All-Anderson Commercial Challenge 2012

In 2012, we hosted the third-annual All-Anderson Commercial Challenge. Student teams created 60 second commercials to showcase UCLA Anderson from their point of view. Watch the 2012 Commercials below and read the team profile pages on the left. Follow the 2013 Think in the Next Commercial Challenge here.

Faculty judged, Gold Prize, “ANDi”  

George Lin FEMBA '14 - Director, Cinematography, Body Double
Peter Scranton FEMBA '14 - actor, visual effects, boom operator
Sagar Thaker FEMBA '14 - producer, editor, head writer

Faculty judged, Silver Prize, “Elevator Pitch”
Brendan Fortune FEMBA '14
Dinesh Shadrach FEMBA '14
Giordany Orellana - Director

Faculty judged, Bronze Prize (tie), “Dancing Suits”
Anthony Chan FEMBA '14
Wei-Shine Chien FEMBA '14
Jennifer Hsien FEMBA '14
Jason Leopoldo FEMBA '14
Curtis Wagner FEMBA '14 - Director

Faculty judged, Bronze Prize (tie), “Point and Shoot”
Ben Larson FEMBA '13 - Director
Jonathan Bollier FEMBA '13
Bob Park FEMBA '13
Cole Quirk MFA '13
John Burke FEMBA '13

Student-only-vote, Popular Winner “The Best Get Better”
Peter Barnes MBA '13
Derek Skrzynski MBA '13
James Vogl MBA '13 - Director
Featuring Peter Campbell, portrayed by Vincent Kartheiser

Public-vote, Popular Winner “The Most Interesting MBA in the World”
Anastasia Ali FEMBA '14 - Director
Melissa Astete FEMBA '14
Ryan Gutterson FEMBA '14 - The Most Interesting MBA in the World
Timothy Hui FEMBA '14
Khoa Le FEMBA '14 - Traveling Guitar
Dianna Moore FEMBA '14
Dania Shaheen FEMBA '14
Linda Tran FEMBA '14
Rose Zhu FEMBA '14

Three Hot Chicks Productions, featuring the unforgettable line, "Do you have any melodic Swedish Death Metal?"

Miriam Stone MBA '12 - Director
Olya Myhaylovska MBA '12
Anna Glover MBA '12 

Crazy Bruins, filmed partially in Israel on an Anderson International Study trip

Lydia Hsiao FEMBA '12 - Director
Amy Yip FEMBA '12
Dipen Patel FEMBA '12
Terry Ma FEMBA '12

Team Eclectic

Danny Greene MBA '13 - Director
Adam Clark MBA '13 - Music Selector
Nancy Quan MBA '13 - Editor
Spencer Friedman MBA '13 - Idea Guy
Ana PeÑa MBA '13 - Heart and Soul 

Small Business

Joseph Duronio Esq. FEMBA '15 - Director
Stephen Seiple UC Berkeley Evening/Weekend '15

Team Ramrod

Saurabh Khurana FEMBA '13
Allison Hayes FEMBA '13
Alex Uvidia FEMBA '13
Jerry Sun FEMBA '13
Ray Chung FEMBA '13 - Director 

2012 Judges

Marketing Faculty:  Andrew Ainslie | Dominique Hanssens | Suzanne Shu | Sanjay Sood
Anderson Deans and Staff:  Judy Olian | Carla Hayn | Gonzalo Freixes | Allison Holmes | Susan Judkins | Sylvia Haas | Dylan Stafford
Alumni Guest:  Mark Harper FEMBA 2011 (Director of winning Commercials in 2010 and 2011)

2012 Commercial Challenge Core Team

Margot Foley EMBA 2012 | Sho Guo MBA 2012 | Dave Yanko FEMBA 2013 | Dan Ward FEMBA 2014 | Adrian Craciun FEMBA 2013