Anderson Experience

We Share
Here, it’s not "me-over-them" or worse, "me-at-the-expense-of-them." At UCLA Anderson, it’s "How can we both win?"

We Think
By marrying bold creativity with rigorous analytics, our students and alumni generate trailblazing business ideas.

We Drive
Our people aren’t content until they make an impact. They lead in order to improve, advance and elevate their businesses and their communities.

Our Experience in Pictures

The SoCal Difference

Location, Location, Location

With 18 million people, from 140 countries, speaking approximately 86 different languages, Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. As the world’s 15th largest economy, L.A. makes an ideal home for more than 300,000 small entrepreneurial businesses, and its vibrant tech scene produces four times the GDP of Silicon Valley. Its reputation as a creative city in media and entertainment is unparalleled, but L.A.’s strengths also extend to sectors such as consulting, finance, health care and consumer products. This nexus of industry, creativity and business-creation equals unparalleled access to company visits, guest speakers, mentors and internship opportunities.

A Commitment To Diversity

A Broader Learning Experience

At UCLA Anderson, we don't just talk about diversity, it is a vital part of our mission. We believe that diversity — whether of background, gender, culture or ideas — is what creates a vibrant and inclusive community.

Network Access

Our student clubs, which represent a wide array of professional, cultural, social and athletic interests, are an essential component of UCLA Anderson’s unique culture. Building professional relationships starts here, as students from myriad backgrounds mix business and socializing with tomorrow’s colleagues.

Life At Anderson

UCLA, Westwood, Los Angeles and Beyond

Navigating more than UCLA Anderson’s halls might take a bit of getting used to. Consider us your guide to life outside the classroom as you learn about your new home — or try to find one.