Ali Fattahi

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"I study demand response programs that reduce electricity consumption during on-peak periods by eliminating or shifting consumption to off-peak periods. My research shows that implementing these programs can save about 8% of the total electricity production cost in California."

DOTM PhD Student


Place of Origin
Azarshahr, Iran

BS in Industrial Engineering
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran

MS in Industrial Engineering
Koç University
Istanbul, Turkey

Entered program in 2014

Fattahi, A., Dasu, S., Ahmadi, R.
"Calling Contracts for a Sustainable Energy Consumption" 
Work in progress.

Fattahi, A., Dasu, S., Ahmadi, R.
"Mass Customization and Forecasting Options Penetration Rates Problem"
Submitted to Operations Research 

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M. (2016)
"One Direction Search for Exact Nondominated Frontiers of Biobjective
Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Problems"
European Journal of Operational Research, Under Revision.

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M. (2015)
"On the MILP model for the U-shaped assembly line balancing problems" 
European Journal of Operational Research 242: 343-346.

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M. (2015) 
"e-OA for the solution of bi-objective generalized disjunctive programming
problems in the synthesis of nonlinear process networks"
Computers & Chemical Engineering. 72: 199-209.

Fattahi, A., Elaoud, S., Sadeqi Azer, E., Turkay, M. (2014)
"A novel integer programming formulation with logic cuts for the U-shaped
assembly line balancing problem"
International Journal of Production Research, 52:5, 1318-1333.

Turkay, M., Fattahi, A.,
"Augmented Epsilon Constraint Method for the Multi-Objective Optimization of
Combinatorial Optimization Problems."
2013 AICHE Annual Meeting 
San Francisco, CA, 3-8 November, 2013

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M.
"Bi-Objective Hub Location-Allocation Problem: Min. Cost and Min. CO2 Emissions."
International IIE Conference
Istanbul, Turkey, 26-28 June, 2013

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M.
"Logic Cuts for Strengthening the Relaxation Gaps of Network Planning Problems."
2012 AICHE Annual Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA, October 28-November 2, 2012

Fattahi, A., Sadeqi Azer, E., Shams Shemirani, H., Turkay, M.
"A Novel Integer Programming Formulation for U-Shaped Line Balancing Problems Type-1."
21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming
Berlin Germany, 19-24 August, 2012

Fattahi, A., Turkay, M.
"Road-Rail-Sea Hub Location-Allocation with Sustainability Considerations."
25th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO xxv)
Vilnius, Lithuania, 8-11 July, 2012