Interviews are conducted on an invitation-only basis and one is required before admission can be offered. Applications are re-read after the interview comments are added, and then the Admissions Committee decides whether to make an admission offer.

Interviews are rarely the deciding factor in an admissions decision; instead they typically mirror or round out information already provided in the application.

  • Instructions on how to set up an interview are provided at the time of invitation.
  • Interviews are held on-campus, or off-campus via Skype, and they last approximately 30 minutes.
  • All interviews carry equal weight as they are conducted by second-year MBA students who are thoroughly trained on our evaluation metrics and on providing current perspectives for candidates.
  • Interviewing on-campus allows candidates to see the campus and visit a class, but there is no advantage to interviewing on- or off-campus.
  • Interviews are blind in order to avoid interviewer bias.
  • Questions are straightforward and generally cover topics already addressed in the application, such as reasons for getting an MBA, short-term and long-term career goals, fit with UCLA Anderson and personal interests.
  • Pre-rehearsed speeches do not make for a good interview. We are interested in getting to know you as an individual and understanding how you'll fit into the next class. We assess your communication skills, social skills, and readiness for our program.
  • Remember that the word "interview" implies an exchange of views between people, so be ready with pertinent questions and go with the flow of the conversation.
  • Business attire is appropriate for this professional interview, and we check photo identification to ensure integrity.
  • After being invited for an interview you should submit official test scores and hard-copy official academic records to us, as described in your interview invitation 
  • Hint: Relax, be genuine and enjoy the opportunity for us to get to know each other.