Global EMBA for Asia Pacific - Management Practicum

Information for Companies

The Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific Management Practicum provides companies across the world with the opportunity to engage a team of senior executives for an intensive consulting project. The companies benefit from a complete, in-depth strategic business plan, while the Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific students gain a chance to practically apply the analytical tools and frameworks acquired in their studies.  

The GEMBA Asia Pacific Team addresses the client's key business issues through independent research and analysis. Teams work to define and solve strategic problems, explore business opportunities, enhance organizational competitiveness, and improve organizational and managerial effectiveness. The end result is a comprehensive consulting report that offers the company a creative and implementable solution to a specific business problem.  

The teams consist of senior executives with an average of 12 to 15 years of work experience. The individual team members are based in different countries across Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and come from various functional and industry backgrounds.  The team members combine their diverse and unique perspectives to develop innovative solutions to the company's business problems.   

Company Selection Criteria and Investment Requirements

  • A defined company need for a research and consulting project
  • Support from company senior management with willingness to share internal data and information, esp. through provision of access to relevant contacts and information both internally and externally
  • Senior management participation in project launch and final presentations (held at NUS in Singapore in May 2015)
  • Minimum sponsorship of US$10,000 to cover the project team's expenses for travel, communications and if applicable, purchase of data and reports*

                      *additional financial sponsorship may be required depending on project scope and team needs

Program Management Online Company Application: Access Here

Recent Company Participants
      Experian, Asia Pacific
      Nissan Motor Company, Japan
      Disney, USA
      Tai Kwong Yokohama Battery Industries, Malaysia
      Scion, USA
      Banyan Tree Holdings, Singapore

Student Profile
      Average years of work experience: 14.5
      Country of Residence:
           Asia: 59%
           Americas: 33%
           Europe: 4%
           Australia: 2%
           Middle East: 2%