2016-17 Job Market Candidates


Candidate Area Dissertation Title Faculty Advisor(s)
Ashley Angulo M & O My Things Help More: How Increased Feelings of Psychological
Ownership Counterintuitively Increase Physical Donations to Charitable Causes
Noah Goldstein
Christian Blanco DOTM

Mitigating Climate Change Risks through Sustainable Operations
(Job Market Paper)

 Felipe Caro
Charles Corbett
Bennett Chiles Strategy Shrouded Prices and Firm Reputation: Evidence from the U.S. Hotel Industry Marvin Lieberman

Charlene Chu


Of Photos,  Souvenirs and Ticket Stubs:
Why and When Consumers Keep Momentos

Suzanne Shu 

Andrea Di Miceli


Essays on Development and Political Economy

Romain Wacziarg
Paola Giuliano
Shenje Hshieh Finance

Investment Channels in Innovation and Profit Windfalls
from Patent Term Extensions

 Mark Garmaise
 Keunwoo Kim Marketing   Incorporating Complaints Management Quality into Demand
Estimation in the Airline Industry
Nimesh Patel   Finance Political Clampdowns and Corporate Influence: Evidence from Deepwater Horizon  Ivo Welch

 Marissa Sharif


The Effect of an "Emergency Reserve" on Goal Performance  

 Suzanne Shu

Youngjin Song


Internal Migration in the U.S. and the State Border (Job Market Paper)

Paola Giuliano
Wayne Taylor   Marketing  Three Essays on the Indirect Impacts of Loyalty Programs  Anand Bodapati 
Daniel Walters M & O Known Unknowns in Confidence and Consumer Behavior Craig Fox
Yang Yang GEM Transport Infrastructure, Spatial Distribution of Industries and City Productivity Romain Wacziarg