2014-15 Job Market Candidates


Candidate Area Dissertation Topic Faculty Advisor(s) Placement
Thomas Altura M&O The Social Facticity of Partner-Status: The Case of Local Governments and Investment Banks

Sanford  Jacoby

San Jose State University
 Vanessa Burbano  Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance:
Field Experiment Evidence on the Role of the Employee

Marvin Lieberman
Jason Snyder

  Boyoun Choi DOTM Information Chains and Content Management Uday Karmarkar


Omri Even-Tov Accounting

Can the Bond Price Reaction to Earnings Announcements Predict Future Stock Returns?

Brett Trueman

 Alvaro Garcia GEM Essays on Firms and International Trade

Edward Leamer
Nico Voigtlaender

Yaron Levi Finance

Information Architecture & Intertemporal Choice: A Randomized
Field Experiment in the United States

Ivo Welch University of Southern California
Ben Lourie Accounting

The Revolving-Door of Sell-Side Analysis: A Threat to Analysts' Independence

Carla Hayn University of California, Irvine
 Aurelien Philippot  Finance  Essays in Empirical Finance  Mark Garmaise  Universite Laval, Canada
 Brian Waters Finance 

Essays in Corporate Finance

 Bruce Carlin  
 Wei Zhang  DOTM

 Pulling Operational Levers for Price Bargaining in High-Tech
Supply Chains

 Reza Ahmadi University of Hong Kong