The UCLA and Anderson Alumni Community
As a graduate of the UCLA Anderson MFE Program, you become a member of one of the world’s largest and most renowned alumni networks with members in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The worldwide Anderson community includes more than 37,000 corporate executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, film producers, high-tech innovators, financiers and other professionals who are leading and transforming organizations around the globe.

Through membership in regional alumni chapters, graduates can expand personal and professional networking possibilities, attend social gatherings, learn from visiting faculty and connect with local communities and business leaders. All Anderson MFEs have access to the alumni database that creates connections for both undertaking class research and managing career resiliency. Alumni actively participate in academic seminars, distinguished speaker events and host future field study projects at their respective organizations. Our alumni make significant contributions to UCLA Anderson through participation in various advisory and program committees. We strongly encourage our alumni to stay connected to Anderson.

 Alumni Perspectives

 Alex Pickard, MFE '13
Analyst, Research Affiliates

"I started at Research Affiliates as an intern and was offered a full time position at the conclusion of the internship. My work consists of statistical analysis of portfolio characteristics. I use problem solving techniques I learned in the program on a daily basis. There is no way I would have been qualified for this position had I not gone through the MFE Program at UCLA."

Sharon Paesachov, MFE '13
Senior Financial Analyst, Forecasting and Modeling, One West Bank, Pasadena, CA

"My background is in Pure Mathematics. This is great for those wanting to enter academia in Mathematics, I wanted to work in private industry. I had no applied background and that's what the program gave me. An ability to think in an applied way, to dissect a problem and break it down into smaller easier problems, and to pull them all back together into one final solution. "

Shipra Mahajan, MFE '13
Quant Analyst, Multi-Asset Group, Alliance Bernstein

"The MFE Program at UCLA stands out among all other MFE courses for its unique emphasis on quantitative asset management. The courses are completely hands-on, and I was able to apply the classroom learnings directly to real-world situations during my internships at the SEC and DoubleLine. The homework assignments ranged from calibrating interest rate models to gathering financial data and back-testing investment strategies. These assignments, along with the internship experience and Applied Finance Project, have prepared me well to hit the ground running in my first job."

Houman Dehghan, MFE '13
Assistant Director, Research Associate, Moody's Analytics

"I joined the MFE program coming from engineering background and almost zero finance experience. The program offers a well-rounded education as well as great preparation to pursue career goals. I can still remember the first day in my internship at Moody's. I went straight for my Fixed Income class's lecture notes with Prof. Longstaff. The career director relentlessly tries to secure internships for students, and like many others, I found mine through her, which subsequently was converted to a full-time offer within Moody's right after my internship."

Kabir Joshi, MFE '11
Associate Manager, Shipping Analytics, eBay Inc., San Jose, CA

"My work at eBay Analytics is a mix of performing quantitative analysis and partnering with business owners, product management and finance teams to communicate and implement the findings. It involves mining and analyzing various types of data like user transaction history, shipping and logistics, and financials which are then used to monitor key performance metrics, identify potential business opportunities, and improve the business performance.  The diversity and rigor of the quantitative courses at UCLA have helped me immensely in my current role at eBay Analytics!"

Huang Pan, MFE '11

Quantitative Finance Researcher/Developer - Data Scientist, T2AM LLC, Marina Del Rey, CA

"As a data scientist in finance I am responsible for researching and developing software and analytics for our firm. My work involves a lot of statistical coding in R, primarily for developing portfolio risk analytics and researching financial models. The skills I acquired during the MFE Program at UCLA have enabled me to analyze and present interesting and relevant data for our portfolio of quant traders, and have been invaluable in preparing me for this exciting and challenging position."


Hossein Naderi, MFE '11

Senior Financial Analyst, Google, Mountain View, CA

"I joined Google's finance department right after finishing the MFE Program at UCLA. I have been pleasantly surprised at the wealth of quantitative finance projects available at Google. These vary from calculating the cost of capital associated with hardware infrastructure, using Monte Carlo simulations for capacity planning, to employing empirical methods to do time-series forecast of CPU, RAM, and disk usage by Gmail. The UCLA MFE training well prepared me to work on these exciting projects at Google."

Mark Chan, MFE '11

Quantitative Research Data Analyst, Thomson Reuters, San Francisco, CA At Thomson Reuters

"I have utilized the mathematical and programming knowledge that I acquired during the MFE Program to help develop natural language processing algorithms for prediction of equity security alpha using Reuters news articles.  We work with k-means clustering, decision trees, support vector machines, and linear regression to find significant n-grams that will go into our prediction models.  I have had a remarkable experience in big data, an area that continues to grow in demand, garnering pointed attention from the finance and technology industries."

Esther Zhao, MFE '10

Financial Engineer, Duff & Phelps, San Francisco CA

"The applied finance project and summer internship allowed me to apply what I learned to real-world finance problems.  Thanks to this program, I built a solid foundation in finance and significantly improved my quantitative skills allowing me to make a smooth transition from the world of biological sciences to financial engineering."

Ian Broff, MFE '10

VP, Credit Strategies Specialist, Bank of the West, San Francisco, CA

"The UCLA Anderson MFE Program gave me the opportunity to learn from one of the most distinguished faculties in finance.  It is a program where theory meets application, demonstrating how the most advanced concepts in financial engineering can be utilized to solve practical problems."

Alan Lue, MFE '10

Vice President, Quantitative Research Analyst, PIMCO, New York, NY

"Studying for my MFE at Anderson was the highlight of my academic career. UCLA Anderson boasts an exceptional finance faculty, and unlike many other quantitative finance programs, the Anderson MFE program gave me the opportunity to directly interact with many active thought leaders in the field of finance."

Scott Cowin, MFE '09

Risk Manager,  Dorchester Capital, Santa Monica, CA

"After completing my MBA, I decided that I wanted a much more quantitative understanding of finance.  The UCLA Anderson MFE program went deeper into the mathematics and modeling aspects of finance which furthered my comprehension of the financial markets.  This was extremely important for my current career in risk management."


Matias Madrid, MFE '09

Portfolio Manager/Chief Economist Banco Penta, Santiago, Chile

"The UCLA Anderson MFE Program was the perfect complement for my career and was also one of the best personal experiences in my life.  The rigorous curriculum and top-rated faculty provided me with an applied and practical approach to finance.  In addition, UCLA is a well-know university, especially in my country, and now I enjoy taking part in one of the world's largest alumni networks."

Bernie Rajamani, MFE '09

Quant Research Associate, Credit Derivatives Quantitative Analysis, CITI, New York

"The MFE courses at UCLA Anderson touch on all quantitative/computational aspects of finance, while not ignoring finance theory.  The curriculum was directly instrumental in preparing me for the work I am currently doing.  The fact that I use the knowledge gained in MFE classes at my workplace every day is testimony enough to the pertinence of the program for a quant research role."

Harish Chandra, MFE '09

Quant Associate, Credit Suisse, NYC/Internship: Goldman Sachs, London

"The UCLA Anderson MFE Program is an exceptional one-year transformative experience, especially for those who want to make a successful career transition to finance.  My MFE education allowed me to transition from computer science R&D to quantitative finance."