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Our 9-course core curriculum provides a solid grounding in all of the fundamental skills you need to succeed as a leader in business. While you must take all of the core courses in your first year, you do have choices about how you sequence some of them. This is designed to help you meet your individual career goals. While your summer internship may seem far off, the recruiting process for it will shift into full swing at the very start of the winter quarter, and this flexibility will help you be prepared.

For fall quarter you get to decide whether you would like to start with marketing or finance, in addition to your fixed core courses. If you're aiming for a quantitatively-oriented career, the finance class will give you the knowledge and skills you need to perform well in the interview room. If you're aiming for a non-quantitative career, then taking marketing will be a great way to balance out all of your other quantitative coursework. It will also introduce you to case study, which can be helpful preparation for the kinds of case-based interviews you may encounter during recruiting.

For winter quarter you have another choice - it's up to you to decide if you'd like to take strategy, or wait until spring. For some students, such as aspiring consultants, it makes sense to prepare for internships by taking strategy earlier in the year. If you are headed in a different career direction, then one of our elective courses might be the best preparation. We are here every step of the way with academic advising to help you make these decisions.

Marketing Management OR Foundations of Finance
Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Data and Decisions
Foundations of Finance OR Marketing Management
Communication for Leaders
Operations Technology Management
Business Strategy OR Elective
Elective (Optional)
Organizational Behavior
Communication for Leaders
Business Strategy OR Elective
Represents choice in sequencing
Represents fixed classes taken in the designated quarter

In spring quarter, everyone takes organizational behavior.  You'll take strategy if you didn't do so in winter quarter.  And then you'll get to work in earnest on elective courses, which will get you started on the academic track and/or specialization(s) you intend to earn during your time at UCLA Anderson.

When you return for your second year of study, your academic schedule is 100% your own design.  Your focus is on the elective courses of your choosing.  You also complete your Applied Management Research (AMR) project.  The AMR is a two-quarter capstone experience that synthesizes everything you've learned in the classroom and challenges you to apply it in a real-world business setting.  You may choose to conduct your AMR in the fall and winter quarters or in winter and spring quarters, according to your preference.  For more information on how our signature practical learning experience works, please consult the AMR OVERVIEW page.