Clubs and Associations

The Anderson Student Association (ASA) governs the UCLA Anderson student body to ensure a high quality of student life and to build relationships between students, faculty, alumni, and the business community. By virtue of enrollment, every Anderson student is a member of ASA and is eligible to participate in all sponsored events.

The key to what ASA can and does accomplish is, of course, the students. Through its executive branch and committee system, in conjunction with the Anderson student body, ASA provides an essential infrastructure which organizes, coordinates, and funds an ever increasing number of events and services designed to enrich the educational and extracurricular experiences at UCLA Anderson.

The mission statement of the ASA is to enrich the student MBA experience by providing:

  • Leadership that empowers and inspires
  • Advocacy on behalf of student's interests
  • Coordination of all student-run activities

ASA Officers

Mike Stevens


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Mike Carley

Executive Vice President

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Lucy Prom

VP of Student Affairs

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Carly Silverman

VP of Academic Affairs

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Ronen Cohen

VP of Finance

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Ana Sheila Victorino

VP of Diversity & Inclusion

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Mike Aspegren

VP of Ethics & Professionalism

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Justin De Niese

VP of Technology

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Aditi Preyadarshini

VP of International Student Relations

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Andy Howard

VP of Alumni Relations

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Sheldon Fields

VP of Social

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Ali Levin

Social Chair

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Mike Fisher

Social Chair

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