UAI program

UCLA-UAI Global Executive MBA for the Americas

Acquire the perspective and expertise you need as a global executive while earning two world-class MBAs from UCLA Anderson and UAI, one of the leading business schools in Latin America. This international MBA program gives executive MBA students the in-depth knowledge, skills and relationships needed to confront regional and global business challenges. The program consists of six quarterly two-week modules held in California, Florida, Brazil and Chile.

In the News

  • The 2013 Global EMBA for the Americas Commencement is covered on TV Azteca. (In Spanish)

Los Angeles

UCLA - NUS Global Executive MBA Program

World capital of creativity, center for entrepreneurship and the greatest cultural diversity in the United States.


São Paulo + Rio

UCLA - NUS Global Executive MBA Program

Largest city in the Western Hemisphere and most prosperous in Brazil, center for commerce and finance as well as arts and entertainment.


Gateway to the Americas. Serves as the headquarters of Latin American operations for more than 1400 multinational corporations.


Santiago + Viña

UCLA - NUS Global Executive MBA Program

Alpha World City and example of innovation and economic development, with some of the most modern transportation infrastructure in Latin America.