Support Network

Families and Friends

Some FEMBA students are parents before entering the program; others become parents during the program. About 40% of the FEMBA student body is married or in committed relationships. Three years of life happens as students pursue their MBA degree.

UCLA Anderson is proud to offer a family- and female- friendly on campus experience. Some of the infrastructure that UCLA Anderson provides to assist students with managing the family-work-school balance includes:

  • Significant other events
  • Joint Ventures - Anderson Student Association club for spouses and significant others
  • New mother's room
  • Close, well-lit parking facility
  • Various convenient class schedules to choose from to minimize travel and provide sufficient time in between sessions to maintain corporate responsibilities, accommodate demanding travel schedules and fulfill personal and family obligations

Although FEMBA students are busy working professionals they still manage to find time to network and socialize outside the classroom with other MBA students. Several traditions have emerged among FEMBAs of the years, including the annual Halloween party and Las Vegas "fieldtrip."

For students with an affinity for culture and travel, FEMBA's Global Access Program (GAP) provides an opportunity to experience the business culture and traditions of other countries. FEMBA students often combine these trips with family vacations and visits to their company's overseas operations.

Strong Administrative Support

Recognizing that FEMBA students have to balance multiple demands of study, family, career, and outside interests, the UCLA Anderson FEMBA staff handle all administrative matters, including registration and enrollment, parking, administrative details and financial aid.

As a graduate of the UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) Program, you become a member of one of the world’s largest and most renowned global alumni networks with members in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The worldwide UCLA Anderson community includes more than 35,000 corporate executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, film producers, high-tech innovators, financiers and other professionals who are leading and transforming organizations around the globe.

Through membership in UCLA Anderson’s Alumni community, students and graduates can expand personal and professional networking, attend social gatherings, learn from visiting faculty and connect with local communities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers and high-tech innovators from around the world. Students from all UCLA Anderson MBA programs enjoy the same access to the same alumni database that creates connections for both undertaking class research and managing career resiliency.

Both students and alumni enjoy immediate access to UCLA Anderson’s online alumni directory, a powerful resource for job searching and connecting with alumni both locally and globally. With numerous search options available, UCLA Anderson’s alumni directory is one of our FEMBA students’ most important networking resources. Membership in the UCLA Anderson Alumni network also includes a free lifetime subscription to Anderson Assets (the publication of UCLA Anderson Alumni) and a lifetime UCLA Anderson e-mail forwarding address.

FEMBA alumni continue their rich association with the UCLA Anderson community by actively participating in academic seminars, distinguished speaker events, reunions, special activities as well as hosting future field study projects at their respective organizations. Our alumni make significant contributions to UCLA Anderson through participation in various advisory and program committees. We strongly encourage our alumni to stay connected to UCLA Anderson.

At UCLA Anderson, learning is a life-long activity and FEMBA alumni have the opportunity, on a space available basis, to take elective classes in the FEMBA program following graduation.