The UCLA - NUS EMBA faculty members have been specifically selected from both Schools' full-time MBA programs for their expertise and appreciation of the working executive. The faculty work as a team and familiarity with the work and teaching of colleagues ensures that the curriculum is well integrated across course modules.

NUS Business School Faculty

  • Audrey Chia, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas Austin; Management & Organization

  • Andrew Delios, Professor, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario; Strategy & Policy

  • Michael Frese, Professor, Ph.D., Technical University of Berlin; Management & Organization

  • Ho Yew Kee, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University; Finance & Accounting

  • Lawrence Loh, Associate Professor, Ph.D., MIT

  • Lan Luh Luh, Associate Professor, Ph.D., NUS, Strategy & Policy

  • Ivan Png, Professor, Ph.D., Stanford University; Strategy & Policy

  • Kulwant Singh, Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan; Strategy & Policy

  • Mak Yuen Teen, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Victoria University of Wellington; Finance & Accounting

  • Jochen Wirtz, Professor, NUS Academic Director, UCLA-NUS EMBA, Ph.D., London Business School; Marketing

UCLA Anderson School Faculty

  • George Abe, Faculty Director, Strategic Applied Research Program, M.S., UCLA

  • Reza Ahmadi, Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

  • Christopher L. Erickson, Professor, Ph.D., MIT; Management & Organizations

  • Iris Firstenberg, Adjunct Associate Professor, Ph.D., UCLA; Management & Organizations

  • Robert F. Foster, Adjunct Professor, MBA, UCLA Anderson; Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

  • Gonzalo Freixes, Associate Dean for the Fully Employed MBA and Executive MBA Programs, Senior Lecturer, JD Law, Loyola Law School; Accounting

  • Noah Goldstein, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Arizona State University; Management and Organizations

  • Carla Hayn, Professor, Senior Associate Dean for FEMBA & EMBA Programs, UCLA Academic Director for Global EMBA for Asia Pacific, Ph.D., University of Michigan; Accounting

  • Sanford M. Jacoby, Howard Noble Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., UC Berkeley; Management & Organizations

  • John Mamer, Professor, Ph.D., UC Berkeley; Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

  • Robert McCann, Associate Dean of Global Initiatives, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara; Management & Organization

  • Kevin McCardle, Professor, Ph.D. UCLA; Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

  • Christopher S. Tang, Edward W. Charter Chair in Business Administration, Ph.D., Yale University, Decisions, Operations & Technology Management

  • Shi Zhang, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Columbia University, Marketing