Career Services

The MFE Program has a designated career professional assisting the students with their professional development needs. Our philosophy regarding career development is one of providing opportunities, guidance, advice, and skill enrichment. Internship and full time placements are the result of students utilizing these tools and accessing them in ways that create a match between their backgrounds and the needs and goals of targeted companies. We expect that once our students graduate, they will have established a life-long relationship with the MFE Program and the Career Services Office to continue the tradition of giving back by guiding newcomers to the field of financial engineering through mentoring and employment leads!

Weekly Conversations on Finance
It has become increasingly clear that employers hire employees who not only have solid quantitative backgrounds, but who are also conversant on financial topics found in the pages of the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. These weekly conversations provide a safe and confidential forum for students to close the gap between their quantitative skills and their knowledge of finance and the markets. At these interactive sessions, students can ask the most basic questions, practice how to dialogue with a professional on the most elementary facet of finance or talk about more complex subjects like how to apply the Black Scholes Model to futures contracts.

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MyAnderson Page
Each MFE student is provided access to an internal web page with tabs regarding classes, technology services, special events, and career resources. The career tab includes information on:

  1. Resumes, cover letters, reference lists
  2. Hedge funds and proprietary trading firms
  3. Professional associations
  4. Career tips
  5. Recommended quantitative career employment websites
  6. Social networking sites

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Workshops, Seminars, and Panels
The MFE Career Servies Office host a number of workshops, seminars, and panels. Here is a sampling of offerings:

Financial Institutional Seminars: These seminars on financial institutions consist of a series of presentations by various practitioners on topics related to the practice of financial engineering. Examples of topics that might be covered include discussions on how risk management is implemented at various banks, on how quantitative asset management is performed at equity and fixed income investment firms, and on current trends in the use of quantitative analysis and techniques among hedge funds and other institutional investors. These seminars may also help students identify what they like and dislike, where the jobs are, and what the industry's trends are.

How I Became a Quant: IAQF Educational Committee and the Fischer Black Foundation host the "How I Became a Quant" Forum each year. This event rotates between the UCLA Anderson School of Management MFE Program and Claremont University. The students hear personal views on becoming a "Quant" without all the equations and models.

Communications Workshop: Can quants communicate their quantitative theories and models into a useful dialogue or a presentation for the layman? This workshop will provide techniques, suggestions, and practice with oral presentations and PowerPoint layouts.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshops: The MFE Director of Career Servies works with small groups of students on branding, resume writing, and cover letter construction throughout the program.

Interview Workshops: Interviewing for a quant job is very different than interviewing for an MBA job. Financial engineers are exposed to one or more of the following types of interviews when looking for an internship or a full time opportunity:

  • Technical or Analytical which would include: quantitative; finance; economic; or computational questions
  • Case Interviews
  • Brain Teasers

The MFE CSO offers workshops throughout the program on these different types of interviews. Specific workshops include:

The Quant Interview: Professor Levon Goukasian, who holds PhDs in both Applied Math and Finance, chairs this workshop. His industry experience is derived from working as a senior hedging strategist for the Risk Management Department of Countrywide Corporation, Chief Investment Strategist for the LVops Hedge Fund, and as a consultant in financial economics at the Garman Enterprises. Topics include: brain teasers; logical and inductive reasoning; probability, statistics and stochastic calculus questions; general finance and economic questions as well as how to negotiate the full time offer.

Mock Interviews: Each winter and fall quarter professionals devote time to the students to help hone their interview skills.

Information Interviews: The Career Servies Office highly recommends informational interviews. These are self generated information gathering interviews; however, the MFE Director of Career Services works with students to identify specific companies, alumni, or business professionals who have offered to be interviewed by an MFE student regarding career-related questions.

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New York Wall Street Orientation TripMFE students on Wall Street
Students travel with the Director of Career Services to New York City for a two-day familiarization tour of Wall Street. A pre-selected group of companies provide formal presentations and informal get-togethers for the students to help them get acquainted with The Street. This year the students visited such firms as: BlackRock, Och-Ziff, CITI, MKP, and Houlihan Lokey and the New York Stock Exchange. Many students stayed in New York to visit additional companies for informational interviews of their choosing.

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National Financial Mathematics Career Fair, New York
In late Fall, MFE students meet in New York with graduate students from other quantitative masters and PhD programs, and recruiters from such renowned companies as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg, Quantifi Solutions to name a few. This is an invitation only event and is hosted by IAQF (International Association of Quantitative Finance) and the NYU's Courant Institute.

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The MFE Industry Advisory Board
This board provides an ongoing source of practical information and resources about industry trends affecting financial engineering, including developments in securities markets, portfolio and risk management practices, etc., and the specific financial engineering skills that are most in demand from buy-side and sell-side firms. The Board members provide feedback regarding the curriculum and offer guidance and support to the MFE faculty and staff in preparing the MFE students for internships and full-time placements. In addition, the members are encouraged to participate in career development activities, which may include offering one or more summer internships to the MFE students and participating in mock interview sessions. We look to the board to promote the hiring of MFE students for full-time positions within their own organizations and to heighten awareness of the value of the MFE degree inside and outside their firms.

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Networking Events
Throughout the year long program, the MFE Career Services Office, the Parker Career Management Center, and the Alumni Office host several networking events for all Anderson students. These are opportunities to practice networking skills and develop contacts within the finance industry.

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MFE LinkedIn Site
This is a professional networking site designated for UCLA Anderson MFEs. Jobs and contacts that are relevant for our financial engineers are posted to this password protected site. This site is not used for internship openings.

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