Career Resources

Our team of Parker Career Management Center professionals, including nine dedicated career advisors, have developed a comprehensive set of career management tools and practices for our MBAs. Additionally, UCLA Anderson’s personal coaching services and Office of Alumni Relations work with our students to enhance their presentation skills and facilitate networking. As a result, our MBAs do not just become savvy full-time candidates and entrepreneurs, but are better prepared to become leaders and change agents.

Available Resources

1-on-1 Career Advising

Each advisor is aligned with a function or industry, but all are generalists. As a UCLA Anderson student, you can meet with any for personalized support on:

  • – Industry and job function overview
  • – Career assessment and development
  • – Targeting outreach and informational interviews
  • – Using the alumni network and other UCLA Anderson resources
  • – Resume and cover letter review
  • – Mock interviews
  • – Job offer evaluation and negotiations
Career Series

During your first quarter, you will prepare for recruiting season with the Career Series course, taught by the associate director of career education and Parker CMC advisors with the help of the second-year teaching assistants. The course covers:

  • – Self-assessment
  • – Resume writing
  • – Letter writing
  • – Research
  • – Networking
  • – Interviewing
  • – Decision-making
  • – Negotiating

This course taps the wisdom of your 70 section classmates, with expertise in every industry and function. The programming is a mix of lecture, practicum, small-group breakouts and individual advising.

Anderson Career Teams (ACT)

First-year students, grouped by industry and functional interest, meet weekly in their ACT groups to review resumés, discuss industry trends, polish their networking and interviewing skills, meet with guest speakers, share contacts, and motivate each other throughout the summer internship search process. Groups are led by second-year ACT Coaches, who have successfully navigated the career search process. These 70+ volunteer coaches are selected and trained by the Parker CMC and hone their management skills through this leadership role.

This year, our ACT groups included these industries:

  • – Consulting
  • – Corporate Finance
  • – Energy & Utilities
  • – Entertainment
  • – Entrepreneurship
  • – Healthcare
  • – Human Resources
  • – International
  • – Investment Banking
  • – Investment Management
  • – Marketing
  • – Real Estate
  • – Retail
  • – Social Impact
  • – Sports
  • – Startups
  • – Tech
International Coaching Program

This program is similar to ACT, but tailored to first-year international students. Meetings address both a domestic and international job search and cover topics such as:

  • – Overview of the U.S. job search process
  • – Work authorization
  • – Finding companies that hire international students
Day on the Job

Professional clubs organize Day-on-the-Job events, which are onsite visits to companies worldwide. During 2015-2016 school year, over 300 first year students visited more 80 companies in the following cities/regions:

  • – Los Angeles
  • – Orange County/San Diego
  • – New York
  • – San Francisco/Silicon Valley
  • – Miami
  • – Seattle
  • – Portland
  • – Boston
  • – Shanghai/Hong Kong/Beijing
Workshops & Panels

These occur throughout the year and feature Parker CMC advisors, second-year students, alumni and executives. Topics include:

  • – Case and technical interviewing
  • – Beyond campus recruiting
  • – Career conference preparation
  • – Career path options
Career Opportunities

Hundreds of companies seek out Anderson MBAs by visiting campus, posting jobs and searching through resumes. We will help you expand your network and grow relationships with these companies, as well as with companies that may not have a large presence on campus:

  • – More than 250 participate in our Campus Recruiting Program.
  • – Hundreds of companies review our resume book
  • – 3,000 job opportunities featured in the Parker Postings each year
  • – Student professional clubs organize company visits, career nights, dinners with alumni and executives, industry and career workshops, etc.
  • – 37,000+ alumni around the world can offer advice and networking opportunities
  • –Summer internships and internships during the school year provide direct work experience
Parker Portal

Our internal website offers UCLA Anderson exclusive job postings, customized career guides and free access to such services as:

  • – myCareer
  • – Bloomberg
  • – Vault
  • – Wetfeet
  • – Alumni Database
  • – Bruinvine
  • – InterviewStream
  • – Capital IQ
  • – Hoover's Online
  • – LexisNexis
  • – CareerLeader
  • – Myers-Briggs
  • – REIS
  • – Global Workplace
  • – Going Global
Reciprocal Agreements

We have reciprocal agreements with other top business schools in a variety of locations including New York, Northern California, Boston, Chicago and abroad. When visiting these participating schools, you can utilize their career resource centers.