Partnership of Leaders

Two great universities have come together to create the first and only program of its kind—the UCLA-UAI Global Executive MBA for the Americas, an unparalleled global learning experience with a powerful and essential regional focus. Together, we are creating leaders attuned to the unique challenges of the Americas who will ensure their organizations stay resilient and offer sustained value over the long term.

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is a top tier institution with leading graduate schools in law, medicine, engineering and business and over 360,000 alumni. Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) is considered one of the top universities in Chile and Latin America, with a renowned world-class faculty.

UCLA Anderson School of Management ranks perennially among the best in the world. Its renowned research centers include the Fink Center for Finance and Investments, the Ziman Center for Real Estate, the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the Center for Global Management, and the Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment and Sports. Located in California, UCLA Anderson is on the leading edge of business activity as measured by such indicators as new business starts, venture capital availability, technological innovation and new product introduction.

UAI Escuela de Negocios has a long history as a pioneer in business education. It is the first Chilean business school to offer an MBA program and has the only Latin American MBA program certified by the US government. The school has a Center for Finance Innovation as well as a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and continues to innovate through the creation of VentureL@b, a technological transfer center for the development of applied scientific research. In addition, UAI’s incubator, Octantis, has created approximately 150 firms and registered 39 industrial patents. It is distinguished by its commitment to multinational educational programs.