Work History & Recommendations

Work History & Letters of Recommendation

Work Experience:

Work or research experience in a quantitative discipline is recommended but not required for admission to the MFE program. Exceptional undergraduates with strong quantitative backgrounds are encouraged to apply. On average, admitted students have 2 years of full-time experience before entering the MFE program. 
Please complete the Employment History portion of the application completely and submit a resume. Please include all full-time and intern positions you have held, and account for any employment gaps since college.


Letters of Recommendation:

You are required to submit two letters of recommendation for admission to the MFE Program.

  • Each MFE Program applicant must register two* recommenders' professional email addresses (e.g. so that they will receive instructions on how to submit their letter of recommendation through the online application system, on your behalf. These registered email addresses should not be personal email accounts (e.g.
  • Evaluations should be requested from individuals who have worked closely with you and who are able to give specific information about your abilities, accomplishments, and quantitative capacity.
  • If you have been working less than two years, you may include academic recommendations in place of work related recommendations.
  • Letters should be submitted online, and should be written by an individual equipped with the ability to comment knowledgeably and specifically about your quantitative skills (e.g. manager, project leader, or professor). 
  • Letters from family, friends and co-workers are inadmissible. 

*Please note: The Graduate Division requires three letters of recommendation to complete the application and submit. To work around this, we suggest that you enter an alternate email address (please use in the third space which goes to the Graduate Division. They know they don't have to submit a letter on your behalf. In the first and last name spaces you may type: "3rd Letter". This will "trick" the system into thinking that you are complete and will allow you to submit if all other requirements have been met.