Services for Employers

Services for Employers

We are happy to work with employers to meet specific hiring needs and build awareness of your organization with our students. Please contact our Career Services team to learn more about our services including:

Job Postings

Our team will be happy to promote your job openings to our current students and alumni and can customize the way in which our students apply for the position. You are also able to preview our student profiles and target individuals via our student Resume Book.

On-Campus Information Sessions

Information Sessions are a great way to educate our MFE students about your organization's products and services as well as the various career paths available within your company. Info sessions take place year-round and all logistics can be arranged by our Career Services team. 

Industry Seminars and Panels

We invite members of the business community to host seminars or participate as panelists on topics related to the practice of financial engineering. Financial Institutional Seminars help our students keep abreast of industry and career trends and are a great tool for organizations to promote their products and/or showcase cutting-edge research.

Internship Program

Hiring one of our students for an internship is a great way to tap into our talent pool for your short-term hiring needs as well as assess long-term potential with your company. Our students are available for internships beginning mid-June through mid-September and will have completed two-thirds of their coursework by the time they start their internships. Internships may be in, but not limited to, model construction, quantitative research, asset management and risk analysis issues.

Interview Scheduling and Facilities

We can work with you to schedule either on-campus or off-campus interviews for internship or full-time positions. If held on-campus, we can book facilities for you at UCLA Anderson as well as help you determine a schedule that will accommodate your availability as well as our students' class schedules.

Other Recruitment Events

The MFE program hosts a variety of recruitment events throughout the year that companies participate in including our annual New York Wall Street Orientation Trip during which select companies provide formal presentations and networking events. In addition, we host a 'Quant Industry Open House' on campus which provides companies the opportunity to showcase opportunities and to have a dialogue with graduate students from nationally recognized programs in Mathematics, Economics, and Financial Engineering programs.