Security Holder Returns

DANS, Enrique: Three Essays on IT Innovation and Productivity

DAS, T.K.: The Subjective Side of Strategic Planning: A Study of Future Time Perspective and Planning Milieu

DAVIDSON, Naomi Berger: The Effects of Placement Services on Jobs Corps Participants’ Post-Program Labor Market Experiences

DAVIES, Shaun William:  Essays in Finance

DEANGELO, Harry Charles: Three Essays in Financial Economics

DECHTER, Avi: The Design of Hierarchical Planning Systems by Aggregation

DEKIMPE, Marnik Gustaaf: Long-run Modeling in Marketing

DE LEO, Francesco Domenico: The Competitive Value of Tacit Knowledge Transfer: An Assessment Methodology

DELIANEDIS, Gordon: Three Essays in Credit Risk

DELONE, William Hook: Determinants of Success for Small Business Computer Systems

DEMEESTER, Leiven Lode: Three Essays on: Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Anderson Graduate School of Management

DEO, Sarang: Three Essays in Healthcare Operations Management

DESAI, Swati: Extensible Database System as a Platform for Modeling

DHALL, Abhinav: Design of Real Time Order Fulfillment System Under Delivery Time Constraint

DHAR, Sanjay Kumar: Effect of Package Coupons on Market Share and Profits

DI MICELI, Andrea: Essays on Development and Political Economics 

DIAMOND, Michael Allen: Effect of Supplemental Cost Disclosures

DIAS, Daniel A.: Essays in International Trade and Globalization

DIEHR, George: An Investigation of Computational Algorithms for Aggregation Problems

DIENHART, Anna Elizabeth: Price Responsiveness in International Trade: A Study of Japanese Participation in the U.S. Automobile Industry

DIERKER, Martin Johannes: The Link between Informational Efficiency and Economic Efficiency: Essays on Corporate Disclosure Policy and Private Information Acquisition

DILBECK, Harold Roy: The Structure of the Mortgage Market as a Determinant of the Stability of the Stability of Residential Construction in Several Metropolitan Areas, 1953-1959

DILLON, Robert John: Reality and Value Judgment in Policymaking: A Study of Expert Judgments about Alternative Energy Technologies

DING, Zhiqiang Daniel: Control Strategy and Performance of U.S.-Chinese Joint Ventures

DOBBIE, John Wright: A Comparative Analysis of Long-Range Goal-Setting Procedures in Large Corporations in California

DONATELLI, Bruce Edmund: Price elasticity of Demand for Electricity Residential Markets in Southern California

DOTAN, Hilla: Friendship Ties at Work: Origins, Evolution and Consequences for Managerial Effectiveness

DOYEL, Tommy Terry: The Economic Outlook for Small Business Franchising

DUNFRUND, Scott Richard: The Weyerhaeuser Financial Simulation Model

DUNN, Michael Francis: Measurement of Firm Risk and Rate of Return

DWYER, Steven Robert : A Complete Primal Algorithm for Resolving Degenerate Linear Programs

DYER, Jeffrey Hansen: Between Markets and Hierarchies: A Comparative Study of Supplier-Automaker relationship in the U.S. and Japan

ECKARD, Edwin Woodrow, Jr.: Industrial Concentration, Market Power and Inflation: An Empirical Study

EDFELT, Ralph Bennard: Direct Foreign Investment in a Developing Economy: Toward Evaluating the Human Resource Development Impact in Brazil

ELIAS, Claude Edward, Jr.: Impact of Subdivision on County Expenditures in California

EL JACK, Ahmed Hassan: Management Development Programs in the Sudan: A Comparative Study

ELMS, Heather: Professionals and Agents: Three Essays on Governance in California Medical Groups

EL-SHINNAWY, Maha Mohamed: Media Choice Theories and the New Media: A Model of New Media Choice and Usage

ENGLER, George Nichols: The Typewriter Industry: The Impact of a Significant Technological Innovation

ERIKSON, Warren John: An Analytical Cost Evaluation of Computer Time-Sharing Systems

ERLER, Raymond: Mergers in the Savings and Loan Industry

ESTAFEN, Bernard Donald: An Empirical Experiment in Comparative Management: A Study of the Transferability of American Management Policies and Practices into Firms Operating in Chile

ESTRIN, Teviah L.: An Allocation and Consensus Model for Strategic Planning

EVEN TOV, Omri: The Impact of Differences of Opinion and Investor Sentiment on Bond-Market Mispricing and the Role of Earnings Announcements

EVERED, Roger Dennis: Conceptualizing the ‘Future’ Implications for Strategic Management in a Turbulent Environment

EVERLY, Benjamin:  The Fear of Femininity:  How Men's Motivation to Maintain Manhood Status Influences Performance

EWUSI-MENSAH, Kweku: Peak Load Pricing of Computer Network Services

FARID, Saleh Mohammed: The Organizational Role of the Board of Directors of State Enterprises in Egypt

FARN, Cheng Kiang: An Integrated Information System Architecture Based on Structured Modeling

FARRELL, Lawrence Michael Francis: The Ontario Land Speculation Tax Act Experience in the Taxation of Realized Property Value Increments

FARRELL, William Charles: Optimal Switching Policies in a Nonhomogenous Exponential Queueing System

FEINBERG, Abraham: An Experimental Investigation of an Interactive Approach for Multi-Criterion Optimization with an Application to Academic Resource Allocation

FELLINGHAM, John Clark: The Value of Improved Estimates of Systematic Security Riskiness for Investor Decisions

FENSTERSEIFER, Jaime Evaldo: Investment Programming for Interdependent Production Processes

FIELD, Laura Bernadette : Essays on Initial Public Offerings: Corporate Control, Institutional Investment, and Price Concentration

FIORIN, Stefano: Essays in Behavioral Economics

FIRTH, David Richard: Supply of Information Into, Search for Information Within, and Use of Information from Information Technology-Based Organizational Systems

FISCHER, Kurt F.: A Graph Theoretic Approach to the Validation of Software Maintenance Modifications

FISHER, Karen Ann: A Tiebout Multi-Regional General Equilibrium Model to Assess the Economic Impacts of Automobile Emission Regulations

FITZGERALD, Kathryn A.: Beyond Apples and Oranges: Using Analogies to Catalyze New Product Adoption

FITZSIMMONS, James Albert: Emergency Medical Systems: A Simulation Study and Computerized Method for Deployment of Ambulances

FLECKENSTEIN, Matthias:  Asset Pricing, Slow-Moving Capital, Monetary Policy and Inflation

FLEISCHAUER, Patricia Diane: An Analysis of Medical Education in Illinois

FLETCHER, Robert Gary: A Comparison of Monetarist and Keynesian Econometric Models in Ghana

FLORES, Filemon Campo Jr.: The Applicability of American Management Know-How to Developing Countries: Case Studies of Philippine Firms, American Subsidiaries and Affiliates Operation in the Philippines, and their Respective Parent Firms in the United States

FORBES, James Dennis: A Model of Retail Store Structure and Change, an Investigation of Retail Trade Structure in the United States form 1929-1963

FOUNTAIN, James Robert Jr.: Residential land-Use Density and the Housing Production Function (2 Copies)

FRACASSI, Cesare: Social Networks and Finance

FRANCIS, Vernon Edward: Aggregation of Network Flow Problems

FRANK, Harold Hillel: On-the-Job Training for Minorities: An Internal Study

FRANKIEL, Harry H.: The Process of Change in Sensitivity Training: Mutually Perceived Support, Confrontation and Cognitive Orientation in Member-Member Relationships

FRANKLIN, Ronald Eugene: The Effects of Three Callback Procedure on the Response Rate in Simulated Telephone Interviewing

FREDMAN, Albert John: The Relative Significance of Earnings and Dividends as Determinants of Stock Prices Over Time and Among Industries

FREEDMAN, Donald: The Distributed Lag as Reflected by Construction in the City of Los Angeles, 1955-1967

FRIEDER, Laura: An Investigation of the Trading Patterns and Heuristics of Stockholders

FRIEDMAN, Harris Charles: Mixed Asset Portfolio Selection

FULMER, Robert M.: Theoretical and Operational Implications of the Product Manager System in the Consumer Goods Industry

GALATA, Giuseppe : On Store Format Choice as a Stable Decision

GALBRAITH, Oliver, III: An Analysis of a Small Business Administration Management Training Program

GALE, Jeffrey D.: Macro-Environmental Analysis Systems for Corporate Planning: An Information Flow Model and Technological Developments for the Political Sector

GALLO, Inigo:  The Processing and Evaluation of Experiences

GANDHI, Priyank: Systemic Risks, Financial Intermediaries and Asset Markets

GARBI, Esmeralda: Contingencies of Learning: Essays on the Strategic Implications of Organizational Learning, Organizational Environments, and Knowledge Sharing

GARCIA, Alvaro Felipe: Essays on Firms and International Trade

GARSOMBKE, Henry Perrin: The Relationship between Corporate Disclosure and Risk: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

GASPARIS, Demetrius Sionysiou: The Euro-Dollar Market and Monetary Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy in the 1964-1971 Period

GATIGNON, Hubert: Measuring Advertising Copy Effects: A Bayesian Model

GEBELT, Mary Kathryn: Make-or-Buy Decisions for Application Software Development (2 Copies)

GELLERMANN, William Prescott: A Field Study of Process Variables in Interpersonal Relations

GEORGIADIS, George:  Interdisciplinary Essays in Economics and Operations Management

GERARD, Bruno: Market Imperfections and the Pricing of Short Term Treasury Securities: Three Essays

GESSFORD, Glen Norman: The Utility of Critical Path Time and Cost Analysis

GHORPADE, Jaisingh V.: A Study of Relative Effectiveness of Joint Stock and Cooperative Sugar Factories Located in Maharashtra, India

GIBBY, Bruce Lowell: Project Management Authority in Matrix Organizations

GIBSON, Donald Eric: Individual Idols, Organizational Ideals: Role Models in Organizations

GINDRA, Arthur William: A Regional Econometric Model of the California Economy

GINGRAS, Lin: The Psychology of the Design of Information Systems

GOLABI, Kamal: Optimal Inventory and Search Policies with Random Ordering Costs

GOLDSMITH, Herbert Marshall: The Construction and Application of an Organizational Diagnosis for Use in the Management of Participative Community Planning

GOMEZ BISCARRI, Javier: Interest Rates and the Transition to a Monetary Union

GORGEON, Arnaud: Three Essays on IT Individual, Group and Organizational Adaptabilities

GOTO, Shingo: Three Essays on Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy

GOULD, John Franklin: Essays on the Relation Between the Accounting System and The Capital Market

GOYAL, Amit: Three Essays on the Predictability of Stock Returns.

GRAHAM, Ben S.: Career Mastery: A Study of Growth and Decline of Occupational Identity among Air Traffic Controllers at Los Angeles International Airport

GRAHOVAC, Jovan: The Firm Its Internal Arrangements, and Semi-Autonomous Employee Teams

GRAY, Edmund Robert: The Selection Process for Major Subcontractors in the Aerospace Industry

GRAYDON, Donald MacDonald: Information in Support of Decision-Making: The Effects of Computer-Based Discharge Abstract Systems on the Behavior of Health Care Professionals

GREENO, Daniel William: The Nature of Signal Value and the Orienting Reflex (2 Copies)

GREENWOOD, Frank: The Role of the Corporate Long-Range Planning Staff After Top Management has Approved Plans and While Operating Men are Putting them into Practice

GREENWOOD, Paul Robert: Four Dimensional Portfolio Theory with Bayesian Inputs

GRINDLAY, Andrew Arbuthnott: Tandem Queues with Dynamic Priorities

GROSSMAN, Elissa Beth: New Venture Creation and Network Tie Formation: A Longitudinal Study of Nascent Entrepreneurs' Efforts in Business-Building

GUNTHER, Richard Edward: Dual Resource Constrained Parallel Queueing Systems with Server Transfer Times

GUPTA, Manak Chand: A Synchronic Study of corporate Financial Structures 1961-1962

GURFIELD, Robert Marshall: Strategic Planning of Health Services: An Application to Hospital Services for Heart Disease Patients

GUTIÉRREZ, Angélica: The Effect of Social Dominance Orientation on Reactions to University and Employment Recruitment and Selection Policies

GUTIERREZ, Elizabeth: Evidence on the Role of Accounting Conservatism in Debt Contracting

GUYTON, Theodore Lewis: Unionization of Public Librarians: A Theoretical Interpretation

HACKEL, Stuart Marshall: The Implications of the Exemption from Property Taxation of Religious Property in Los Angeles County

HAGGART, John Cunningham: Authority in Municipal Organizations for the Integration of Urban Renewal Plans

HAGIN, Robert Leslie: An Empirical Evaluation of Selected Hypotheses Related to Price Changes in the Stock Market

HAHN, Walter: Mortgage Yield Analysis by Simulation

HAKANSSON, Nils Hemming: Optimal Investment and consumption Strategies for a Class of Utility Functions

HALL, Cecily Caroline: An Experimental Comparison of Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Techniques

HALLER, Thomas Francis: The Applicability of the Veblenian Social-Psychological Model to Contemporary Collegiate Consumers

HAMILTON, Bernard Joseph: An Investigation of the Effects of Job Design on Output and Physiological Costs for a Strenuous Task

HAMILTON, Sally Ann: IRS Behavior: A Game of Asymmetric Information

HAN, Bing: Towards a Better Understanding of Stocks Interest Rate Derivatives and Real Estate Investment Trusts: Three Essays in Financial Economics

HANNA, Robert William: Crisis in Meaning: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experience of a Lack of Meaning to Life

HAREL, Elie C.: IREX: An Automated Information Requirements Expert

HARMON, Paul Lewis: An Analysis of the Investment Policies of the Small Business Investment Companies

HARNED, William Wallace: A Study of the Pricing of Inventories of Manufacturing Firms at Market Value

HARRIS, Daniel Lee: Identification, Analysis and Explanation of Critical Elements of the Management Process and Environmental Constraints Affecting Selected Efficiency Performance Between Certain California State Licensed Savings and Loan Associations: Empirical Testing of the Farmer-Richman Research Model

HARRIS, Roy Duane: An Empirical Investigation of a Jobshop as a Network of Queueing Systems

HARTMAN, Stephen Kenneth: The Value of Critical Thinking in Computer-Assisted Systems Analysis

HARTUNG, Candice Orene: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experience of Interpersonal Discomfort

HASSAN, Nathan: Concentration and Performance: A Protection Criterion

HATFIELD, Donald Eugene: Specialization or The Role of Headquarters: Why Buy Another Firm's Subunits

HATFIELD, Gordon Blaine: The Mathematical Theory of Optimal Water Quality Control

HAYS, Nicholas: Social Climbing: A Contextual Approach to Understanding the Effects of Social Hierarchy on Individual Cognition and Behavior

HAYYA, Jack C.: A Study on the Appropriate Use of PERT in Procurement Contracts

HEALEY, John Samuel: The Federal Trade Commission Advertising Substantiation Program and Changes in the Content of Advertising in Selected Industries (2 Copies)

HEIN, Leonard W.: The Impact of the British Companies Acts Upon the Major Areas of the Practice of Accountancy in the British Isles

HENDERSON, Murray Scott: Some Factors Influencing the Annual Reports of North American Corporations

HERAVI, Iraj: Determination of Patterns of Trade

HESTERLY, William Stephens: Top Management Succession as a Determinant of Firm Performance and De-escalation: An Agency Approach (2 Copies)

HILLION, Pierre Henri: The Econometric Problems Associated with Size-Sorted Portfolios in Empirical Tests of the Capital Asset Pricing Model

HIRAI, Leo: A Game Theoretic Model of Predatory Pricing Decisions in Markets with Network Effects.

HIRT, Sabine Gabriele: Dynamics of Media Choice Behavior in Multinational Organizations

HITCHCOCK, David Frederick: A Comparison of Methods for Determining the True Price of Life Insurance

HITCHIN, David E.: Canadianization of U.S. Controlled Corporations in Canada: Authority Relationships and Conflict Resolution

HO, Geoffrey C.:  Discriminatory Diversity Definitions:  The Ironic Consequences of Managerial Diversity Conceptions

HOBAN, Paul Robert: Advertising, Promotion, and Reviews: Three Models to Better Understand Internet Marketing

HOGAN, William Walter: Optimization and convergence for Extremal Value Functions Arising from Structured Nonlinear Programs

HOLDEN, Craig Woodworth: The Theory and Empirical Analysis of Arbitrage Trading (2 Copies)

HOLLOWAY, Charles Arthur: A Mathematical Programming Approach to Identification and Optimization of Complex Operational systems, with the Aggregate Planning Problem as an Example

HONG, Melvin Lew: Experiments with a Job Shop Production Model Coupling a Linear Program and a Heuristic Scheduling Procedure

HOOPES, David G.: Shared Knowledge and Organizational Capabilities

HOPELAIN, David Gordon: The Securities Market as a Radically Social Enterprise: An Application of the Phenomenological Method to the Study of Wall Street Security Analysts and Economists

HOU, Shu-Hsiang Emily: Optimal Control of Batch Processing Stations

HOWE, Jonathan T.B. : Corporate Risk Management for Multinational Corporations: Financial and Operational Hedging Policies and Banks, Stock Markets, and Economic Efficiency and The Informational Cross Listings on Stock Returns

HSHIEH, Shenje: Essays in Corporate Goverance and Innovation

HSIA, Chi-Cheng: Inflation Risk an Capital Asset Pricing

HSIAO, Bryan C.: The Processing of Qualitative Information in a Natural Language Context

HSIEH, Nan-chang: Some Estimation Techniques for Utilizing Information from Elements not in the Sample

HSU, Jason C.: Equity Market Risk, Credit Risk and Real Investment Risk

HUA, Wei: The Role of Social Context: Putting Similarity Effects on Organizational Attachment in Perspective

HUESCH, Marco: Three Essays in Healthcare Economics

HUH, Sahn-Wook: Essays on Financial Markets and Trading Behavior

HUH, Soon-young: An Object-Oriented Model Management Framework for Decision Support Systems

HUM, Sin Hoon: Integrated Production-Mix Planning, Lotsizing and Scheduling of Bottleneck Facilities

HUNGATE, Robert Paul: Inter-Business Financing: The Economic Implications for Small Business

HUYBREGTS, Gerardus A.C.: The Labor Relations Practices of Foreign-Owned Firms in Australia

HWANG, Chuan Yang: Signaling in New Issue Market

HWANG, Min Ha:  Three Essays on Food and Grocery Retailing 

IGAMI, Mitsuru: Three Essays on Creative Destruction

INGRAHAM, S. Michal: Management Control Potentials and Practices of Franchise Systems

INOUE, Akihiro: Discrete Choice Models Integrating Competitive Market Structure, Preference Structure, and Marketing Tool Effects

IRAVANI, Foad: Essays on Supply Chains Facing Competition from Gray Markets

JAEGER, John: A Comparative Management Study: Organization Patterns and Processes of Hotels in Four Countries

JAIN, Anjani: Probabilistic Analysis of Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems on Networks

JAIN, Ravi: Essays on Agency Costs, Dividend Policy, and Corporate Ownership Structure

JAIN, Shailendra Kumar: An Integrated Automated System for Generative Process Planning and Scheduling

JAIN, Vinod Kumar: Estimation of Subjective Probabilities

JALLOW, Ray: The Development and the Contribution of an Asset Management Methodology to the Long-Range Planning Function in the Banking Industry

JAMAL, Zainab: Three Essays in Modeling Customer Retention

JAMES, Constance Bridgeforth: Why Firms Matter: An Empirical Study of Corporate And Business Unit Effects in United States Companies

JAMIESON, David Wilson: Organizational Change and Development in Schools: An Assessment of a Structural/Process Strategy for Redesigning and Developing the Management System

JAUREGUI, Juan Manuel: Three Essays on External Sector Crises

JAYARAM, Grama Kasturi: Creation of New Setting (2 Copies)

JEONG, Hyewook: The Indecisive Consumer: Coping with Negative Emotion by Seeking Variety

JIANG, Lisa: How Consumers React to the Negative Emotions of Loss, Embarrassment, and Stress

JOHNSON, Claiborn Lynn: The Allocation of Research and Development Funds in the Aerospace Industry

JOHNSON, Craig Galen: A Critique of Cost of Capital Models

JOHNSON, Douglas Ray: Breaking out of the Box of Strategic Groups: Essays on Strategic Heterogeneity, Rivalry, and Firm Performance

JOHNSON, Herbert E.: Three Topics in Option Pricing

JOHNSON, Roger Vivian: Branch and Bound Algorithms for Assembly Line Balancing and Job Shop Scheduling

JORDAN, William Allison: Economic Effects of Airline Regulation, Volumes 1 and 2

JORGENSEN, Brian K.: An Examination of the Effects of Attribution and Impression Management on Consumer Response to Company Mishaps

JOSEPH, Thomas: Relational Database Query Interfaces: An Experimental Investigation of Spatial and Linguistic Modes of Interaction

JOSHI, Amit Madhav: The Direct, Indirect and Feedback Effects of Marketing Actions

JUNG, Heajung:  Is Pride Helpful or Hurtful for Creativity:  The Effects of Pride on Cognitive Felxibility and Persistence

JUNG, Woon-Oh: Accounting Choice Decisions Under Asymmetric Information: Three Essays

JUNKUNC, Marc T. : Toward a Greater Economic Understanding of Entrepreneurial Activity: Examining the Nature and Importance of Specialized Knowledge

KAKKAR, Pradeep: Situational Influence on Emotional Response, Cognitive Structure and Cognitive Process (2 Copies)

KANG, Jina: The Knowledge Advantage: Tracing and Testing The Impact of Knowledge Characteristics and Relationship Ties on Project Performance.

KANG, Wenjin: Towards a Better Understanding of Liquidity, Trading Behavior, and Stock Returns: Three Essays in Market Microstructure

KAPLAN, Donald Martin: The Corporate Capital Structure and Marginal Financing Decisions

KAROON, Sheila: Labor and Machine Limited Systems: A Comprehensive Review

KATO, Mei Liang Oei: The Dutch Postwar Wages Policy: An Evaluation of Policy Implementation

KE, Ruihao: Predicting Financial Distress: The Role of Earnings Quality

KELLER, Lynn Robin: The Effect of Problem Representation on Conformity with Utility Properties an Empirical Investigation (2 Copies)

KESSLER, Geoffrey Steven: Intangible Capital Investments

KHALIL, Mohamed Ali: Analysis and Evaluation of Some Environmental Constraints on Management in the United Arab Republic

KIDNEY, James Alan: Management Team Reputation and Corporate Performance

KIESLER, Tina Lee: The Influence of Schema Cues and Incongruent Information on Perceptions of Salespeople

KILBY, Elden Wayne: The Analysis of Student Enrollment By Markovian Methods

KILMANN, Ralph Herman: The Development and Validation of a Projective Measure of Interpersonal Values

KIM, Bo Kyung: Essays on the Effect of Financial Crises on Corporate Management

KIM, Ho:  Consumer Online Search and New-Product Marketing

KIM, Ilhyung: A Time Based Competition Perspective of Pull Production Control Systems

KIM, Jun Beom: Three Essays on Consumer Information Search

KIM, Kwanho: Essays on Volatility and Risk in Financial Markets

KIM, Seoungsu: Early Retirement Incentives in Restructuring Organization: The Case of University Professors

KIM, Young-Kon: Strategic Competition in Negotiations of International Technology Licensing: The Informational Interaction View

KIMURA, Joseph H.: The Predictive Accuracy of Accounting and Non-Accounting Information Under Inflationary Conditions

KINDLER, Herbert S.: The Influence of a Mediation Relaxation Technique on Group Problem-Solving Effectiveness

KING, Thomas Ellwood: The Information Content of Accounting Reports as a Criterion for Selecting from Among Alternative Accounting Methods

KING, Thomas Ellwood: The Information Content of Accounting Reports as a Criterion for Selecting from Among Alternative Accounting Methods

KINGDON, Donald Ralph: The Management of Complexity in a Matrix Organization a Socio-Technical Approach to Changing Organizational Behavior

KIOUSIS, Panayiota Konstantina: Knowledge, Incentives, and Growth

KIRCHNER, Donald: Personal Influence Purchasing Behavior and Ordinal Position

KLASKY, Jack Allen: A Bayesian Approach to Sequential Sampling

KLEIN, Gary Danien: The Distraction Tolerance Level: An Investigation into the Effects of Distraction on Communication Performance

KLEINER, Brian Howard: The Interrelationship of Jungian Modes of Mental Functioning, Formality of Organizational Structure, and Certainty of Task Environment: Its Effect on Attitudes of Organization Members

KLINCK, Thomas: Assessing Organizational Effectiveness and Developing a Strategy for Change in a Community Action Agency Board of Directors

KNIGHT, Jimmie: A Description of a Pedagogy for Heightening Individual Potential Through Increase Awareness of Unconscious Controls

KNOTT, Anne Marie: Do Managers Matter?

KOCH, James Lee: Technicians: A Study of Their Needs and the Effects of Need Fulfillment and Status Inconsistency on Organizational Integration

KOH, Donghee: Competition Through Commitment (2 Copies)

KOMADA, Okitami: Residential Land Price in Tokyo

KOMARAN, Rajah Vellan: Evolution of Domestic and Foreign Technology Acquisition Strategies of American Multinational Corporations

KORWAR, Ashok Narayan: The Effect of New Issues of Equity

KOZAN, Mehmet Kamil: Work Group Flexibility: Development and Construct Validation of a Measure

KRELL, Terence C.: An Inquiry into the Nature of Organizational Politics and its Relationship to Individual Achievement in Organizations

KRICKX, Guido A.M.J.: Historical Evidence on the Evolution of Vertical Exchange Mechanisms: Examples from the Computer Systems Industry

KROUSE, Clement George: Financial Planning: A Dynamic Multi-Objective Framework

KUNIYOSKI, George: Cognitive Dissonance and Imported Car Buyers

KUR, Clarence Edward: Discovering Work-Relevant Values: An Application, Comparison and Synthesis of Open-Ended Research Methods

KURTZBERG, Kimberly Elizabeth : Seeking Solutions in a Global Marketplace: An Exploratory Investigation of Problem Solving in International Joint Ventures

KWAN, Cheukuen: Multinational Common Stock Portfolio Selection Model with Exchange Risk Adjustment

KWAN, Stephen Kaling: A Job Contractor Function in Computing System Scheduling

KWON, Hyok-Jon Dharma: The Impact of Uncertainty on Operational Decisions

LABEL, Wayne Allan: The Accountant’s Legal Liability: Its Impact Upon the Profession

LACEY, John Marcus: Human Capital at Professional Organizations

LAL, Shalini: In Search of Change - Planned and Emergent

LAMAR, Bruce William: An Analysis of Client Behavior Within a Housing Allowance Program

LANDON, Eliot Laird: Need for Achievement, Self-concept, and Product Perception

LANDRY, Maurice: Circumstantial Variables in Accounting for the Precomputed Income of Finance Companies

LAU, Loraine: Understanding Consumers' Evaluations of Mixed Affective Experiences

LAUFER, Arthur: An Investigation of the Use of Selected Neuromuscular Response Tests as Predictors of Sensory-Motor Performance in Aging Individuals

LAUNIE, Joseph John: Shifting of the Life Insurance Company Income Tax

LAUTER, Geza Peter: An Investigation of the Applicability of Modern Management Processes by Industrial Managers in Turkey

LAVERTY, Kevin Joseph: Time Preferences, Time Horizons, and Strategic Choice: Towards an Understanding of Organizational Myopia

LAVOIE, Dina Marie: A Multidimensional Investigation of the Association of the Manager’s Stage of Social Perspective with His Appreciation of Work Roles and with His Conceptualization of Work Responsibilities

LAWLESS, Michael William: Toward a Theory of Policy Making for Directed Inter- Organizational Systems

LEE, Bi-Chin Tim: The Adoption and Impact of Inter-Organizational Information Systems: An Empirical Study of the Property and Casualty Insurance Market

LEE, Chun-I Pedro: Cost Allocation for Queueing Systems with Nonexponential Service Times

LEE, Chuo-Au: Some Criteria in the Detection of Outliers

LEE, In-Soo: On Sensitivity Analysis for Shortest-Path Dynamic Programming Models

LEE, Jeongsik: Essays on the Economics of Exchange Networks

LEE, Kyung Tae: Optimal Control Systems in Managerial Accounting

LEE, Shao-Ju: Surrogate Programming by Aggregation

LEE, Wayne Yu: Oligopoly and Entry

LEE, Won Heum: The Effect of Exchange Offers and Stock Swaps on Equity Risk and Shareholders’ Wealth: A Signaling Model Approach

LEEBURG, Lewis Eugene: Application of a Computer-Based Generalized Data Base Management system to University Departmental Student Information Requirements at the University of California, Los Angeles, Volumes 1 and 2

LEHATTO, Paul Stephen: Vertical Integration in the Oil Industry

LEMELIN, Maurice: The Public Service Alliance of Canada: An Analysis of a Union in the Public Sector

LEMGRUBER, Eduardo Faco: Executive Compensation: Implications for Corporate Behavior and Insider Trading

LEMOS, Ronald Steven: A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Team Interaction in Cobol Programming Language Learning

LEO, Charles Paul: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach to Understanding Job Attitudes and Perspectives: A Study of the Role of the Psychiatric Nurse

LEON, Linda Anne: Generic Warning System Models and Warning Policies

LEQUIN, Jaques Andre: Differences in Strike Activity between the Canadian Private Sector and the Public and Parapublic Sectors: 1960-1978

LEVESQUE, Jerry Lee: Experimental Evaluation of Five Approaches to Resource- Constrained Project Scheduling

LEVI, Yaron: Information Architecture and Intertemporal Choice: A Randomized Field Experiment in the United States

LEVINE, Mark Fredric: Utilizing Delphi as a Participative Mechanism to Develop a Definition and Measure of Quality of Working Life by Organizational Members

LEWIN, David: Wage Determination in Local Government Employment

LEWIS, Ralph J.: A Study in Social Cartography: Constellations of Activities, Interests, Opinions, and Life Styles: An Extension and Re-Appreciation of the Socio-Technical Method

LI, Feifei: Three Essays in Finance

LI, Jiasun: The Role of Information in Financial Markets, Security Design, and Theory of the Firm

LI, Ying-Nan Phillip: A Distributed Knowledge Model for Multiple Intelligent Agents

LIBUSER, Carolyn Beeler: Organizational Structure and Risk Mitigation

LICHT, Ilana: Minimizing Task Completion Time by Distributed Computing Systems

LIEBERMAN, Charles J.: The Impact of Collective Negotiations Upon the Economic Status of Public School Teachers

LIEBESKIND, Julia: Internal Capital Markets in Diversified Firms: Two Models

LIESER, Tom Keating: An Econometric Model of the California Savings and Loan Industry

LIGGETT, Robin Segerblom: An Exploration of Approximate Solution Strategies for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (2 Copies)

LIGGETT, Robin Segerblom: The Application of an Implicit Enumeration Algorithm to the School Desegregation Problem

LIGHTNER, Kevin Madigan: Standard Cost Variance Analysis for Nonprofit Research Organizations

LIN, Pansy: Equity Pricing in International Markets: Three Empirical Essays

LIN, You-An Robert: The Use of Supplementary Accounting Disclosures for Corporate Takeover Targets Prediction

LINDSEY, Arthur Larry: Expansion of Four International Public Accounting Firms Throughout South America

LINNAINMAA, Juhani: Essays on Learning and Investor Behavior

LLOYD, Jeffrey Steven: An Investigation of the Effects of Selected Source and Message Manipulations in Public Service Advertising

LLOYD, Kenneth Louis: Adherence to Work Rules: A Case Study of the Professional Theatrical Actor in the Los Angeles Area

LOEWENSTEIN, David: The Self Image and Socio Economic Characteristics of Ford Pinto Owners Versus Volkswagen Beetle Owners

LOHANI, Prakash: Real Cash Balances, Secular Inflation and Unemployment

LOPER, Marvin Dennis: Videotaped Feedback and Changes in Self-Concept During and After Sensitivity Training

LOUARGAND, Marc Andrew: Intrametropolitan Location of Office Activity

LOUIE, Therese: The Influence of Self-Serving Motivations on the Occurrence of Hindsight in Personal Decision Making Settings

LOUIS, Meryl Reis: How MBA Graduates Cope with Early Job Experiences: An Expectation/Attribution Approach

LOURIE, Ben: The Revolving Door of Sell-Side Analysts: A Threat to Analysts' Independence?

LOW, Aaron Hong Wai: Essays on Asymmetric Information in International Finance

LOW, Christopher Robin: The Option Value for Alaskan Wilderness

LU, Chiuying: Scheduling of Multiple Queues on a Single Machine to Minimize Total Tardiness

LUCA, Anastasia: Positive Self-Assessment at Work: Positive Illusions, Work Motivation, and Career Success

LUH, Yungang: Essays on Distressed Corporate Restructuring in the United States

LUO, Jiang: Three Essays in Finance: Demographics and the Equity Premium; Capital Budgeting and Compensation with Asymmetric Information and Moral Hazard; Risk Sharing, Welfare and a New Security

LUSTGARTEN, Steven Howard: Industrial Market Structure and Administered Price Inflation

LUTZ, Alyssa Ann: Pricing Strategies in Residential Real Estate: Taking Advantage of Information Externalities

Mac CRIMMON, Kenneth R.: An Experimental Study of the Decision Making Behavior of Business Executive

Mac KENZIE, Scott Bradley: The Role of Attention in Mediating the Effect of Advertising on Attribute Importance

MADSEN, Tammy Lynn: Integrating Organizational Evolution and Strategy: Intrafirm Evolutionary Processes and Competitive Dynamics

MAGGARD, Michael: An Evaluation of Labor and Machine Limited Parallel Queueing Systems

MALOUIN, Jean-Louis: Comparative Analysis of the Scheduling Rule Shortest Processing Time Truncated with Four Other Due Date-Oriented Scheduling Rules in a Simulated Job Shop

MANDE, Vivek Gopal: The Information Content of Earnings and Dividends: The Substitution Hypothesis

MANN, Donald Harvey: Optimal Advertising Stock Models Incorporating Modal-Delayed Distributed Lags

MANNING, Christopher Ashley: The Determinants of Interurban Variation in Owner- Occupied Housing Prices: A Derived Demand Model Empirically Tested

MANSINGHKA, Surendra K.: Some Further Tests of Investment Theories: India, 1950-51-1965-66

MARGULIES, Newton: A Study of Organizational Culture and the Self-Actualizing Process

MARK, Gary: Information Availability and its Relationship to Internal and External Consulting Services

MARKLE, John Lawrence: An Application of Portfolio Theory to the Non-Life Insurance Industry

MARKO, Cheryl Rose: Production Planning and Scheduling for Batch Processors

MARLINO, Deborah Lynn: Heuristic Processing in the Formation of Judgments by Consumers

MARSTEN, Roy E.: An Implicit Enumeration Algorithm for the Set Partitioning Problem with Side Constraints

MASTOR, Anthony Athan: An Experimental Investigation and Comparative Evaluation of Production Line Balancing Techniques

MATHENY, Kenneth James: Essays on Beliefs and Business Cycles

MATURANA, Sergio Valderrama: Development of Heuristic to Solve a Multicommodity Shipment Planning Problem

MATURANA, Sergio Valderrama: A Translator Writing System for Algebraic Modeling Languages

MATUTE-MEJIA, Genaro L. A. : Power Asymmetry in Computer Supported Negotiating Dyads: Effects On Conflict Management and Power Enactment

MAY, Marvin Manuel: An Investment Opportunities Stock Valuation Model Based on Growth Patterns of Equity

McALLISTER, Donald Michael: Evaluating the Size and Spacing of Urban Public Service Centers: The Case of Local Recreation Facilities

McALLISTER, Donald Michael: The Demand for Rental Housing: An Investigation of Some Demographic and Economic Determinants

McCOSKER, Joseph Samuel: Backlog Information in Corporate Annual Reports

McCOURT, James Edward: Corporate Real Estate Investment: A Discriminant Analysis

McELHINEY, Paul Templeton: The Freeways of Metropolitan Los Angeles: An Evaluation in Terms of Their Objectives

McFALL, John: Priority Patterns and Consumer Behavior

McGOVERN, Irene Ellen: Non-Linear Optimization Theory Applied to Floor Plan Design

McINTIRE, Ralph Edgar: Functional Authority in the Corporate Controller Role

McKENNEY, James Larrimore: Simultaneous Multiprogramming of Electronic Computers

McKENZIE, Robert Ronald: A Computer Simulation Used to Evaluate Alternative Financial Strategies

McKNIGHT, Melvin R.: The Universal Science of the Common Person

McLELLAN, Griffith William: A Development of a Method for Determining and Evaluating Animal Feed Ingredient Market Potential in East Asia

McNICHOLS, Maureen: The Anticipation of Earnings in Securities Markets

MELODY, Laura Jean: A Linear Programming Model of the Military Air Mobility System

MENEZES, Melvyn A.J.: Product Warranty as an Element of the Marketing Mix: Theory, Implications and Experimental Tests

MERHAUT, John Milan: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Joint Capacity Expansion Without Rearrangement

MEYER, Deborah Bell: Multiple Source Prescription Drugs: A Preliminary Investigation of Price Differences Among Prescription Drugs of the Same General Class

MIDANI, Mohammed Ayman: The Determinants of Industrial Research and Development Expenditures: An Empirical Investigation

MIER Y TERAN, Alfredo: Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Policy

MILLEN, Robert Andrew: A Generalized Framework for the Study of Work Systems

MILLER, Charles Russel, Jr.: Patterns of Corporate Growth

MILLER, John Randolph: Parametric Priority Rules in Dual Resource Limited Service Systems

MILLER, Philip Gary: Conglomerates and Section 7: Is Size Enough?

MILLER, Stephen J.: A Quantitative Structure for Joint Advertising Budget and Allocation Decisions

MITCHELL, John Doyle: A Rate Theory For Use In General Hospital Administration

MITCHELL, Phillip Stanton: A Model for Fire Department Resource Allocation

MITCHELL, Rex C.: The Influence of an Internal Frame-of-Reference Disclosure Intervention on Work Group Relationships

MITTLER, Elliot: Organizational Regeneration

MOHIUDDIN, Kazi Golam: A Cross-Country Prediction Model for Political Risk Assessment by American Mining Corporations Operating in Developing Regions (2 Copies)

MOODY, Harold Terrence: Theory and Application of Regional Income and Product Accounts

MOON, Mohammad Munir: The Financial Simulation Model for Banks

MOONEY, Marta Whitmer: The Employment Behavior of Husbands in Two-Worker Families: An Empirical Investigation

MORAIS, Bernardo: Uncertainty and the Relative Price of Investment Goods

MORSE, C. Wesley: The Institutionalization of Socially Responsible Actions in Several Large Corporations

MOSES, Orrin Douglas: Accounting Change Behavior: The Relationship Between Earnings Adjustment and Firm-Specific Explanatory Factors; An Empirical Analysis

MOSICH, Anelise Nick: An Evaluation of Purchase and Pooling Concepts of Accounting for Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

MOSKOWITZ, Herbert: An Experimental Investigation of Decision Making in a Simulated Research and Development Environment

MOSKOWITZ, Tobias Jacob: Asset Pricing and Fund Investment Anomales

MOTAMEDI, Kurt Kourosh: The Interrelationships of Need for Achievement, Organizational Climate and Management by Objectives and Their Effect on Managerial Work Satisfaction

MOUNTS, Philip Harry: Business and the Hard-to-Employ: An Evaluative Study of the Objectives and Programs of a Metropolitan Office of the National Alliance of Businessmen

MOUNTS, Philip Harry: The Impact of the Concept of Professionalism Upon Engineers Employed in Industrial Organizations

MULVEY, John Michael: Special Structures in Network Models and Associated Applications

MURDOCK, Robert Glenn: Price Efficiency and Return Predictability in International Currency Markets

MUSALEM, Jose Sarquis: Converting Linear Models to Network Models

MUTHULINGAM, Suresh: Environmental Issues in Operations Management

MYERS, Brett W.: Effects of the Polictical Process on Financial Topics

NAKANISHI, Masao: A Model of Market Reaction to New Products (2 Copies)

NAKATA, Kouji: Perceived Student-College Fit and Personality Change in College Freshmen

NAKAYAMA, Makoto: Information Technology Impact on Interorganizational Relationships in Marketing Channels: Management of Cooperation, Conflict, and Information Sharing

NANOT, Yves: An Experimental Investigation and Comparative Evaluation of Priority Disciplines in Job Shop-Like Queueing Networks

NARASIMHAN, Rangapriya K.: Understanding Intrapreneurs and the Mechanics of Opportunity Exploitation

NASH, Joseph Victor: An Experiment to Test the Efficacy of Operational Auditing as an Alternative to Financial Auditing

NASON, Emily Mung-Lam: Uncertainty and Fairness Judgments: The Role of Information Ambiguity

NATIVIDAD, Gabriel Andres: Essays in Corporate Finance and Strategy

NAUSS, Robert Milton: Parametric Integer Programming

NEIS, Eric M.: Three Essays in Financial Economics

NELSON, Edward Allen: Firm Size and Administrative Efficiency in the Life Insurance Industry

NELSON, J. Russell: The Role of Stock Rights in Corporate Financial Policy

NERO, Susan Lynn: How Female MBAs Align Their Needs for Career Progress and Family Life

NEUMANN, Seev: Inflation and Life Insurance: The Impact of Inflation of Consumer Savings Through Life Insurance

NEUSTADTER, Laurel: EML Expression Evaluation: A Core Technology for EML-Based Modeling Environments

NG, Hoe-Chuan Alvin: The Nature of Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Employee Commitment and Consequent Behaviors

NICOL, Robert Edward George: An Inquiry into the Problems of Definition and Measurement in Operational Auditing by Professional Accounts

NIDUMOLU, Sarma Ramakrishna: The Effect of Uncertainty and Structure on Software Project Performance: Theory Testing and Development

NIEMINSKY, Arthur Clarence: An Empirically Developed Model to Price-Level Adjust Fixed Asset Portfolios

NIGH, Douglas William: Political Events as Environmental Determinants of United States Manufacturing Direct Foreign Investment

NORLANDER, Peter David: Organizing Migrations: People and Knowledge Flows in the Global Economy

NOWOTNY, Michael Christoph: Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Agents and Disaster Risk

NYANTEKYI-OWUSU, Cecil: Social Character in the Process of Economic Development: A Cross-Cultural Study of Riesman’s Theory

OLIVER, Janice Bell: The Effects of Presentation Form and Task Variables on the Saliency of Information in Evaluations of Company Performance

OLSON, Douglas: Recursive Approximation to Optimum Rules for Maintaining Stochastically Deteriorating Equipment

OMBERG, Edward Russell: The Efficiency of Information Production with Respect to Investment Decisions and the Allocation of Consumption Claims

O’NEIL, Donald Arthur: Uncertainty and New Product Innovation Planning

ORSINI, Joseph Lionel: Characteristics of Services and Consumer Behavior: An Empirical Study

OSTLER, James Owen:  Strategic Risk Taking Under Competition

OWENS, Eugene: The Effects of Disconfirmed Expectations on Adjustment to Cadet Life at the United States Air Force Academy

PANZER, Steve Monte: The Experiencing of Genuineness From Another Person: A Phenomenologically Grounded Theory

PAPADIMITRIOU, Athanassios: Efficient Data Inventory Management

PAPAGEORGE, Andrew Jackson: Transferability of Management: A Case Study of the United States and Greece

PAPPAS, James Lawrence: Liberalized Depreciation and the Cost of Capital: Theory and Some Empirical Evidence in the Electric Utility Industry

PARK, Jeongil: Statistical Modeling Approaches for Item-Based Recommendation Systems

PARKER, Sara Elizabeth:  Conflict of Interest and Incentives in Health Care

PATEL, Nimesh: Essays in Empirical Finance

PAUWELS, Koen H.: Long-Term Marketing Effectiveness in Mature, Emerging and Changing Markets

PAVLOV, Andrey Dimitrov: Implications of Spatial Modeling to Issues in Financial Economics and Real Estate

PEDROZO, Nelson Rodrigues Leao: Essays on Market Efficiency in Real Estate

PELEG, Ehud: Three Essays on Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice and Behavioral Finance

PEPPER, Neal A.: The Money Demand and Supply Determinants of Stock Prices

PERKINS, Lynn Roberta: Toward a Model for Faculty Resource Allocation

PEERY, Amnon: The Comparative Advantage of Israel in Science Based Industries

PETTIT, R. Richardson: Structure and Performance in the Savings and Loan Industry: An Analysis of Operating Efficiency and Its Relation to Regulation

PHATAK, Vishvanath Vinayak: External Environmental Constraints and Their Impact Upon the Internal Operations of Firms in the Pharmaceutical and Engineering Industries in India

PHILIPPOT, Aurelien: Essays in Empirical Finance

PHILLIPS, Margaret Elizabeth: Industry as a Cultural Grouping

PIPES, Larry Jerome: On Evaluation In Decision and Value Theory

PIPES, Larry Jerome: Maintenance Approaches to Evaluating Health Care Delivery Systems

PIRET, Robert Edgar: Strategy, Knowledge Topology, and Coordination in Product Development

PLAIN, Harold G.: A Modeling Technique for the Estimation of Selected Software Maintenance Factors Used in Managing the Software Maintenance Process

PLAZZI, Alberto: Essays on Real Estate and International Asset Pricing

POISSONNET, Sandrine P.: Profiles of Fit for Successful Telework Outcomes

PONTIUS, Vernon Earl: Criteria for Determining the Change in Income Reported Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Due to Changes in the General Price Level: A Predictive Model

POOR, Dean Stuart: Accounting for Reschedule Alternatives to Minimize Schedule Nervousness

PORRAS, Jerry Ignacio: A General Research Model for the Measurement of the Impact of an Organization Development Project: An Argentine Experience

PORTER, Leslie Robert: Computer-Based Model for Evaluating EDP Control Strategies

POUND, Alexander E.: On Option Prices and Tender Offers

POUND, Alexander E.: A Reduced Gradient Based Procedure for Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming

PRESS, Laurence Irwin: A Technique for Inductive Data and Exploration and Analysis

PREVOST, Carol Wilcox: The Economic Lot Scheduling Problem: A Review and Comparison of Analytical and Heuristic Solution Procedures

PUTZEL, Roger: Seeing Differently Through Language

QI, Mei: Impacts of Electronic Data Interchange on the Supplier

QUEEN, Maggie Mingchu: Market Anticipation of Corporate Takeover and the Acquisition Strategy for the Bidder

QURESHI, Mahmood Amad: Professional Accounting and Corporate Reporting in Pakistan

RADKE, Michael Adrian: Sensitivity Analysis in Discrete Optimization

RAHMANI, Morvarid:  The Dynamics of Collaboration in Knowledge-Based Work Processes

RAIA, Anthony Paul: A Case Study of the Effects of Goal-Setting and Self-Control on Organization Performance

RAMILLER, Neil Clifford: Behind the Buzzwords: Making Sense of The New in Information Systems

RAMIREZ, Cristian: Three Essays on Non-Monetary Incentives and Employee Compensation

RANDLE, Yvonne Elaine: Toward an Ecological Life Cycle Model of Organizational Success and Failure

RANNEY, Joyce Mary: A Study on the Relationship Between Physical Fitness and Occupational Strain Among White Collar Workers

RAO, Jayanth A.: Determinants of Satisfaction in Service Encounters: Expectations, Information, Seriousness Access and Waiting

RASMUSSEN, Roger Lyle: The Adult Social System of the Elementary School and Sixth- Grade Achievement of Basic Skills

RATH, Henry John: An Evaluation of Management Techniques Used in the International Transfer of the Production Know-How of the Litton LN-3 Inertial Navigation System

RATH, Sandeep: Resource Planning Models for Healthcare Organizations

RATZKA, Adolf Dieter: Sixty Years of Municipal Leasehold in Stockholm: An Econometric and Cost-Revenue Analysis

RAY, Leslie Nanda: A Grounded Theory Study of Organizational Morality

RAYMOND, Loren Marshall: The Influence of Managerial Factors on Enterprise Performances: A Study of United States Subsidiaries and Local Firms in Britain

RAYNOLDS, Peter Albert: The Projective-Differential: A General-Purpose Inkblot Technique for Studying Denotable “Objects”

REBNE, Douglas Sydney: Determinants of Individual Productivity: The Case of Academic Research

RECART, Victor Alfonso: Optimal Exploitation Strategy for a Mineral Deposit

REED, Lynn M. : Spillover: A Brand’s Average Promotional Effect on Store Sales Across Other Product Categories

REBEIZ, Paul: Management of Demand Response Programs in the Electricity Industry

REKSODIHARDJO, Soegito: Skills Investing in a Developing Country: An Appraisal of Management Development for Indonesia

REN, Rongrong: Learning by Firms and Technological Innovation

RENSHAW, Jean Rehkop: Explorations at the Boundaries of Work and Family Life

RETTENMAYER, John William: The Effect of File Ordering on Retrieval Cost

RETTIG, Jack L.: Vocational Choice Patterns and Personality Characteristics of Women in Three Occupational Groups

RIBEIRO SISMEIRO, Catarina Isabel: Modeling Browsing and Purchase on the Internet Using Clickstream Data

RICHARD, Warren Lewis: Simulation of a High-Speed Remote Terminal Teleprocessing System

RICHMOND, Robert: Essays on the Fundamental Determinants of International Asset Prices

RHIM, Hosun: Spatial Competition in Facility Location and Product Positioning

RICHARDS, Larry Earl: The Analysis of Residuals for Detecting Unexplained Joint Effects

RICHMOND, Christine: Essays on Firm Performance and Dynamics in Developing Countries

RICHTER, Brian Kelleher: Essays in Political Economy and Finance

RILEY, Melvin Louis: The Negro Market: A Phenomenon in Transitory Exit

RIVAS BUSS, Ronald Martin: The Regionalization Paradox: A Dynamic Theory of Global Strategic Management

ROBERTS, C. Paul: The Economics of Education in Costa Rica: Effects on Earnings of Family Background, School Performance and Occupation

ROBERTSON, Juan Patrick: The Assessment of Production Technologies

ROBINS, James A.: Managerial Strategy and Organization: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Tapered Integration of American Film Production (2 Copies)

ROEMER, Thomas Augustinus: Managing Product Development Processes

ROJOT, Jacques Rene: International Collective Bargaining: An Analysis and Case Study of Europe

ROLDAN, Maria Lourdes Hagedorn: Routines For Flexibility: Hospitals Responding to the Rise of Managed Care

ROSS, Nicholas: Three Essays in Accounting

ROSSIN, Donald Fred: A Manager Interactive Model for Aggregate Planning

ROSSITER, John Reginald: Innovativeness and Opinion Leadership for College Coed Fashions

ROSSMOORE, Donald F.: An Empirical Investigation of the Argyris and Schon Theory of Action Perspective

ROSSY, Gerard Lucien: Management by Objectives: A Forecast of Its Future Development Using the Delphi Technique

ROY, Abhik: Optimal Pricing with Demand Feedback in a Hierarchical Market

ROY, Tirthankar: An Analysis of Fidelity Programs

RUBENSTEIN, Mark E.: Four Essays in the Theory of Competitive Securities Markets

RUBLE, Thomas Lee: The Role of Causal Attributions in Conflict-Handling Behavior

RUIZ, Janis Shipman: Lobbying, Economic Consequences and Statement of Financial Accounting Standard Number 19

RUTZ, Oliver J.: Three Essays on Paid Search Advertising

RYNELL-HELLER, Inga: A Study of the Influence of Relative Prices on Consumer Allocation of Budget Shares to Different Commodities

SACKMANN, SONJA: Cultural Knowledge in Organizations: The Link Between Strategy and Organizational Process

SAEED, Oshman Hassan: Financial Institutions and Industrial Finance in the Sudan: A Study of the Role and Contribution of Commercial and Development Banks to the Savings-Investment Process of the Private Industrial Sector

SAHAI, Gurdev Singh: Two Essays in Finance I. Rebalancing Strategies for the Synthetic Replication of Interest Rate Options and II. Cost of Funds in the Eleventh District Models

SAKAI, Yutaro: Specific Human Capital Investment and Optimal Human Capital Portfolio

SA-KONG, Il: Factor Market Distortions and Choice of Production Techniques in Under- Developed Countries: An Empirical Study

SAKURAI, Yuji: How Does the Bond Market Perceive Macroeconomic Risks under Zero Lower Bound?

SALAWAY, Gail: An Organizational Learning Approach to Generating Information for Information Systems Development

SALIMI, Anwar Y.: Adjustment by Investors to Accounting Income Figures

SAMMONS, Catherine Cecile: Structure-Technology Fit: An Exploration of Two Perspectives

SAMUELSON, Richard Arthur: The Predictive Ability of Price-Level-Adjusted Earnings: An Ex Post Valuation Approach to Accounting Measurement Validation

SAND, Ole Christian: Country Risk and Pricing of Eurocredits to Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation

SARETTO, Alessio Alberto: Three Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing

SARIN, Rakesh Kumar: Interactive Procedures for Evaluation of Multi-Attributed Alternatives

SAXE, Robert: The Customer Orientation of Salespeople

SAXENA, Konark: Essays in Empirical Finance

SCAMMON, Debra Lynn: The Failing Company Merger: Inclusion of Financial Status, Market Concentration and Descriptive Variables in Analysis of Court Decisions

SCAMMON, Debra Lynn: The Effects on Consumers of Varying the Amount and Format of Purchase-Relevant Information (2 Copies)

SCHABACKER, Joseph Charles: A Study of Cash Planning in Small Manufacturing Companies

SCHARY, Philip Brandt: Competition in the Domestic Air Cargo Industry

SCHERWIN, Vicki: The Overlooked Dimension of Leadership: Follower Self-Interest

SCHOENNAUER, Alfred Walter: An Analysis Into the Time-Saved Factor as a Generator of Air Passenger Traffic

SCHOTT, Peter Kurt: Three Essays on Factor Endowments, the Distribution of Production and Trade

SCHREINER, John Christian: Historically Successful Portfolio Selection Rules

SCHROEDER, Scott J.: Doing What You Do And Doing Who You Are: An Investigation into the Psychology of Individuals’ Empowerment at Work

SCHULZ, Florian: Essays in Finance and Economics

SCHWAB, Bernhard Joachim: Economic Evaluation and Selection of Electronic Data Processing Systems

SCHWARTZ, Bill Neal: Estimating Deferred Taxes Using Partial Tax Allocation and Determining Its Impact on the Financial Statements: An Empirical Study

SEDGWICK, Edward: The Formal Relationships Between the Corporate Planning Coordinator and Top Management in Multinational Firms, During the Process of Established Objectives

SEKARAN, Uma: The Dynamics of Job Involvement: A Study of the Congruence Among Personality, Job and Organization Factors in the Context of Changing Demographic Variables

SELOGIE, Louis Allyn: The Evolution and Development of the Disciplines of Program/Project Management in the High Technology Environment

SENCHACK, Andrew Joseph: The Firm’s Optimal Financial Decisions: An Integration of Corporate Financial Theory Under Certainty

SENGUPTA, Jaideep: Obtaining Attitude Persistence and Attitude Resistance in Low Involvement Advertising Situations

SENN, Alan Ramon: The Influence of Environment on Accounting Concepts: A Comparison of the United States and Latin America

SERNOVA, Elena V: Adios to the Long-Bond: Will We Miss It?

SERRUYA, Leon Michel: Market Imperfections, Individual Portfolio Selection and Corporate Finance

SETTLE, Robert Burton: Consumer Attributional Information Dependence

SHABANA , Ahmed A.: Business Process Reengineering: Testing an Integrative Model of Successful Implementations

SHAH, Neha Parikh: The Individual Effects of Multiplex Relationships in Workplace Social Networks

SHARIF, Marissa: The Benefits of Emergency Reserves in Goal Preference and Persistence

SHARMA, Radha Mohan: An Econometric Study of the Shifting of the Corporation Income Tax from 1950 to 1965

SHARP, Durwin Lee: Constituency Based Accounting Policy: A Multidimensional Perspective

SHASTRI, Kuldeep: Firm Investment Decisions and Security Values: An Option Pricing Approach

SHAUL, Donald Robert: The Effects of Data Processing on Middle Managers

SHAW, Edward Allen: Person Perception and Screening Decisions in Recruitment Interviews

SHEEN, Albert W.: Essays on Corporate Investment

SHEFFET, Mary Jane Frances: An Experimental Investigation of Advertising Substantiation

SHELHAV, Moshe: Documentation and Assessment of a Community Renewal Project: A Case of an Israeli Kibbutz

SHEPARD, Kenneth Owen: The Future of Organization Development: Implications for Practitioner Training and Research

SHEPHERD, Shane David: Cash Holdings, Stock Splits, and Mergers: Examining Risk and Return in the Equity Markets

SHETTY, Yermal Krishna: A Comparative Study of Manpower Management Practices in American and Indian Industrial Enterprises

SHIEH, Ted: The Valuation of Subprime Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities and Other Topics in Asset Pricing

SHIH, Andre: Three Essays in Public Finance

SHIM, David Yong: Three Essays on Rational Consumer Behavior

SHIMOJO, Yuichi: Strategic Planning for Computer Software as a Business

SHIMONEY, Moshe: Shipment Consolidation and Routing for a Non Proprietary Vehicle Freight Forwarder

SHIN, Hyun Sang: Strategic and Financial Implications of New Product Quality in High-Tech Industries

SHIRAISHI, Noriyoshi: An Interactive Procedure for Designing an Inventory System

SHNEER, Robert: The Impact of Workplace Discrimination and Explanatory Style on Depression

SHORT, James Lee: Total New Town Building Costs and Comparisons with an Alternative Development

SHRIEVES, Ronald Edward: Innovation and Market Structure: Further Evidence

SHULMAN, David George: Leverage, Dividends and Rates of Return on Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts

SIDDARTH, Sivaramakrishnan: A Model Choice Set Composition Applied to Scanner Data

SIEGEL, Richard A.: Estimating Interindustry Employment Effects of California Residential Construction

SIKES, T.W.: The Search Decision Rule Applied to Aggregate Planning: Improved Efficiency and Stochastic Extension

SILER, Kenneth Francis: A Stochastic Model for the Evaluation of Large Scale Data Retrieval Systems: An Analysis of Data Base Inversion and Key Truncation

SILVA RISSO, Jorge Mario: A Disaggregate Modeling Approach to Determine Manufacturers’ Sales Promotion Calendars

SIM, Ah Ba: Decentralization and Performance: A Comparative Study of Malaysian Subsidiaries of Different National Origins

SIRRI, Erick Remzi: Bid-Ask Spread, Price and Trade Size in a Specialist Market

SMITH, Gerald Dudley: A Methodology for the Computation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans

SMITH, Norman Patrick: The Influence of the Structural Information Characteristics of Jungian Personality Type on Time Horizons in Decision Making

SMITH, Patrick John: Market Structure, Concentration and Performance in U.S. Manufacturing, 1963: A Factor and Regression Study

SMITH, Richard Lester, II: The United States Automobile Industry: Three Studies of Industry Conduct and Structural Change

SMITH, Ronald Aubrey: The Relationship Between the Type Theory and the Personality Growth Theory of Carl Jung and the Helping Relationship Theory of Carl Rogers

SMITH, William Newton: Problem-Solving and Bargaining as Modes of Constructive Conflict Resolution in Aerospace Matrix Organizations

SNELGROVE, Donald Norman: Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with Linear Diseconomies of Scale

SODHI, Manmohan S.: An Asynchronous Parallel Algorithm for Linear Programming Based on the Simplex Method

SOE, Louise L. : Substitutability and Complementarity in the Diffusion of Multiple Electronic Communication Media: An Evolutionary Approach

SOGOMONIAN, Aram Gregory: Inventory Control and Price Theory

SOH, Wai Lin Christina: A Study of the Relationship between Information Technology Expenditure and Profitability in Commerical Banking

SOHN, Jung Hoon: Social Knowledge as a Control Mechanism in International Technology Transactions: The Japanese Case

SOMLO, Barbara: Distribution Planning for the Motion Picture Industry: Models, Applications and Analysis

SONNIER, Garrett: Bayesian Analysis of Consumer Willingness-to-Pay

SORGE, Barthold: The Prevention of Financial Losses in Foreign Operations

SPIEGLER, Israel: A Computer Aided Methodology for Bridging Analysis and Construction in the Design of Information Processing Systems

SPILLER, Richard: Ownership and Performance: Stock and Mutual Life Insurance Companies

SPINRAD, Marien Aran: An Analysis of Housing for Low and Moderate Income Families in Metropolitan Mexico City

SPIRO, Herbert Tsvi: Optimal Organization of the Military Hardware Industry

SRINIVAS, Kalbergi: A Computer Simulation Model of Newcomb’s Consistency Theory: A Case in Theory Development

SRINIVASAN, Kannan: Pioneering Versus Early Following in New Product Markets

STALLAERT, Jan: On the Polyhedral Structure of Capacitated Fixed Charge Network Problems

STANTON, Richard Ellis: An Analysis of State and Federally Collected and Distributed Highway User Taxes in California

STEVENSON, Christopher Brewer: Joint Policy Considerations for Hospital Blood Banks with Cost and Risk Criteria: A Simulation Study

STICH, Angela Bernice: Designing a Carpool System Using Clustering Analysis and a Traveling Salesman Heuristic Based on Spacefilling Curves

STOLTZ, Charlene Marie: A Sample Survey Technique for Determining the Nature of the Use of a Medical Record File

STONE, Ronald Summer: The Influence of Order of Presentation of Financial and Non- Financial Information on Evaluations of Firm Performance: An Empirical Study

STOVER, Walter Frederick: Formal Organizations in the Everyday World

STROM, Harold Kjell: The North Atlantic Air Transportation Market: A Study of the American Competitive Position

STROM, Wayne Lee: Discriminative Study of the Psychological Impacts of Advanced Management Education on Experienced Practitioners

STRUMWASSER, Michael Jay: A Quantitative Analysis of Political Redistricting

STUTEVILLE, John Ray: The Life History Patterns of Highly Creative Inventors

SU, Wei: Essays on Earnings Expectation

SUBRAHMANYAM, Avanidhar: Determinants of Market Liquidity and Price Efficiency in Financial Markets

SUGITA, Yoshihiro: A Dynamic Probit Model of Brand Choice: Model Development and Application to Consumer Dealing

SUJAN, Harish: Salesperson Motivation: Strategy Vs. Effort

SUJAN, Mita: Consumer Knowledge: Effects on Evaluation Processes Mediating Consumer Judgments

SUMNER, Gerald Calvin: Examination of the Usefulness of Three-Way Probability Lattice Sampling for Household Populations

SURAPHONGSCHAI, Vichit: A Heuristic Procedure for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling

SUSMAN, Gerald Isaiah: An Investigation of Task Allocation Decisions in Autonomous Work Groups in a Continuous Process Industry

SUTCLIFFE, Norma Gail : The Role of Leadership in Business Process Reengineering An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Leadership and the Reengineering Outcome

SUTHERLAND, John Winslow: Origins, Characteristics and Performance of the Industrialization Program in Northeast Brazil

SWAMINATHAN, Bhaskaran: The Implications of Individual Investor Behavior for the Pricing of Closed-End Funds and Small Firms

SWAN, Cathy Wood: Space Operations in the Year 2000: Organizational Impact of Human Factors on Long Duration Space Missions

SWASY, John Larry: Conceptual and Modeling Issues in a Cognitive Response Perspective on Persuasion Processes

SWOVELAND, Cary: Decomposition Algorithms for the Multi-Commodity Distribution Problem

SYLVESTER, Richard Russel: The Effect of Management Techniques on Commercial Diversification Project Success

TAHA, Abdel-Rahman El Tayib: The Sudanese Labor Movement: A Study of Labor Unionism in a Developing Society

TAKAMATSU, Kazuaki: Job Search with Two Attributes: Wage Rate and Job Length

TAKAMATSU, Kazuaki: Job Search with Two Attributes: Partial and Equilibrium Analyses

TAKASHIMA, Mirei: Self-Expression Through Brand and Consumption Choices: Examining Cross-Cultural Differences

TALLMAN, Stephen Bruce: A Strategic Model of the Multinational Company and Direct Foreign Investment in the United States

TALMOR, Uri: Status Inconsistency: A Resource Allocation Perspective

TAMBLYN, John Cameron: The Profitability/Concentration Relationship in the Context of International Markets: An Empirical Test 

TAO, Ray Fan-Sheng: A Study of the Continuous Rectangular Distributions

TATINENI, Vidya-Charan: Profitability of Geographic Variation in Market Shares

TAUBERT, William H.: The Search Decision Rule Approach to Operations Planning

TAYLOR, Vern Osborne: Change of Orienting Style During Laboratory Training: A Jungian Perspective

TAYLOR, Wayne: Modeling Customer Behavior in Loyalty Programs

T.C.A., Bashyam: Service and Competition in Business Information Services

TEETER, Shirley La Von: A Study of Task Goals, Performance, and Achievement Motivation

TERECH, Andres: Three Essays on Consideration Sets

TESFAY, Brhane: Labor and Management Negotiators in Kenya

TESTA, Charles Joseph: An Investigation of Packing and Its Influence on Sales

THOMSON, Edward Wayne: The Application of Multiple Discriminant Analysis for the Evaluation of Public Policy Towards Horizontal Mergers

THORNBERG, Christopher Frederick: Tasks, Skills, and Changes in the Structure of Wages

TIMSON, Frederick Samuel: Decisionmaking Under Aggregate Uncertainty: The Engineering Decisions in a System Development Project

TING, Paul Bang-Hung: Design and Development of a Generalized Constrained Nonlinear Optimization System Utilizing Known Problem Attributes Information

TOMASSINI, Lawrence Anthony: Human Resource Accounting and Managerial Decision Behavior: An Experimental Study

TOMMASINI, Ronald Noel: The Effects of Similar Ad Environment on Advertisement Retention

TOMPKINS, Gerry Edward: Characteristics of the High Cost of Maintenance of Application Software

TOSCANO, Francisco: A Generalized Methodology for the Simulation of Transportation Systems

TOWNSEND, Claudia: The Impact of Product Aesthetics in Consumer Choice

TRACY, William Martin: Three Essays on Firm Learning

TRAURING, Mitchell: On the Capital Asset Pricing Model with Investors’ Taxes

TROUT, Robert Rayle: Utility Regulation Under Inflation

TRUSOV, Michael S.: Three Essays on Internet Marketing

TSAI, Ming-Hong: Information Sharing Within Groups

TSAI, Yann-Ching: The Timing Effects of Earnings Reports and the Stock Market Reaction to Late-Reporting Firms

TSAI, Yoa-Chuan: Structured Modeling Query Language

TSCHIRGI, Harvey Downer: An Experimental Study of Interpersonal Influence in Executive Decision-Making

TSUI, Anne Shuk-Ying: A Multiple-Constituency Approach to Managerial Effectiveness: A Theoretical Framework and an Exploratory Study

TSUI, Samuel Wing-Kong: An Analysis of the Post-War Economic Development of Hong Kong

TUCHMAN, Gary David: A Cash Flow Approach to the Determination of Commercial Bank Loan Liquidity

TUCKER, Robert De Witt: An Evaluation of the Oklahoma Corporation Act

TURRILL, Robert Bishop: Use of the Semantic Differential in Relating Perceived Self- Organizational Environment Similarity to the Meaning of Membership in Bureaucracy

TUZEL, Selale: Three Essays in Asset Pricing

ULLMEN, John B.: The Human Side of Entrepreneurship: An Investigation into the Interpersonal Dimensions of Partnering Relationships Between Business Cofounders

ULRICH, David Olson: United States and Japanese Electronics Industries: Description, Taxonomy, and Selection

USHIJIMA, Tatsuo: Evolution of Multinationality and the Value of the Firm

VALLEAU, Delmar S.: Management Succession and Preselection: A Survey of Staffing Practices in the United States and Los Angeles Area

VANHUELE, Marc: Memory Effects of Advertisements That We Do Not Remember a Study on Why Familiar Marketing Stimuli are Better Liked

VASARHELYI, Miklos Antal: Man-Machine Planning Systems

VAVRA, Terry Gwyn: Irritation in Radio Advertising: A Study of Affectivity and Effectiveness

VERSANO, Tsahi: Discretionary Disclosure in Agencies

VILLALONGA, Belen: ‘Chop Shop’ Valuation Models and the Diversification Discount: Issues of Causality, Selectivity and Aggregation

VILLANUEVA, Julian: Acquisition Channels and Price Discrimination in a Customer Equity Framework

VILLARREAL, Jaime Bruno: Is a Balance of Payments Disequilibrium the Cause for a Parity Change: The 1971 Floating Rate Experience

VOGEL, Donald Lee: Improved Real Estate Appraisals and Investment Decisions Through Systems Analysis

VOIGT, Carl Werner: Corporate Demographics and Decompositions: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Growth and Diversification, 1979-89

VOLLMANN, Thomas Edward: An Investigation of the Bases for the Relative Location of Facilities

WACKER, Gerald Jay: The Use of Cognitive Maps in a Case Study of the Evolution of an Industrial Organization

WADE, Kenneth Sayre: A Study of Public Accounting in Mexico

WAGLE, Rajendra: Network Models for Financial Management

WAGNER, Francis Robert: The Congruence of Job Design Personality Variables and Work System Design: Implications for Productivity and the Quality of Working Life

WAGNER, Kimberly Harris: An Investigation of Conflict Management in Global Virtual Teams

WALLACE, Fraser Gill: A Computer Simulation of Selected Hypotheses Describing Behavior of a Firm within a Given Economic Environment

WALTER, David H.: Corporate Stock Reacquisition: Analysis and Implications for Investment and Financial Policy

WALTERS, Daniel: Known Unknowns in Judgment and Choice

WANG, Hongbo: Re-Engineering New Product Development Processes

WANG, Ping: Fashion in Information Technology

WANG, Wenqing: Three Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing

WANG, Yu-Teh: An Empirical Study of Organizational Stress Among Information System Managers: Structural Equation Modeling Approach

WARD, Sidne Gail: The Effects of Decision Support System Features on Users’ Decision-Making Behavior

WARREN, James M.: A Corporate Financial Planning Model: A Simultaneous Equation Approach

WASHINGTON, Elbert, Jr.: An Economic Analysis of the Marijuana Pusher (A Case Study)

WATERS, Brian Todd: Essays in Finance

WATSON, Richard Alan: The Selection of an Inventory Model for Small Business Firms

WAZZAN, Christopher Paul: Multimarket Price Discovery and The Impact of Legislation on Financial Markets

WEBB, Elizabeth Compton: Understanding Risk Preference and Perception in Sequential Choice

WEE, Kyeongwoo: Three Essays in Financial Economics

WEISS, Ira Richard: Implications and Effects of Data Security Measures and Strategic Planning in a Computer Network Environment

WEISS, Stanley David: An Integration and Critical Evaluation of the Literature of Computer-Based Management Information Systems for Top Management Decision-Making

WEIHRICH, Heinz: A Study of the Integration of Management by Objectives with Key Managerial Activities and the Relationship to Selected Effectiveness Measures

WERMERS, Russels Richard: Essays on the Investment Behavior of Institutional Investors

WESSELS, David W: Organizational Structure, Agency Theory, and Capital Allocation

WESTERFIELD, Morse Dean: Optimal Job Sequencing in Underground Room and Pillar Coal Mining

WESTERFIELD, Randolph William: A Behavioral Approach to the Investment Management Decision and the Securities Markets

WESTFALL, Steven Lawrence: Industrial Franchising in Northeast Brazil: A Feasibility Study of a New Program for Industrial Development

WESTHEIDER, Olaf: Predicting Stock Index Returns by Means of Genetically Engineered Neural Networks

WHITE, Anita Rose: Training End-Users on Database Queries: The Effectiveness of Example Format and Spatial Ability on Learning Queries

WHITNEY, William Hales: An Investigation of Selected Impacts on Surrounding Lands which are Generated by Development of Regional Shopping Centers

WIDAATALLA, Ahmed: Effect of Racial Change on the Tax Base of the City of Compton

WIELAND, Alice: Gender and Decision-Making: Competitive, Risky and Entrepreneurial Decisions: Three Essays Related to How Sex and Gender Influence Decisions in Different Contexts

WIGGINS, Ronald L.: Arbitration of Industrial Engineering Cases

WILLIAMS, James Isaac: Setting Job Standards and Selecting or Evaluating Workers by Physiological Work Measurement

WILLIAMS, Laura Melody: Strategic Decision Support for Project Portfolio Management in the Public Sector

WILLIAMS, Patricia Anne: The Impact of Emotional Advertising Appeals on Consumer Implicit and Explicit Memory: An Accessibility versus Diagnosticity Perspective

WILLIAMS, Patrick Meacham: An Evaluation of Barriers to the Delegation of Authority in Formal Organizations

WILTZ, Laura Simms: Client Influence on Bureaucratic Functioning

WINSLOW, Marilyn Adele: Repeated Exposure to Irritating Radio Advertising

WITKOWSKI, Terrence Henry: A Comparison of UCLA College Women’s Self and Ideal Self Image with Their Perceived Image of Women Portrayed in Magazine Advertisements

WLASIUK, Juan Marcos:  Essays on International Development

WO, Craig Scott: Essays on International Equity Markets

WOLFE, Terance Jerome: An Inquiry Into Indiscriminable Contexts: Frame Strategies and their Personal and Organizational Consequences

WONG, Carolyn: Trading Off Total Flow Time with Number of Jobs Tardy in One Machine Scheduling

WONG, Chin Hang: The Incentive and Risk-Sharing Effects of Management Compensation

WONG, Gordon Kwok-Tung: Effects of Learner Background Characteristics, Learning Methods, and Their Interactions on the Learning of a Managerial Application Software System

WONG, Tak-Jun: Essays on the Determinants of the Relation between Stock Prices and Accounting Earnings

WOODWARD, Susan Ellen: Two Essays in the Theory of Competitive Markets for Contingent Claims

WOOL, Phillip Stephen:  Essays Concerning the Network Structure of Mutual Fund Holdings and the Behavior of Institutional Investors

WRIGHT, Albert: Accounting for Extraordinary Charges and Credits and Their Implications for Net Income

WU, Ching-Sung: Strategic Alliances in Global Technological Competition: Cases of Computers and Telecommunications Industries

WU, Rebecca Chung-Fern: Expertise in the Audit of Information System Controls

WURGAFT, Hernan: Design for Product Set Manufacturability

XIA, Yihong: Three Essays on the Effect of Learning and Predictability on Optimal Dynamic Portfolio Strategies and Asset Prices

YALE, Coralee: An Application of Winsorization to Linear Regression Analysis

YAMAUCHI, Yutaka: Knowing and Not Knowing in Work Practice: Three Ethnographic Studies

YAN, Shu: Three Essays on Stock Market Volatility and Stock Return Predictability

YANG, Baiyan: Managing a Multinational Supply Chain: The Impact of Parallel Imports

YANG, Kwang Min: On Academic Resource Scheduling

YANG, Kwang Min: On Set Packing Problems

YANG, Yang: Essays on Economic Growth and International Trade

YATES, Don Bradshaw: Toward an Understanding of Vitality in Organizations

YECHESKEL, Eliahu: The Quality of Urban Living: A Tool for Policy Decision Making

YEH, Shu: Line of Business Reporting, the Marginal Information Content of Earnings Announcements, and the Accuracy of Analyst Earnings Forecast

YI, Cheong-Heon: On Firms’ Disclosure Channel Decisions

YI, Hwa Deuk: Management Earnings Forecasts: The Market Response and Firms' Disclosure Incentives

YIN, Rui: Pricing and Production for the Supply Chain Management

YOO, Onesun Steve:  Time Allocation Strategies for Entrepreneurial Operations Management 

YOO, Seuck-Cheun: A Queueing Model for a Multi-Server and Multi-Class Customer System

YOO, Shijin: Essays on Customer Equity and Product Marketing

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